Top Team Bonding Activities To Try For Your Team

Team Bonding

A successful team is more effective, successful, and successful – not to mention calmer and more enjoyable to work with! But forming a team at work may be significantly challenging since regular team-building exercises raise eyebrows more than high-fives.

Workplace team-building activities are indeed the way to go, whether you were hired to organise some team-building efforts or believe your company simply needs to gather and do something enjoyable. There are several options for online team-building exercises, even if your workforce is dispersed. We’ve searched the internet for the best fun team-building activities for the office to help you laugh, learn, and engage with your team. These team bonding in Singapore range from simple team-building exercises to problem-solving tasks.

Zombie Escape

Enter a conference room or other unoccupied area with the team, then “lock” the door. Choose one team member in advance to portray the zombie, complete with dead eyes, extended arms, and “braaaiiinnnsss” mumbling. With one foot of room for movement, the volunteer zombie will be fastened to the rope in the room’s corner. 

Every five minutes after the team exercise has begun, a foot is added to the length of the rope holding back the ravenous zombie. The live team members must work through a series of riddles or clues to discover the secret key that will unlock the door and let them escape before it’s too late since the zombie will soon be able to reach them.

Singapore Heritage Trail

Explore and enjoy Lion City’s hidden beauties. The players will first be put into teams and given a map to numerous checkpoints in the manner of an incredible race. When they arrive at the checkpoint, they will be greeted by a Jambar staff member and given several challenges to perform within the allotted time. These puzzles are mainly made to revolve around the local way of life and Singapore’s famous cuisine! You may personalize Jambar’s Singapore Heritage Trail to suit your tastes.

Running Man Challenge

The Running Man Challenge introduces Singapore’s immensely popular South Korean game show. This activity is guaranteed to be a favorite with both fans of the TV program and beginners alike since it has cooperative tasks that put a fresh spin on team building. As they run from station to station, acquiring points, teams participating in the Running Man Challenge compete in unique, participatory, and unexpectedly tricky events. In this strange and chaotic team bonding in Singapore, you may enjoy games like Shake It Off, Collect the Items, Red Flag, Blue Flag, and others.


A weekly email quiz called QuizBreaker helps you understand your team better. After answering some amusing icebreaker questions, they must guess who provided which response. For instance, who stated that Game of Thrones is their all-time favorite series—Sarah or Rob? Simply invite each team member to join your QuizBreaker account, then ask them to complete at least five icebreaker questions. 


Employees can better comprehend one another’s skills, limitations, and interests after participating in team-building exercises together. The games mentioned above are some of the best ways to enhance the teamwork and trust of your team members. With this knowledge, they may collaborate even more effectively on future advancements crucial to a firm. Positive workplace culture is established when everyone gives their best effort.