Must-have Magento Extensions to Boost your B2B Business


Managing a B2B business has never been a piece of cake. However, in the last decade, it has become even more sophisticated due to increasing competition and customer requirements. More and more businesses are moving towards eCommerce and online stores. In this regard, Magento is considered the most widely used eCommerce platform. The goal is to improve the performance of your Magento eCommerce store and make it user-friendly. The best way to achieve that is to hire a Magento development company to assist you in building and optimizing your store.

For reading maximum success in B2B commerce, you must focus on increasing traffic, turning visitors into customers, improving the number of purchases, and increasing their prices. To achieve all this and much more, you need to add certain extensions to your Magento store to make it extremely functional and optimized.

In this article, we will enlist the best B2B commerce Magento extensions to boost your sales, revenue, and return on investment.

Private Catalogs for Magento 2

A personalized approach is crucial for any business let alone a B2B business. As B2B businesses work with different customer groups, wholesalers, and retailers require personalized pricing strategies for each section.

Private catalogs for Magento 2 is a powerful extension that allows you to create separate catalogs for certain customer segments allowing business owners to reach the most profitable deal for different customer sections. The private catalog enables merchants to make products visible to certain customers or restrict products to specific customer groups. Change or hide prices, propose quotes, and much more.

Merchants are also able to enable or disable products from the edit page. Moreover, the division between public and private catalogs helps to convert guest visitors into registered customers to boost your sales.

Benefits of Magento 2 Private Catalog Extension

  • Create private catalogs for certain customer segments with different prices and products for each customer group.
  • Allow you to hide or change prices or the “add to cart” button.
  • Create separate catalogs for not-logged-in and logged-in customers.
  • Change prices on catalog level in bulk without editing the price of each product.

Company Accounts Magento 2 Extension

Most businesses communicate with several company representatives to collaborate, communicate, and order on behalf of a company. Managing these orders for each company can be a tough task for any merchant. Structure your companies and their accounts with the company accounts Magento extension. You can even assign subaccounts and their payment permissions to the company these accounts belong to.

This extension also enables merchants to assign credits to companies, request quotes on products or services, creation of requisition lists, and more company accounts integration with more B2B extensions.

Benefits of Company Accounts Magento 2 Extension

  • Within the company account, keep track of all customer orders.
  • Create an auto-assignment system using your company’s domains.
  • Allow company administrators to assign responsibilities and permissions to children’s accounts.
  • Organize the data of company employees.
  • Create a rapid company registration form for the shop.

Social Media Extensions

The popularity of social commerce is on the rise. It’s never too late to start creating a strong social media presence if you don’t currently have one.

It’s a fantastic idea to use solutions that help you smoothly combine your Magento website and social media once you’ve established your social media profiles. There are many extensions that can assist you in this regard. These Magento extensions allow you to promote products directly on your company’s Facebook page, making it a must-have. All in one extension, create several product campaigns, share to Facebook, and track stats. The add-on helps you save time and boost your social selling.

Product Downloads for Magento 2

One of the most common requests from consumers is to learn as much as possible about the product so that they may be confident in the purchase quality. Product Downloads is an addon that allows you to send extensive specifications, instructions, video lessons, and other attached files to your customers.

Product Downloads allow shop administrators to attach numerous files to a single product or a single file to multiple goods and manage them all in one place using the product downloads grid. The extension allows you to import and export files to your B2B store as well as upload files directly to a server folder with just a few clicks. Furthermore, store administrators can set display restrictions on the storefront.

Advantages of Product Downloads

  • Upload a variety of file kinds and sizes.
  • Bulk file import/export
  • Multiple products can be associated with a single file.
  • A product can have any number of files attached to it.
  • Take advantage of the icon package that has already been created.
  • View the total number of times each file has been downloaded.

Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2

The fact that retailers and wholesalers require various pricing strategies and catalog content differentiation complicates shop operations. M2 Client Group Catalog Permissions is an excellent way to separate your catalog into specific customer groups while keeping your website running smoothly.

It allows store administrators to control rights for client groups and distribute catalog material among them. Make products visible or restricted to a specific customer group, display customized text messages instead of the add to cart button, redirect clients from hidden categories, and many other features important for providing customer-oriented shopping services and keeping purchase management simple on your Magento 2 store are available.

Advantages of Customer Group Catalog Permissions for Magento 2

  • Distribute catalog material to distributors, retailers, and a variety of other interested parties.
  • Hide particular consumer groups from categories, CMS pages, and individual goods.
  • Customers can be redirected to whatever page they like.
  • Customize the text for the concealed pricing and/or the add to cart button.
  • Individually or in bulk, request permissions.

Sales Representative for Magento 2

Clients are more likely to believe ‘human’ assistants than engines, therefore B2B eCommerce business personalization has been demonstrated to be a critical aspect in achieving success. Sales reps are more effective in resolving customer difficulties by offering users up-to-date product information, exclusive offers, and a personalized approach.

Customers’ trust in online businesses is bolstered by photo, email, phone number, and other further information about the sales manager, while skilled managers will undoubtedly identify the finest sales-related solution for both the consumer and the merchant. Furthermore, sales reps can be assigned to distinct customer groups or assigned in bulk to the customer grid. Your sales process will go more easily and efficiently with this plugin.

Advantages of Sales Representative for Magento 2

  • Orders are immediately assigned to sales agents.
  • Customers should be assigned personal sales consultants.
  • In a customer account, display the contact information for sales managers.
  • You can easily manage the performance of your sales agents.
  • Notify both the consumer and the sales representative.
  • Permissions for sales agents can be managed in the backend.

Bottom Line

There are numerous ways to make your B2B business successful. And Aheadworks is one of the largest players in this space, delivering excellent extensions and services to thousands of online stores all over the world.


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