Top 4 Things You Need to Consider Before Purchasing Outdoor Curtains

As a homeowner, do you want to invest in high-quality outdoor curtains to enhance the beauty and aesthetic value of your home? You might think that purchasing outdoor curtains for your backyard is a straightforward step. However, there are tons of different factors that you need to consider. The outdoor curtains you purchase will last for a couple of years. Hence, you need to select the perfect one. Don’t forget that outdoor curtains come with tons of benefits.

Whether you’re purchasing outdoor curtains to stay protected from UV rays or pollution, there are multiple things to consider including quality, length, color, lining, and design. Additionally, you also need to determine whether you want to purchase ready-made or tailored outdoor curtains.

You don’t need to be overwhelmed. Here are the top 4 factors that you need to consider while purchasing outdoor curtains.


This is the first consideration you have to make. We’re placing fabric as the number one consideration because it will increase the breathability of the covered area. Choosing high-quality fabric is extremely important to ensure the appearance and effectiveness of your patio curtainsIf you choose heavy fabric, it will spill onto the entire area. On the other hand, the light fabric doesn’t stay close together. Hence, the light fabric won’t provide 100% protection against sunlight. Besides, some particular fabric enhances the air circulation while some can be too suffocating. Some fabric also increases allergies and dust collection.

The Material

The second important thing you need to consider while purchasing outdoor curtains is the material. Most homeowners prefer using a combination of linen and light airy cotton during the summer days. This type of material is extremely effective at making the place cooler. As per Canningvale, linen allows more airflow. Outdoor window curtains work best in cotton, silk, velvet, linen, and faux. If blocking the sunlight is your primary concern, consider choosing thick and insulating material.

Curtain Lining and Length

Before you start selecting the fabric, determine how high you’re going to install your outdoor curtains. Remember that some curtains cannot be placed beyond a specific height. Hence, be careful while choosing the outdoor curtains. Here’s how you can measure the height:

  • Start measuring from the window. Take the measurements from the top of the window to the bottom.
  • Check the length of the curtains that have touched the floor. This way you can easily line the skirting.
  • Consider adding 8 inches of width on both sides with an additional 2 inches for a fuller look for the curtain. This will ensure the proper functionality of the outdoor curtains.

Home Washing or Dry Cleaned

This point might sound unimportant, but not considering the maintenance of your outdoor curtains will affect your purchasing process. Does the outdoor curtain only support dry washing? Or the material is strong enough for both dry washing and machine washing? Most high-quality outdoor curtains come with dry-cleaning options. Remember that home washing might ruin the quality of the outdoor curtains.


These are the 4 points you need to consider while purchasing outdoor curtains. Upon considering these, you can purchase great outdoor curtains for your home. And if you need help, consider contacting us.


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