The Art of choosing the Perfect Pool Design: Pursuit for the Best

The idea of having a pool at home to chill in the summers and relax with your loved ones sounds just perfect. Pools are the ideal place to spend some quality time with your friends and family. Moreover, swimming for exercise offers several health benefits and overall physical fitness with inner delectation. You can now practice and master various aspects of swimming like different types of strokes, lap time, etc., and look for a professional competition.

Modern architects and technical innovations have changed people’s thinking about traditional pools. With the latest technologies and innovative construction concepts, there are hundreds of varieties of Pool design Dallas to choose from. However, having some basic idea about different pools available will surely help you invest in the right choice according to your needs.

Think what you Need and Plan what you Want

Since you have decided to have a pool, you need to decide your budget and look for what you want. The first thing to do is have some professionals examine the area you have and give you the best options. Next, choose the size of the pool based on your family members or the number of guests and friends you have coming over. If you have kids, then it is suggested to include shallow end and other amenities for their safety.

You can make a list of your options of Pool design Dallas and then sort them out based on filters of your choice. For example, some ideal parameters are budget-friendly, above-ground and in-ground, maintenance required size and capacity, structure, categories, etc. This way, it becomes easier to pick the best option and rule out the unnecessary ones.

Some aspects of pools like lighting, standard types, and features are discussed here for your information. First of all, let’s discuss the different types of pools available.



The Infinity Edge Pool is a modern pool design that looks as if it extends out into the edge of infinity. It is the ultimate option for those who are more concerned about the overall looks of the pool and landscape of their property. This never-ending pool is a gorgeous addition to any project.

The construction of this pool involves fine-vanishing edges that allow water to spill over the edges and create this magnificent infinity-edge view. This spilled water is collected in a catch basin that pumps it back, creating a cycle. This fresh, modern design is catching a lot of attention.


These are known to take various geometric forms, from modern to traditional. There are no limits of shapes in geometric pools as they offer the perfect platform for ideas to take tangible form. A good architect mapping of geometric design with creative construction, these pools can be all unique and contrasting as you want.

With clear-cut lines with sophisticated design, these pools add to the beauty of a property with sharp lines and robust architecture. These are best suitable for large open spaces and would work as the pick of the bunch for a hillside mansion.


As the name suggests, these are the pools used for diving purposes. They come with a comparatively deeper bottom and have a diving stand for the jump. Their depth varies from 8 to 10 feet. These are preferred chiefly by professional divers and swimmers to perfect their skills.

These deep-diving pools can be unsafe, especially for children and those who are not good at swimming. Therefore, proper safety measures are required, and children need to be monitored with more precautions at such pools.


Freeform pools are known to take many style forms ranging from tropical, rustic, to natural. Like geometric pools, these also work best for more significant landscapes and comply best with open spaces and nature-oriented landscapes.

With the help of some quality architects and excellent construction, these pools can be fitted in any space. Additional features like rock styling, waterfalls, lagoon-style, and stone decking can also be added to these pools.


If you are looking to relax and heal after a long stressful day of work, Spa pools are made just for you. A Spool is usually smaller than standard pools and is about 12 to 14 feet squared. These can be considered more like a large spa.

This design is ideal for therapeutic purposes, athletes, and sports personalities who need healing after a hardcore workout session. These are best compatible with some small spaces and are budget-friendly.

Lighting in a Pool

The lightening of a pool adds up to its beauty and makes it comfortable to enjoy swimming at night. It depends solely on the shape and design of your pool. Hundred-watt bulbs and a twelve-volt transformer are generally used in Pool design Dallas. A list of trending lighting themes is given below:

  • Wall Pool Lighting
  • Hangers
  • Fibre Optics Lighting
  • Deck Lighting
  • Floaters
  • Pole Lighting
  • J-Hook Lighting

You can go with any of these options and choose whether you want an electric or environment-friendly solar option. A lighting source at a distance from the pool attracts insects and keeps them away from the pool. You can also learn the basics and discover some new ideas and do them yourself.

Add-ON Features for your Pool

The sky is the limit for creativity to your pool, and you can add as many features as you want to your pool. A custom water feature or waterfall will add a more naturalistic experience to your pool. To add to your list, there are several options like fountains, scuppers, sheer descents, rain curtains, bubblers, mist, deck or laminar jets, etc. The warmth and ambiance of a fire after a long swimming session is a cherry on top. The new dramatic fire on water feature is worth trying.

There are many designs, ideas, and even more customization ideas out there for you, and all you need is to be aware and choose just the right thing for you.


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