The best school games on PC


School is not only study, but also first true friends, first love, first serious conflicts and invaluable experience, without which it would be difficult to enter adulthood. But schools are different: somewhere they study diligently and make plans for the future, somewhere they cheat homework and hooligans, and somewhere they escape from the killer lurking around the corner. We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting school games on PC – from funny and cute to bloody and creepy. Student can get online information and training from expert by paying fee through paypal but before transaction check paypal daily transfer limit.


Life Is Strange is an amazingly vivid and unusual story about the ordinary life of an ordinary teenage girl. Together with the main character named Max, we have to experience all the sorrows and joys, build relationships with classmates, make difficult decisions, the consequences of which we will still observe throughout the game. In this case, the heroine can rewind time back in order to rethink her choice. warzone cheats

If at first the player simply guides Max in her daily life, then later a detective line and even mysticism are woven into the plot. However, it is the everyday life in the game that is best implemented. The first episode of Life Is Strange is free to download, but the next one will have to be paid for.


Fabulous – Angela’s High School Reunion is a lovable time manager with an air of nostalgia for the school years. Angela is the main character of the game, who managed to achieve success and become a fashion designer. Working on a new collection, she begins to remember her high school prom, and it turned out to be a disaster for Angela.

To correct the mistakes, she decides to organize a reunion, which her longtime rival comes to. What will come of this, you can find out by going through several dozen story levels and challenges.


The Coma: Cutting Class is a stylish Korean horror game that tells the story of a schoolboy whose life was turned upside down by a mysterious suicide committed right at school. A lot of attention is paid to education in Korea, so the tragedy did not stop teachers from forcing the unfortunate schoolchildren to take a difficult exam.

Our protagonist was preparing for it all night, could not stand it and fell asleep right at the desk. And when he woke up, he found that the school had turned into a creepy place, and a teacher with an ax was waiting for him outside the door. Now the boy has to survive in this hell and try to find a way out of it.


It would seem that the worst thing that can happen to the average teenager after school is a fight in the schoolyard. Usually it is, but not at school at ObsCure. In this game you will become one of the guys trying to figure out what kind of devilry is going on in their alma mater, or at least just to survive.

In the company of four classmates, you will run along dark corridors, destroy evil spirits, collect various useful things and fight evil in every possible way. This game features are same as h game Each team member has their own abilities such as faster picking of locks, improved skill with first aid kits, etc.


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