List of 5 best countries to outsource your first game development project

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The game development industry is highly competitive and expensive. It is fast maturing. Businesses often outsource their game development projects to reduce overheads. It is a common practice in the gaming market across the globe. There are countries where engineers, developers, designers, and programmers charge low costs but deliver high-quality work. 

Outsourcing gaming projects can be largely attributed to the availability of highly skilled game developers at competitive prices. However, time zone, communication channels, communication skills, IT market, work ethics and culture, infrastructure, and overall expenditure are significant factors to consider before outsourcing gaming projects. 

Few countries have emerged as the pioneers in the game development realm and are considered the best outsourcing countries worldwide. These countries are blessed with some high-tech gaming developers who ensure smooth workflow and timely deliverables.

Let us find out the top destinations to outsource your game development projects:


Any game development company in India stands next to China in terms of IT workforce and talents. It is cited as one of the finest countries for outsourcing gaming projects. Millions of Indian developers work on game development projects for companies in Europe and America. Indian game developers and designers are blessed with innate cultural flexibility to absorb and engage with people of different countries. 

Also, India being the second-largest English-speaking country in the world makes it the best outsourcing destination. Developers are well-versed in the English language and can easily communicate with the outsourcers across the globe.

Moreover, the Indian government has taken several initiatives under the mentorship of the National Skill Development Corporation to focus on skilling and developing the ecosystem. This continuous effort is making the Indian gaming landscape find its way to the mainstream consciousness. 

India is the preferred destination for outsourcing game development projects due to its fast-developing economies, flexible government policies, advanced technology, and talented professionals.


Ukraine is the world’s top IT and outsourcing destination. The place is the hub of the world’s best-talented game developers and designers. Today, Ukraine has the highest concentration of c++ programmers in the world. The gaming sector is not only gaining momentum but also actively getting integrated into the educational system. Besides, being the hub of skilled developers, outsourcing your game development projects to Ukraine has another biggest advantage. Ukraine offers some of the most favorable conditions, including transparent tax policies, streamlined business infrastructure, English-speaking developers, and a suitable geographical location.

Therefore, communication is not a barrier between the international developer teams and the locals. Moreover, the time zone partially aligns with the time followed in the United States. So, teams do not have to work at an odd hour to deliver game development projects. Consider hiring Ukrainian freelancers for high-quality results. This article contains guidelines and best practices to follow when dealing with Ukrainian developers.


China is considered one of the lucrative markets for the gaming industry. The rapid growth of mini-games played inside mobile apps is witnessing increasing adoption in China’s gaming industry. These mini-games have several social elements and are easy to play. These games have attracted thousands of gamers across the country. Additionally, the growing dominance of cloud infrastructure gives abundant storage space, computing, and communication resources in a low-maintenance, cost-effective, and consistent manner. Developers implement these cloud computing resources in various gaming applications to make gaming services stand out. Game Research & Development, especially for mobile games is expected to become more dependent on the cloud in near future.

Moreover, the advent of advanced mobile infrastructure and 5G technology is expected to further fuel the mobile gaming market of the country.


Japan’s gaming market is dominant. It is the third-largest gaming market after the US and China. The developers are fiercely gaining entry into the Japanese gaming industry. The large-scale production of games in Japan has taken a new turn in the gaming world, not only in terms of economic feasibility but in their cultural relevance to Western audiences. 

With its highly developed technology and brands like Sega, Nintendo, and Sony Play station, Japan has become a significant contributor to the development of the gaming industry. 

Besides, the launch of 5G networks in 2020 has provided a significant boost to Japan’s gaming market, including the cloud gaming industry. The percentage of people paying for games is high in Japan. Even women are avid gamers. This guarantees higher user acquisition with good-paying capacity.  


Revenue statistics show exponential growth of the gaming industry in the Philippines. The market is gaining traction, especially among the younger generation due to the easy accessibility of low-cost smartphones and high-speed internet connectivity. Gamers are more likely to make game-related mobile purchases that include in-game items and virtual goods. Companies do not find it difficult to outsource game development projects to Filipino developers. Most developers are fluent in English and thus have no trouble collaborating with the clients. In addition, the Philippines offer cheap labor compared to other neighboring countries. You may also find many freelance developers who offer great remote work support.

But how do you decide which market to explore and where to invest your resources? 

Following are some of the crucial factors that help determine how to choose the best countries to outsource your game development project.

Service cost

The cost of developing a gaming project is not the same everywhere. It depends on the challenges associated with the project, the software and the hardware, and the number of team members. Write a project description to estimate the overall expenditure of your game development project.

Socio-cultural factors

English is the common language in any country. Developers should be well acquainted with the English language to communicate with their clients and deliver error-free work. The social and economic environment, cultural differences, and time zones are significant factors to consider before choosing an outsourcing game development country.

Currency rate

Currency rates differ in different countries. This variation is the prime reason why outsourcing destinations offer services at a much cheaper rate. Before you consider an outsourcing country, check the volatility of different markets, the exchange rates, and the fluctuations over a while.

Skill Sets

When you consider choosing an outsourced company for your game development project, evaluate your decision based on the skill sets that you require for your development project. For instance, China is known for its manufacturing potential, while Indian techies are well-known for their IT skills in software programming.

Government support

Government support is an integral part of determining the success of your game development project. The governmental support in tax relief, public infrastructure, and employment regulations ensure the smooth operation of work in the outsourcing process.

Privacy and security

Check the data protection practices prevalent in the country you wish to outsource the gaming project. The network security policies and IT infrastructure of any country should be stringent enough to maintain the privacy of confidential business information.


Outsourcing is the most effective and time-tested strategy to stay competitive in this competitive global market. It is the most economical way to meet market challenges such as rapid globalization, technological advancements, and increasing business competition. You may make the most of outsourcing if you prioritize your strategies, and core competencies and evaluate your operational cost beforehand.