6 Best Platforms To Use For Live Blogging

Live Blogging

Live blogging has emerged as a powerful tool for freelancing bloggers and corporate marketers alike. When everyone wants information instantly, it is understandable why live blogging is becoming so popular. People no longer want to wait to receive updates, even through blogs. Organizations are rapidly adopting live blogging to engage with their audience.

With that said, it is safe to assume that implementing live blogging in your marketing strategy would help. You might potentially want to check out reputed digital marketing companies that offer live blogging services. Click on this URL to know more.

What Is Live Blogging?

Live blogging refers to a modern, fast-paced blogging practice, where the blog short text posts that are updated frequently over a period of time. Hence, instead of summarizing an event once it ends, a live blog can cover it while it’s still taking place.

What Are The Benefits Of Live Blogging?

Whether adopted by an individual journalist or a large enterprise, live blogging comes with various perks. For instance:

  • One can constantly upload fresh content infused with keywords. This helps secure a high rank among search results due to better SEO performance.
  • Live blogging can help individuals or organizations build up an image of authenticity and establish themselves as reliable sources of information.
  • Just like regular blogs, one can also monetize live blogs. This would act as an additional source of revenues.

What Are The Best Live Blogging Platforms?

Several live blogging platforms have emerged recently, thanks to the growing demand. Different platforms have their pros and cons, and ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the right one for your blogs. Here are the six best platforms that reputed live blogging service providers recommend using.

1. Live

If you are looking for a comprehensive live blogging tool that would serve a variety of purposes, Live is a good choice. This platform is suitable for several tasks, including event coverage, social engagement, and live reporting.

One of the key aspects of Live is its design and layout, which helps to captivate the visitors. Visual pinboards draw attention towards specific blog parts, thereby highlighting desired content.

Live can also prove to be helpful in case you would like to monetize your blog. This platform gives you the option to allow sponsors to advertise on your pages. Live offers a simplified experience with a user-friendly UI.

2. Arena.im

For users who like customizing their blogs to a great extent, Arena.im might be the best option. This is a coding-free platform that allows designing the whole page as per the users’ preferences.

Blogs published using Arena.im would also be great for organizations trying to improve their SEO performance. The SEO-friendly platform helps to generate more organic results, bumping the blog up along the search engine rankings.

Another feature that makes this live blogging platform perfect for content marketing is its seamless integration with social media networks. All you need to use this platform is a WordPress Plugin or an HTML tag. While websites with low traffic can use Arena.im for free, larger businesses can find reasonably priced plans.

3. 24liveblog

For users who are on the lookout for a budget-friendly live-blogging platform, 24liveblog is one of the most suitable choices. The premium version of the tool is available at USD 39 per month, while a free version is also available to pages with less than 1 lakh monthly views.

24liveblog comes with several additional features that could prove to be helpful. You could customize your page to incorporate lead generation techniques or for monetization. The pages can even carry a real-time chat feature that would allow visitors to make donations.

4. Live Blog

Live Blog allows users to publish blogs that are rich in content, including audio and video features. Simple in design and easy to use, this tool is suitable for individual bloggers and journalists who aren’t that tech-savvy.

For instance, the drag-and-drop features would enable you to add content from social media to your blog without hassle. This is certainly one of the best live blogging tools out there, from every aspect. However, this one happens to be a paid tool, with monthly plans ranging from USD 99 to USD 385.

5. Live Center

If scalability and customizability are essential to you, check out Live Center. This live blogging platform supports a variety of tools and technologies, allowing users to personalize live Center for their work.

Additionally, you may also create customized news feeds with content from across various categories, including sports, politics, news, and more. This helps create unique blogs and ensures a favorable experience for the visitors.

6. Rock Content

One of the oldest platforms for live blog publishing, Rock Content has grown significantly since its inception in 2008. The platform has earned a great deal of popularity among professionals like event planners and marketers around the globe. However, with the platform’s popularity, its pricing has risen too.

Rock Content’s plans range from USD 2000 to USD 2500, which is ten times more expensive than some other platforms. The tool does deliver enterprise-grade performance, though, making it suitable for a specific category of users.

Choosing The Right Live Blogging Platform

Before your business undertakes live blogging, it needs to formulate a comprehensive strategy. This includes finding a suitable platform, setting up the blog, and publishing relevant posts in a timely fashion.

The success of your live blogs would depend largely on the platform you use, which makes it imperative to pick the right one. You would have to consider certain factors, such as:

  • Customizability: You should be able to customize your blog in every way and ensure that it serves its purpose as efficiently as possible.
  • Affordability: Not everyone looking for a live blogging platform has the same budget. Look for one with plans that you can afford.
  • User-interface: One should always seek a platform that offers a user-friendly interface, as live blogging requires you to work at a fast pace.


If you are unsure which platform would be the right one for you, consider consulting experts in this field. Professionals should be able to provide you with the right guidance based on your requirements.