If you are using Salesforce for a long, then you may not be much familiar with the latest Lightning Interface if you have not already started leveraging it. Back in 2015, Salesforce Lightning UI is one of the most significant changes that Salesforce made on its platform ever. There are plenty of features to explore on Salesforce Lightning, which the beginners may be confused with.Since its launch, Salesforce Lightning has also undergone many changes, and it is now a very powerful tool and can add some significant value propositions to the users.

Lightning comes with many cool features out of the box, which your enterprise team may love to explore.With more waiting on the horizon, Lightening is quickly finding home in a lot of Salesforce org. If you are still confused about whether or not to start using Lightning UI, here are some tips that will help you get over these confusions and start with it.

Just turn it on

You need not have to worry about the implementation of Lightening as a big project but turn it on. You can choose a few adventurous members of your team who are enthusiastic about exploring it. Onboard them onto the Lightning interface. There is no better way to understand how it works than exploring it one by one and gain some on-the-ground feedback.

Used the tools available out there to check your readiness

Salesforce offers many cool tools, which help you to assess your understanding and readiness for Lightning. Lightning experience migration assistant can be used as a wizard, which will effectively walk you through different steps to prepare for this new Salesforce interface and to roll it out for your team.

Use Trailhead

If you are new to Lightening, then trailhead is an amazing tool that comes for free to help you learn about Salesforce UI features. Trailheads come with many materials for the end-users to the developers and admins to learn things. Setting up a Trailhead account is also very easy, and on completing trails, you can also gain badges which are a lot of fun along with being a rewarding learning experience. Start using it instantly with the team.

Read Salesforce release notes

Salesforce frequently sends out release notes, which is a very valuable commodity. If you consider switching to Lightning, release notes are critical. You need to know what is coming down the line from Salesforce, which will help you understand which is the ideal time to make a switch and generate it for your team.

Check out the roadmap for Lightening

When it was first launched, Lightening had many features which were made available for the users. However, many existing users remained Salesforce Classic version itself and had no idea when the Lightning will be ready and functional. Now, Salesforce offers a clear roadmap that has made it easier for the users to plan for migration. You may also check out the roadmap to understand what tools and needs are ready for your disposal.Salesforce consultants like Flosum can also help you in the effective implementation of Lightening UI features.

Clean the data

While talking about databases, much confusion are existing. Maintaining cleaner data is critical for the success of any enterprise system. So, you need to take some time to clean your data before you try to shift. Doing this will help you and the team to migrate successfully for the new Lightning Experience. Lightning experience has some AI features, too, like Einstein built into it, so having a cleaner data system will help it work better and be more successful.

Clean the data objects and fields

Cleaning the data is not just enough, but you must take some time to clear out some old fields you are not using now. You may try to reorganize the objects and remove the old ones. Giving a facelift to your org will help you to focus more on what is the most important.There may be some distractions with the new Lightning interfaces, but do not let the outdated fields or layouts add more confusion.

Consider consoles

Salesforce also had done some excellent work over several years to bring a new life to the current source. Consoles are even better on Lightening.So, if you are thinking about helping the teams become more efficient and productive, usage of the console is a perfect opportunity to gain more benefits.

Convert Visualforce to Lightning

If you are using Salesforce over time, you may probably have many Visualforce pages on your system, which your team largely relies on. If you are in the early stages of making the shift, it is time to give Visualforce pages a new Lightening treatment. When you are ready for the shift, you may not want anything to hold you back.

Decide which all tools are ideal for you

Lightning comes with a lot of new features. Some of the top options are news, next step, scoring, and so on. Some of these may be a perfect fit for the entire team, while others may not be of use and sometimes distracting. You might take some time to understand all these new features and functionality to choose from, which will help your team be more productive. You may implement only those which are most needed and skip the others. On the go, you may explore more features one by one and conduct research to identify which all of these may be of help to you in the long run and slowly implement it one by one.

Along with these, Lightning also offers many other innovative features to help beginners to onboard on this innovative and functional platform. You may also get the Salesforce trailhead’s assistance and explore Salesforce forums to get in-depth knowledge about the unknown features. If you are new to Salesforce, it is also advisable to assist third-party consultants who can assist you with ineffective implementation and providing training on the Salesforce platform to the users.


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