Things That You Must Know About Online Prayer Platform 

Things That You Must Know About Online Prayer Platform

The global pandemic has forced the government to impose nationwide lockdown. A significant part of the world is utilizing the power of technology for different needs. If we talk about religious gatherings, people use digital platforms to connect with their faith and belief. The superior online prayer platforms have helped people to strengthen their trust in God and brought them close even when they can’t go out in Church or Temples.

It is undeniable that noble Coronavirus has forced many religious places to accept the digital transformation. Digital platforms have proved that you can still be in the community even if you are physically apart. You can be in-home isolation and still stay involved in all the religious gatherings.

Fortunately, digital tools enable churches and temples to organize religious events or prayer over the online realm and invite everyone to connect. At an earlier stage a limited number of people have accepted the online prayer approach with open arms. But, amid the global pandemic, there has been a sudden increase in prayer app downloads.

The new normal scenarios have transformed the religious community completely. When the world is dealing with the fear of Coronavirus, new ways for religious gatherings are introduced with the online prayer app development. 

What is the Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Prayer Platforms?

Religious people pay attention to YouTube, Zoom, Instagram, Facebook, and other customized online prayer spaces. We have already witnessed a massive increment in such app downloads. An enormous range of people across the globe are taking active participation in digital prayer meetings when they are not allowed to gather physically. 

Digital prayer platforms have gained traction as different religious centers have realized the usability of digital innovation. This way, the online traffic on prayer platforms has got a sudden hike. Technology has become a utility for many people. Initially, digital innovation was considered as a tool that simplifies people’s lives in multiple ways. But, the growing popularity of online prayer platforms has proved that it has become a utility too.   

Apart from Christianity, many other religions are supporting the new way of joining religious events. With the incredible support of such spiritual entities, millions of churches across the globe are all set to join the digital platform via Church App Development.

What are the most popular online prayer platforms?

Online prayer platforms have not declined the traditional approach of religious gatherings but have introduced a new way to overcome the challenging situation. Tech innovation has dropped any barriers in people’s lives to follow their spiritual beliefs. No pandemic or natural disasters can decline spiritual growth as technological advancement is there to provide an easy way for almost everything.

If you are willing to invest your hard-earned money in online prayer app development, here are some ways you can achieve it.

Mobile Apps

Today mobile applications have gained massive popularity as it provides an ease to perform various tasks. People are using mobile apps for their every need. They are fascinated with the on-door service provided by single mobile applications. People  are just a few clicks away from buying their favorite meal to avail themselves of emergency services. 

From food delivery apps to telemedicine applications people are using digital services at a large scale.A versatile religious mobile app development ensures that devotees are not time-bound. They can make prayer anytime, anywhere, by downloading a single prayer application like a Bible app. It helps them to join online streaming and listen to religious podcasts. 

Below are some examples of an ideal religious app that you can follow to create your own. 

  • PrayerMate
  • Namojer Samoy
  • Buddhify


The website allows you to add key pieces of information, which includes calendars, community bulletins, blog posts, sharing live streaming videos, and much more. Moreover, you can optimize your website so that it can be visible to a broader audience. You can opt for SEO services to rank your website on top of the Search engine search. Also, website development is a cost-effective option. You can add a bulk of information, fully customize it as per the user’s needs, and showcase the content in a bigger space. 

The most popular religious websites are as follows:

  • BibleGateway
  • Islam Way
  • Jain World

eChurch Mobile Apps

eChurch applications are pretty the same as smart TV, but they support a specific religion, Christianity. These applications are convenient for Churchgoers and no-goers to receive the church services via these types of applications. Investing in church app development is also a great idea to serve those who follows chritianity.

How to Develop Your Online Prayer Website?

Do know, in recent years, approximately 21.5 million people have visited their preferred prayer platform. If you don’t have a website till now, start thinking about it today. It is high time and ultimately the right time to grab the opportunity. Today, people are forced to stay indoors, but their dedication and faith toward god have not declined. They are joining the new way to worship God and stay connected with their preferred religious centers to do timely prayer. 

What are the Core Features That Should Be Added to Online Prayer Platforms?

Every application must have some features to grab the user’s attention and build a strong customer relationship. As we have discussed, some online prayer platforms are already available for users. Offering standard features will not work out to make your app stand out.

Here are some common features provided by online prayer platforms:


It is a must-have feature that enables users to navigate the app and use its features. Under this feature, users can register themselves using their name, phone no. and email Id. Most applications ask users to fill up a detailed form and mention valid details to complete the registration process. Here, it is recommended to simplify the registration process and easily register themselves with less effort.

Live Video Streaming

This is the crucial feature of the prayer application where users can join the prayers scheduled daily. They can experience the live video streaming and join the event right on the time it started. This approach is  the most convenient way to make a balance between physical and virtual prayer.

Payment Integration

The majority of religious entities support non-profit paths and ask for donations for timely maintenance of the spiritual centers. Amid the pandemic, some religious segments have started funds to help people in need. After all, religion is the only entity that supports humanity not gender, colour complexion , caste, or financial status. The payment integration with a robust and secure gateway allows users to raise funds for a noble cause.

Push Notifications

This feature is best to keep users updated about the coming event. They can always receive messages or alerts regarding the next video streaming, online meet, and many other spiritual events that are going to happen. This feature is best to enhance user engagement and convince users to install the application on their smartphones.

Social Media Integration

Taking an example of Churchhome, which is going the same way, integrates social media platforms in the app. The social media connectivity enables the live session option, which can be used to schedule online prayers.

Support Chatbot

How can we ignore the power of AI and ML while talking about mobile app development? The multi-purpose online prayer application allows many options like chatting and talking with your friends. To simplify the user’s interaction, chatbots are used. They are best to offer a personalized and human-like experience. Users can plan real-time chat using the chatbot feature.


To make your app user-friendly that meets the user’s expectations, it’s better to work on user’s feedback. Implement a feedback option where users can share their experience and rate your app as per their experience. This option helps app owners to make real-time changes as per the likes and dislikes of the app users. This is the best way to make specific improvements to your app.

Final Thought!

The features mentioned above are the must-have factor for a successful mobile application. While planning to develop digital prayer platforms, it is a must to consider such features. Ensure that your app is offering all the features and functionalities that an ideal app does. Avoiding any key factor can take away your leads. Users don’t want to keep an application on their phone that does not fulfill their requirements. 

You can hire an online prayer app developer from an experienced agency who can build custom applications tailored to the user’s needs. Professional developers can help you to develop applications that fulfills user’s expectations. As you already know, there are already numerous prayer apps available. If you are investing in it for the first time, ensure that you offer a unique feature that separates you from others.

Hiring talented and experienced developers can assist you throughout the app development process. Also, if you’re from a non-technical background then it will be your key resource to make your project successful. Share your requirements and app ideas with a professional app developer and let them help you to deal with the complexities occurring in developing such apps. 

Author’s Bio:

Tom Hardy is a certified and skilled mobile app developer at Sparx IT Solutions. He is capable of developing complex apps tailored to different requirements. Apart from developing advanced applications, he also likes reading and writing informative blogs. 


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