Most Iconic Outfits for Women in 2021

Most Iconic Outfits

The scorching summer heat has started to kick in, calling for a change of fashion trends. None of us are willing to go out of style; however, comfort is still a priority. But ladies, what can be better than an appropriate mix of comfort and style to create an iconic outfit this year?

Today outfits have become more critical than they ever were. This is because your outfit choices not only showcase your tastes, preferences, fashion sense but are also considered a representative of your class. Generally, women wearing big labels are considered wealthy and luxurious, whereas others are classified as middle class or mediocre.

As per the findings of the Smart Asset, an average millennial woman ends up spending 5% of her annual budget on clothing apparel every year. Thus, it signifies that women pay great attention to what they wear and how they look. Furthermore, with the ever-increasing use of social media apps coupled with the hype that influencers create, the digital era has further multiplied the importance of wearing iconic outfits.

Although it seems that we have been stuck in lockdowns and quarantines since forever, the year 2021 witnessed some of the most incredible outfit and fashion trends of all time. Whether it is floral prints, hoodies and next level wholesale t-shirts, all these apparel are helping women to create an awesome look in 2021.

Be it matching separates, floral prints, or oversized shirts, all helped women create a killer outfit look.

Thus, the following is a comprehensive list of iconic outfits that you must try before you bid goodbye to the year 2021:

The Monochromes

The year 2021 brought monochromes back in the fashion game, although they were never out of style for some. Designers went all out with their monochrome collections this year, be it horizontal and vertical stripes or chequerboard patchwork.

Black and white outfits effortlessly add elegance to the entire look amping up the fashion game. Thus, this year monochrome dresses became the no-effort evening wear we all have been yearning for decades.

Nearly all brands came up with distinctively monochrome outfits, be it Dolce & Gabbana or Chanel. So make sure you don’t end up missing on the monochrome madness this year!

Floaty Maxi Dresses

Summer is the ideal time to take charge of the floor and flaunt a maxi dress. Beach voyages and cocktail parties all call in for a floaty maxi dress. This year brands launched some of the most gorgeous floaty maxi dresses.

Florals and leafy prints were all over the ramp this year. Be it a romantic dinner date or a walk on the beach, a floor-sweeping maxi dress is what all women love to flaunt. The sheer dress adds a kick of style to the entire look and ensures comfort in this unbearable summer heat.

Bright colored sheer and floor-sweeping floaty maxi dresses were all over the fashion magazine cover this year. Big names from Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani to Valentino and Dior launched some dreamy maxi dresses this year.

Do not forget to grab and flaunt one!

Leather Jackets

A leather jacket is one clothing piece that never goes out of style. So do you want to add some sass and style to a boring outfit? The most straightforward answer is ‘go grab a leather jacket’! The classic jet-black leather jacket is a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.

This year brands have diversified women’s leather jacket collections with their unique and trendy pieces. Customizable leather jackets became a trend all year round, irrespective of the weather and seasonal changes.

A good quality leather jacket is such a classy piece that it boosts the entire look making the outfit more alluring and astounding. So whether you choose to buy one from big labels or any local vendor, do not miss this one as it gets handy with almost every outfit!

Matching Separates

The monotone matching duo of top and bottom is an outfit combo that gained immense popularity this year. This seemingly simple outfit adds a unique class to the entire look taking the fashion game to the next level.

From celebrities and influencers to ordinary people, everyone flaunted this fashion trend greatly. This trend even crossed the barriers between western and eastern clothing as it was loved by wearers of both western and eastern styles.

Huge labels like Zara didn’t refrain from launching bright, adorable matching sets that went out of stock in a matter of days. So do not miss out on this unique trend this year and get your hands on matching separates!

Puffed Sleeves on The Roll

Puffed sleeves were back in fashion this year and made us wonder why they ever got out of style. Puffy sleeves add a chic look to even simple plain dresses making the outfit look classy and elegant.

Instagram influencers and celebrities all jumped on the bandwagon and flaunted this trend effortlessly. Puffed sleeves became everyone’s top choice this year. They are breathable and highly comfortable and can be styled for any occasion, be it a birthday party or a routine day at work.

Many brands launched their creative collections utilizing puffed sleeves this year. Thus, you will find puffed sleeves in every outfit, be it mini dresses, blouses, shirts, or tops. The puffed sleeves even got popular in eastern outfits and became one of the most worn outfits this year.

Final Verdict

One thing that is evitable from the changing fashion trends this year is that sophisticated styles fall back into fashion. People are a sucker for simplicity yet not willing to give up their comfort for the sake of style and fashion. This is the very reason we saw comfortable styles gaining immense popularity.

Styling iconic outfits is an intricate part of a woman’s day-to-day life, and nothing could be sadder than missing out on the iconic outfits of the year. Hence, shop till you drop! Whether you choose to flaunt monochromes, florals, or bright colored matching sets, do not forget to share with us in the comments section below. Please let us know if we missed some of your favorite iconic outfits of the year 2021.

Until then, style and flaunt our fashion game, ladies!

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