Gem cutting is a viable method of getting your crafting levels up to speed.

When playing Old School Runescape, there are a number of ways in which you can train your crafting level. This is an option that is available to those willing to invest as much OSRS GP as possible. Many will be using methods such as going to buy OSRS gold so that they can use the many methods effectively. At one point, you will have the chance to cut gems to help you along with the process. Here we will be outlining what you need to do to get started with crafting training, and what cutting gems can do for you.

Getting Started with Crafting

As mentioned, we’re going to be handing over a lot of OSRS gold to get these methods done to the best effect possible. Before we do get underway, it’s worth noting that keeping a close eye on the Grand Exchange is pivotal. You’ll probably have noticed by now that the prices tend to go up and down with OSRS items for sale here, so it would be worth your while to check out the prices before you start selling them in bulk.

Moving forward, there is a wide choice of quests that you can take part in that will give you a lot of crafting experience. You could bypass a lot of the crafting training methods in the earlier stages if you do choose to go down the questing route. Those who are planning to do quests in general should try and get them out of the way as early as they can. You’ll get more out of the rewards this way, since it’s actually faster than the training methods themselves. It’s something to keep in mind anyway, if you do wish to opt for quests over training.

For the first 20 levels of crafting training, you can craft leather items to get you to the point where you’ll be crafting gems. The cost of leather stands at 211 OSRS gold, and since you only need one of each for crafting items, they can be a good source to use. To craft OSRS items with leather, you have to acquire a needle and thread too.

When taking into consideration the amount of uses that you get out of thread, you are going to need roughly 50 threads if you’re going to get to level 20. Overall, you will need 217 leathers, which will cost 45,787 OSRS GP. You can see already why crafting training needs the investment that it does. The players that are going to opt for purchasing gold should look for sites that offer the most trusted OSRS gold.

OSRS Cutting Gems

Once you have reached level 20 in crafting, you can then start getting into cutting gems. The reason as to why cutting gems at this stage is important is that it provides you with the quickest experience going up to level 77 in the training. Just how fast however depends on what you’re willing to invest. By choosing to cut dragonstones, you will be looking at a costly method where your gold is concerned.

That said, there is an alternative. You could stick with gems that are at a lower level if you wish. Sticking with fire battlestaves and diamond cutting is still a more than viable way of shooting up the levels. Another choice would be cutting rubies instead of diamonds, at least until you reach level 58. That said, be sure to check on the prices before you do. Going forward with earth battlestaves from here is going to benefit you as well.


The faster way of gaining experience with gems would be to use zenytes and onyxes. However, this is not a recommended method by any means. Sure, they’re able to offer you the experience in the time that you need, maybe even faster. But the cost that is attached to this method simply prices it out completely. Then you have to take into account just how limited the amount of these items are around too. It isn’t worth your time and investment to do it this way for the sake of a faster levelling method. Unless you have massive amounts of OSRS gold to spare, then stick with the lower gems to start cutting.

If you’re looking for ways to use your OSRS gold to get through crafting, then cutting gems will be your best way to go. Just be aware of prices for materials that you need to get the task done. It would be worth your while looking around for trusted OSRS gold sites if you are planning to purchase gold to get you through crafting.

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