Building Interactive Intranets: Modernizing Internal Communications with SharePoint

Building Interactive Intranets Modernizing Internal Communications with SharePoint

SharePoint Services and SharePoint Development are two main reasons your business has communicated effectively between teams. If you are unaware of these terms, here is a simple explanation for you!

Visualize a world where sending messages is as hassle-free as sending a text. Where finding crucial stuff is like a treasure hunt, and where working in unison with your pals feels as if you are playing your favorite video game.

That is exactly what we will look at today – the magical world of interactive intranets with SharePoint!

A Fun-Filled Exploration in the World of Interactive Intranets

Have you ever wondered how grown-ups used to share information before smartphones and computers? Here’s the truth. It was like sending secret messages and carrier pigeons – slow and messy.

However, fret not, as SharePoint Services swoops in like a superhero to save the day. Think of possessing a special place on the internet where your whole team can share crucial stuff, chat, and work in unison like a team of superheroes.

That is what interactive intranets are all about!

From Snail Mail to Super-Speed: The Emergence of Internal Communications

A long time ago, people used to send letters via snail mail. Yes, it is true – snails deliver emails! Then there was a time when there was an innovation of emails which you can compare with electronic letters.

However, sometimes they used to get lost in the big email jungle. That is where SharePoint Development comes into the picture. It transforms your computer into a super-smart virtual office. No more will you get lost in the email jungle.

Everything is organized and effortless to search. It is as if possessing your treasure map to all the significant stuff!

The Need for Interactive Intranets

This is where it gets very interesting. Do you know how sometimes you wish to inform your friends about a cool new game or share a funny cat video? They must share significant stuff in the grown-up world, like work and critical announcements.

Before SharePoint Services, they used to send lots of emails, and things got kind of messy. However, now with the magic of SharePoint, it is as if you possess a secret clubhouse where everyone can share and chat without a million emails clogging up their inbox.

What Exactly is SharePoint?

You can compare SharePoint with a super-smart virtual office. Every person goes to the office where they work. Well, SharePoint is like that. However, it is on the computer. It is a special place where grown-ups can share documents, speak with each other, and keep everything nice and tidy.

The best part is, you do not even require to wear a tie or sit in a boring chair!

Say Hello to Effortless Team Collaboration

Your favorite sports team practices together, isn’t it? They share tips, play games, and work in unison to win. That is what SharePoint Services does for grown-up teams. There is no more requirement to send a million emails back and forth.

Thanks to SharePoint, everyone can work in unison on the same stuff. It is like playing together on a team. Think of a virtual playground where everyone can hang around and make cool stuff happen!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Developing Your Interactive Intranet with SharePoint

Visualize you possess a super-secret club. You wish to ensure that only your friends can enter it. That is where Access Control comes into the picture. Think of it as possessing a special key only your friends have. And SharePoint lets grown-ups do the same thing with their crucial stuff.

Next up, we have the letter B- Beautifully Organized. Think of an instance where your toys where all your toys were all over the place. You will never be able to search for anything, right? Grown-ups have lots of crucial stuff too, and they require them to be kept neat.

With the help of SharePoint, they can organize everything into folders and sections. This will make it hassle-free for them to search for whatever they require.

Last but not least, the letter C connotes Communication Galore. You are well aware of how your teacher makes announcements in class. Grown-ups need to do that, too; however, with a lot of people. SharePoint lets them make big announcements that everyone can see. You can compare it with a virtual megaphone.

They can even chat with each other, just like sending text messages. Isn’t that cool?

Concluding Thoughts

This is where we end our journey through the land of interactive intranets. In this write-up, we have discovered the magic of SharePoint Services and SharePoint Development.

Keep this in mind; it is like possessing a special clubhouse on the internet where grown-ups can share, chat, and work together.

So, take advantage of the power of SharePoint and watch out for your grown-up world to light up with better communication and amazing collaboration!

Author Bio

Austin. H. Joy is an Enthusiastic Sr. IT Consultant at Bitscape providing Sharepoint Development Services. He loves to write and read about the latest Microsoft technology trends. He likes to travel to natural places.


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