Answering 7 App Development FAQs – A Guide Newbie Business Owners

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Building a startup is quite a task; in fact, it’s more than what you can think of. Therefore, it becomes to understand the various doubt before embarking on the app development journey. 

If implemented properly with generative ideas, your mobile can become your brand’s biggest promoter. 

In a startup, there is always a huge pressure associated with the simplest of tasks. Hence, there must be a number of queries to understand the ups and down in an app development process. 

These questions are not just app specific but go beyond the typical app-related queries. So, here is the list of app development FAQs that are the most commonly asked questions to help you ace as a new startup owner. 

Is it important to choose an app category for my app?

Yes, this part holds a very high priority. You have to discuss and understand the category of your application. App categories are crucial in order to understanding the role and visibility of your application. 

Choosing the right category for your mobile application can significantly help in improving the application in terms of ranking and a lot more. For a plus point, choose categories that are popular and relevant to the app’s functionality. 

How long does it take to create a fully-functioning mobile app?

An app with just the basic features would take only around a couple of months to develop, whereas an app with complex or a number of features could take nearly a year. 

In general, there is no time constraint to build a fully functional application for your business. The time that it takes depends greatly on certain factors of the application. Some of the important factors to be considered include the overall complexity of the application, the core features, their type and quantity, and whether you outsource an app development company or hire a freelancer. 

How often will I have to update my app?

Updates are the main part of app maintenance. Once your application is successfully deployed, and you start receiving user feedback, the next big step is to work on app maintenance. Evaluate the user feedback on your applications and start thinking about how often and what type of update your app should get. Talking about duration, you must update your application once every month. Some of the common reasons for updating your application include a replacement, updated user experience, improved performance, bug fixing, new features release, etc.

You can update your application more often if you are sure that the update will improve the overall performance, appeal and engagement of your application. 

Should I get an Android or iOS app?

This part majorly depends on your target audience, and that depends on the type of your application. 

If your application services target iOS users more, then you must consider iOS applications. And likewise, if your services target Android users, then you must invest in Android app development. 

Moreover, you can invest in a hybrid mobile application if you wish to target more audiences for your application. 

How Would I protect my App Idea?

Application idea security is one of the main and most important concerns in the process of the development process. You have control over your application till it is deployed, but once it is deployed, your competitors will try to implement your idea. Therefore, you must ensure that you have successfully patented your application idea. 

You can protect the application idea from getting leaked at the ideation stage only, as it is better to put up a shield on your idea rather than waiting till the end of the development process. 

Copyrighting, patenting, signing NDA, and trademarking, are some of the strategies to protect the application idea. All in all, you need to protect your app idea before your competitors do. Decision-making practices can provide the highest protection over application idea thieves

What frameworks and mobile app development languages should I choose for my app?

This is part that can not have any particular or concise answer. The selection of a suitable framework and programming languages depends on a number of factors. These include general project requirements, technical skills of the team, and complexity of features. Additionally, it is always a good idea to select mobile app development languages that have a lot of libraries and frameworks. 

How Feasible is my Idea

Until you take your idea to the prospects or at least see how apps similar to yours have performed in the market, there is no way to know if yours will succeed.

This is one of the major concerns, the feasibility of the application idea. It’s common if you get doubts over the feasibility of the application that is soon going to be deployed in the market. The only way to get an answer to the question is to test the idea out in real-world challenges. To ensure that, you will have to build a well-working prototype of your idea and make it available to the public. This will help in understanding people will be interested in your application. 

What App Monetization Methods Should I choose

Frankly, there is no use of the application if you are not getting any money out of it. The amount of ROI you can generate from the application is directly related to the amount of money your application is making from the users. There are many ways through which you can make money out of your application.

By making your app a paid ad, to providing an in-app advertisement space for brands who are looking for advertising spaces, you will be able to make money from your mobile application in many ways. 

Whatever app monetisation method you will be choosing, the perfect way of implementing them is by introducing them at an early stage. Do not wait for longer and implement the monetisation method from its very first day in the market.  


Building a mobile application for your startup is a time taking and critical process. It can be the best investment for your business, making your mobile application reflect the brand value. Also, if you are considering hiring mobile app development services, you need to be careful about that. 

For the right growth, the tech team needs to be the best in the industry for the most efficient app development outcome. So, once you have understood the importance of these points, you will be able to understand how to organise a good mobile app.

Understanding the definition of your application can make it easier to put up realistic expectations so that you can plan your strategies accordingly. 

Author Bio 

Ciaran Stone is the CEO of Square Root Solutions, – An well-known mobile app development company that helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups transmute their app development ideas into actual mobile applications. In his spare time, Ciaran likes to write an article on different aspects of app development.