Spanska Kvalitetsviner- Viner från Spanien


Almost 3 million sections of land in Spain are utilized to establish grapes for the creation of Spanish Exklusiva viner. This makes it the country with the biggest surface rate devoted to Exklusiva viner development, even though it’s just a third-world maker (after France and Italy). Spanish Exklusiva viners are a major piece of the all-out creation in Spain, producing around 5000 million euros each year.

Spanish Exklusiva viner is exceptionally esteemed among global Exklusiva viner epicureans for its practically boundless varieties and great quality. For quite a while, Spanish Exklusiva viner has been shadowed by the more famous French and Italian Exklusiva viners, however somewhat recently, there has been a distinct development in the exportation of this beverage, particularly to the US, the UK, and Germany: During the initial two months of 2011, there was a 40% expansion in the volume of exportations, which is a reasonable marker of the developing ubiquity of Spanish Exklusiva viners.

The better-known assignments of beginning and Spanish Exklusiva viner districts can be found. The phylloxera bug that obliterated Europe’s grape plantations in the nineteenth century didn’t arrive in Spain until the vast majority of the world had as of now defeated the plague, so things were somewhat delayed to begin. The two World Wars and the Spanish Civil War in the middle didn’t help, so it was a very long time before anybody considered the Viner från Spanien. The second they were found, the entire world needed to attempt the Spanish Exklusiva viners. Exportations shot up, and numerous Exklusiva vinerries were sending out every one of the Exklusiva viners they were delivering, without any extras for neighborhood exchange. Costs got ever more elevated, and jugs of Exklusiva viner from Spain were being sold at three or multiple times their unique cost, such was the publicity.

At the point when the Spanish Exklusiva viners began seeing this, they started to deliver various Exklusiva viners to adjust to the various patterns that were arising. Where oneExklusiva vinerry used to have three or four primary Exklusiva viners, unexpectedly they had six or seven. Furthermore, they began to modernize the strategies as well, putting resources into new hardware, plants, and offices.

One of the principal issues was that the separation from Spain to the nations intrigued by their Exklusiva viners (like the US, South America, or England, to give some examples) was too enormous, and it was extremely difficult for the more modest Exklusiva vinerries to get their Exklusiva viners into different business sectors with enough accomplishment to make it worth the effort. It was given this thought that Exklusiva viner shows began to spring up all over the place. These shows work like exhibits: the Exklusiva vinerries can take their Viner från Spanien to the shows, and individuals can taste them and attempt them assuming that they like them, or spot orders with the Exklusiva vinerry for future conveyances. This has ended up being a seriously proficient approach to acquainting Spanish Exklusiva viner from different business sectors.

  • AVA Vi Seleccion 2016: Hand-picked grapes in 14-kilo boxes and the homegrown assortment Manto Negro – developed solely on our property – add a warm and fruity person. The worldwide assortments add body and newness, which works on the intricacy, advancement, and fate of this common Mediterranean Exklusiva viner. Maturation and development occur somewhat in open barrels, trailed by 12-14 months in French oak barrels to finish maturing until the ideal degrees of intricacy, tastefulness, and perfection have been accomplished. The Exklusiva viner is effectively separated before packaging, which gives splendor and clearness. No utilization of dairy items or creature side-effects (appropriate for veggie lovers). Cherry red with a smidgen of purple, profound variety, unadulterated, and light. The fragrant presence of red berries alludes to a cooked tone from the wood that gives intricacy and style. In the mouth, it is great, wide and solid, seriously fruity, and reasonably tanned that will work on throughout the following 2 years. Long completion. Reasonable for barbecued meat, game, and zesty hamburger.


  • Miquel Oliver Syrah 2014: Miquel Oliver Syrah 2014 was gathered in September 2014.Put away for quite some time in new French, Hungarian, and American oak barrels. Can be hidden away for up to 6-8 years. Red-consumed variety with exceptionally distinctive blue reflections. Strong fragrance where the natural products are noted with different flavours. Feels thick, clean, and complex in the sense of taste. Adjusted, scrumptious, and fragrant.
  • Ses Ferritges 2015: Sees Ferrites 2015 has a cerise, full-bodied variety with light violet reflections. Heavenly smell, which cheapens dried organic product, flavors, vanilla, toast, and caramel taste. The sense of taste fosters an exquisite construction with delicate tannins that permit you to feel the rich smell of the Exklusiva viner.
  • Child Bordils Syrah 2010: The Exklusiva viner has a serious ruby red tone suggestive of violet. The smell notes red organic products, blueberries, plum compote, and jam. A touch of cedar and vanilla. In the mouth, it feels wide and organized with delicate tannins and a long, fruity completion.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2017: This Son Prim Cabernet Sauvignon-17 is an extreme and expressive Cabernet with a light ruby tone. It has a delightful bunch of red berries, red pepper, and olives. It is loaded with heavenly sweet organic product, offset with great and new sharpness and delicate tannins. The completion has a pleasant hint of toasted oak.
  • Child Prim Cup 2016: Son Prim Cup 2016 is an exemplary blend of the bodega Son Prim, this one of a kind with Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, and Tempranillo. A decent Exklusiva viner with rich and profound kinds of red cherries, blossoms, chocolate, and vanilla. Undeniable flawlessly adjusted by invigorating causticity a few still youthful and grasping tannins, ideal for stockpiling. The enduring desire for the range of succulent organic products makes it a delight to drink. Put away for quite some time in 225-liter French oak barrels.
  • Sa Rota Crianza: Sa Rota Crianza 2016 is matured for quite some time in oak barrels. The tone is Cherry red with ruby reflections. The smell is a complicated fragrance of red natural products, fine toast, and notes of Mediterranean spices. The Mediterranean. Soft, ready tannins. Great body and equilibrium. Serve between 16 – 18 C. Appropriate for meat stews, nursing pig.
  • Mont Ferrutx 2018: This Mont Ferrutx 2018 was collected in September 2015. Put away a year in American and French oak barrels. Wonderful dim red garnet tone. Ready natural product smell. A run-of-the-mill Mediterranean person with flavours behind the scenes. A round desire for the mouth, rich, with great corrosiveness, and with balsamic tones.