7 Helpful Digital Marketing Tips For Beginners

Digital Marketing Tips

Does the term “digital marketing” feel too technical to understand?

On the contrary, digital marketing involves more than technology. It also requires creativity, problem-solving, and psychology. Even the technical parts are more intuitive than you think.

Anyone with an internet connection can learn digital marketing. In fact, you’re already an expert at two digital marketing platforms.

You likely used a search engine to find this information. Plus, you may have a Facebook page or Twitter account. Social media and search engines are two cornerstones of digital marketing.

Digital marketing tips help you apply new information to increase everything from sales to followers.

Let’s put your natural skills to the test. Discover seven internet marketing tricks for beginners.

1. Start With a Search

Let’s start entirely from scratch. Assume you have no internet presence whatsoever. Where should you start?

For example, more than 90% of local consumers use search engines to discover businesses or services. This stat is an excellent place to start.

Consumers are looking, but you’re totally invisible online. You can fix this problem in just a few days.

2. Create a Google Business Profile

First, create a Google business listing for your company. This method is totally free.

You just need a business name, address, phone number, email, and website. If you don’t have a website, keep reading for tips on making your own website.

You don’t need a physical business location to create a Google listing, either. You can use a P.O Box or a virtual mailbox for your business address.

Next, register for a Google Gmail account if you don’t have one. Once registered, navigate to the “My Business” icon in your menu.

After filling out your information, you’ll need to verify your listing via phone or mail. Phone verification is the quickest.

Next, optimize your business listing for maximum visibility. Your listing already generates its own Google map. But you can add the following information as well:

  • Days and hours of operation
  • Business description or mission statement
  • Google reviews
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • 3D business tours
  • Phone number
  • Website
  • Directions

There are a few ways to optimize your listing:

Remember to upload high-quality media. Encourage happy customers to leave reviews. Write a captivating, keyword-optimized description.

3. Generate Relevant Keywords

Wait, what are keywords anyway?

You’re more familiar with keywords than you think. In fact, you used a keyword right before clicking on this article. You may have punched in over 50 keywords already!

Keywords are search phrases you use every day. “how to make blueberry waffles” and “iPhone X reviews” are both examples of keywords. The options are limitless.

Of course, you don’t want to target every keyword, just the relevant ones. But how would you do this?

You could step into the shoes of your target audience and write down a list of relevant keywords. This approach takes too long, though.

Instead, you could use your market research to generate hundreds (or even thousands) of keywords! All you need is a reliable SEO tool.

Even Google has free keyword tools, like keyword planner. These tools reveal the monthly search volume and competition for each keyword. The competition number gauges Adwords competition, but the data is valuable to organic SEO too.

Keyword research is just a small sliver of a larger SEO pie. You can always take on an SEO campaign yourself, but you may stretch yourself too thin. Learn more about the SEO services Ft. Lauderdale offers to free up more time.

4. How to Apply Keywords

Keywords are little bits of data, and data is central to excellent SEO.

First, optimize your Google business listing with keywords. Don’t stuff these keywords, though. Make sure everything reads naturally.

Like keywords, Google listings are one of many digital marketing tips.

Here are more places to include keywords:

  • Company blogs
  • How-to guides
  • Product reviews
  • Social media posts
  • About pages
  • Service pages
  • Contact Page
  • Press releases

Keywords help guide content too. They’re great for blog headlines, how-to topics, and Q&A ideas. Search volume alone tells you a lot about your target market.

5. Data Analysis

Keyword search volume is a type of data analytics. As you learned, data is the heart of digital marketing. Data-driven digital marketing delivers better conversion rates at a fraction of the cost.

For example, SEO tools use analytics to pull and present the following keyword data:

  • Keyword search volume
  • Search engine ranking difficulty
  • Global search distribution
  • Top-ranked content per keyword
  • Keyword opportunity gaps

Data ensures you’re targeting the right market in the right way. Keyword gaps reveal untapped opportunities. SEO data also reveals ranking difficulty for each keyword.

6. What’s the Deal With Backlinks?

Ranking difficulty relates to the next point.

Backlinks are the most daunting part of SEO for many businesses. That’s another reason why an SEO agency is helpful. Backlinks often require direct outreach to bloggers, site owners, and web administrators.

However, there are ways to generate instant backlinks. These backlinks will help establish your online presence and give your website a boost in Google.

First, create social media profiles for your website. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Linkedin index quickly in search.

You can also add your website to online business directories for quick backlinks.

Guest posting is another way to get fast backlinks. They aren’t instant, but many guest posting sites approve high-quality posts quickly.

7. Build a High-Quality Website

Your website is a marketing hub. It houses your web copy, blog, media, testimonials, and more. All your ads and promotions direct right to your website.

Businesses are judged by the quality of their websites. For example, could you imagine a digital marketing agency with a terrible website? Bad websites don’t instill confidence in customers.

Invest in a professional website. You can build a professional-looking website with WordPress, but it will take some time. You could also hire a web designer to build one quickly.

Digital Marketing Tips You Can Count On

Don’t linger behind the competition. Soar ahead with these easy digital marketing tips.

Keep building your strategy. Research the latest marketing strategies for your industry. Remember, the blog is always here to help!


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