How Android Apps Like Discord Offer Better User Experience?

Android Apps Like Discord Offer

Who thought that the life of every individual would take a twist? No one has ever imagined that the whole world will have to deal with drastic changes. If we talk about work culture, millions of people and numerous industries witnessed a transition from office work to working from home. And, this was not an easy task to shift the whole work process remotely. Especially when it comes to communication, there are many hurdles expected by people that affect seamless communication.

Fortunately, some tools help organizations to deal with communication gaps. An app like Discord has experienced a massive influx of users. This article will unlock how businesses are utilizing Discord to establish uninterrupted communications and community building. But before proceeding, let’s have a brief introduction about Discord.

What is Discord?

Discord provides quick messaging, voice, and video chat services. It is a web-based solution that offers a wide range of options to simplify communication. It offers group chat, private chat, screen sharing, voice, and video chat options that offer spontaneous experience than communicating via copper wired telephone systems. You can compare Discord with Slack and Skype as it provides an ease to many businesses by providing a seamless mode of communication.

Discord was introduced in 2015 as a VoIP (Voice Over IP) platform, especially for gamers, but now it is available for everyone. Businesses consider it a free alternative to Skype and Slack. Do your know that Discord has over 100 million active monthly users, and it is predicted to grow by 150 million in the current year


Multiple applications are also available in the market and offer excellent performance catering to customers’ needs. Numerous chatting and communication apps are already leading the market. In such a competitive scenario, it’s pretty hard to gain a competitive edge and become a recognized brand. Businesses are strongly recommended to come with a unique service offering that makes them recognized in the online rush.

Creating an Android app Like Discord is the best way to stay ahead of your competitors. You can target millions of iOS and Android users in one go. Since its launch, the demand for hybrid app developers has increased. Businesses look for a professional app development company that can create an innovative app like Discord that helps them to establish uninterrupted communication.

Why Discord Is The Best Choice For Businesses?

Due to its unique features and functionalities, Discord has become the most prominent option for enhanced user experience. Let’s discuss what features it offers?

Servers and Channels

Servers and channels are common places where users or groups of users get connected. Discord supports up to 500 channels. It offers a wide array of servers and also allows users to create their own servers if none of them satisfies their needs. Users can send invites via their servers to join their social profiles. They can also edit their join setting as the server admin can set a confirmation level to prevent it from illegal attempts.

Roles and Permissions

Administrators can assign specific roles and responsibilities inside the channels and servers. These roles can be edited at any moment for every channel separately. The traditional communication apps assign specific jobs in group chats – chat moderators and chat admins.

Administrators can allocate roles for individuals and change permissions inside servers and channels. Do you know Discord offers approximately thirty permission options? Admin can change the management permission and give it to another account anytime.

Chat Feature

Discord offers every possible feature that enhances communication. It allows voice and video chat options. Around hundred users can connect at the same time via the group chat option. Using WebRTC (Real-time Web Communication), an open-source project that includes APIs, Discord offers supreme audio and video chat services with enhanced quality.

Files Sharing

Most of the communication apps offer a file-sharing feature. If you are going to invest in developing an app like Discord, then do not forget to add this feature. Because Discord is highly usable for businesses, it must offer file-sharing features. Today, when people work remotely, they cannot pass on documents hand in hand or share any details in person.

Offer quick file-sharing options that allow users to transfer files from anywhere at any time without losing security. Ensure that you provide a one-to-one file sharing option to share the required documents directly with the concerned person.

Screen Sharing

It is another most remarkable feature that Discord offers. Screen sharing made remote working more accessible and convenient. Users cannot showcase their ideas via presentations, stats, or images physically due to the new remote work culture; this feature enables employees to discuss ideas in a visual format.

Users can share their screens with every connected user and understand what they plan and think about a project. It makes other employees understand their colleague’s opinions and enhances the remote meetings to make them more productive.


What is the point of using communication apps if you miss out on anyone’s valuable message? Exactly, here comes the notification feature that makes the app more fruitful. The notification feature allows users to get notified whenever any new message is received.

They will be able to know about it in real-time and reply to them. It will help users to build better social and personal relationships. There are also some options using which you can alter the notification and change its setting like

  • Mute all notifications
  • Mute particular channels/groups
  • Partial mute

The notification setting option is highly used when users don’t want to get disturbed continuously as too many notifications sometimes distract a person while doing any important task.

Message History

Some chatting applications auto-clear the chatting history after a particular period to manage storage space. Users cannot check their message history after a certain time span as all messages will be deleted automatically. Discord users are free from these issues as they can check their old messages anytime they want.

Businesses are using this feature to get any specific details from old conversations. Users can also search a particular message by typing a keyword or search query in the search bar and landing directly to the message that matches that search query.


Adding integration is not a compulsion, but doing this will add value to your app. Integration with other accounts and platforms allows users to stay connected with social media like Facebook and Twitter.

If you want to fulfill gaming purposes, then you can integrate your app with Steam and Twitch. Moreover, the integration will depend upon the business requirements for which you want to develop an app. Needs changes as per different business domains.

Streaming Services

Discord provides streaming services that enable end-users to connect via voice channels and click on video options. It allows them to do video streaming or broadcast video using the webcam. Users can easily share their screens with their connections.

To create an innovative application like Discord, you need to know some actors that will help you to estimate your budget. Below are some factors that will determine the app development cost:

Development Platform

Choose the right platform to develop your app. You can choose from the options like iOS, Android, and Hybrid that best suit your business model.

Development Tools and Technologies

Modern tools and technologies to implement advanced features in your app will influence the overall cost.

App Development Professionals

Hire an app development professional to get your desired app. You can hire a team that includes:

  • Mobile app designer
  • Project manager
  • Quality analyst & tester
  • App developer

Development Process

Hire an experienced Android app developer who can follow the agile development process and complete your project within the estimated deadline.


Go with custom app design services to make your app user-friendly. Add creative app design ideas to offer the best user experience.

The factors mentioned above will influence the app development cost. Before you estimate a budget, you can consider these factors to get a fair idea about the mobile app development cost.


Our discussion comes to an end; I hope you are familiar with Discord’s modern features that made it the best choice for various businesses. Today, with the growing usage of digital services, it is recommended for all business owners to make the best use of technologies. Offer as much convenience as you can to your target audience.

Bring scalability and comfort to the table to get the competitive edge, no wonder that there are already various applications leading the market, and to secure your place, you need to be unique. Hire an experienced developer who can work on the latest technologies to bring advanced features and functionalities. To create a complex application it is better to work with experienced minds who can solve the real time challenges and deal with the app development complexities.

Author’s Bio:

Brian Comel is a mobile app developer at Sparx IT Solutions, a renowned Android app development company. He has decided to develop a creative application for various business domains. He also has an interest in reading content and writing informative blogs and articles.


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