Video Interview Software: A Short Guide for Recruiters 2024

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Summary: The popularity of video communication tools is increasing rapidly in the current business world. As a result, the video interview software has become a well-known tool in the recruitment industry. Many recruiters rely on this software to simplify their candidate interviewing process. Continue reading the blog further to learn more about this powerful tool!


You must have heard about video conferring tools like Skype and Teams, but have you heard about video interview software? If not, you have clicked on the right blog! Here, we will discuss everything about this new-age software specifically designed with recruitment in mind. So, let us get started!

What does the video interview software exactly mean?

Video interviewing software is a tool recruiters use to interview candidates virtually. In other words, potential candidates can be anywhere in the world, and recruiters can use the interviewing software to interview them. 

Unlike video conferencing tools, video interviewing software offers numerous advanced features such as feedback, taking notes, etc. You can use all these features to make recruitment easier for candidates and your HR team.

Organizations that use the interview software to hire candidates report the software helped them save time and resources. It is because when you do not rely on advanced automated features offered by modern recruitment tools, you waste a lot of time and money optimizing your candidate screening process. 

But once you have adopted a modern hiring tool for your business, you do not have to worry about any challenges coming your way. You can conveniently combine interviewing software with the ATS system to automate recruitment. 

Once you use these tools together, you will experience many positive changes in your entire hiring process. From identifying top talent to onboarding candidates, the best video interview software combined with ATS functionalities can manage it all!

How can the video interview software help your business?

Many reasons motivate recruiters to use video interview software during their job openings. Here are the four key reasons why an interviewing tool can be helpful for your business organization:

  • Increased reach

Earlier, recruiters had limited reach and used to hire candidates who lived in the same city, region, or country. But this is not the case anymore! As a recruiter, you can use video interviewing software to screen and hire candidates worldwide. 

All you need to do is decide on a fixed time that suits both of you and conduct an online interview using the interviewing software. This way, the software will allow you to expand your reach and hire candidates from a diverse talent pool.

  • Saved hiring costs

Conducting face-to-face interviews with so many candidates is not only a time-consuming task, but it is expensive too. It is because recruiters have to spend a lot on transportation, logistics, accommodations, snacks, etc., that they have to offer to the job applicants. 

However, video interviewing software can cut down on these costs as you only need the best video interviewing software and a good internet connection to schedule and conduct multiple interviews.

  • Saved time

Sending long emails to multiple applicants and making follow-up or reminder calls demands too much time. All these steps associated with the interview scheduling process will also increase the time-to-hire. 

As a result, businesses do not get the chance to fill their job vacancies quickly. In this situation, interviewing software can use built-in email templates and automated reminder features to reduce the time-to-hire.

  • Screen candidates effectively 

You will be surprised to learn that besides scheduling flexible interviews, you can also use the video interview software to screen multiple candidates. Yes, you read that right! Many advanced interviewing tools allow recruiters to conduct online skill assessments. 

This way, recruiters can find qualified candidates for their open roles quickly. Moreover, they can build a vast database of qualified candidates to meet their future hiring needs.

Video interview software: Three best Features to know! 

Recruiters use many video communication and conferencing tools to engage with job applicants. However, these tools cannot be considered video interview software. That is because video communication tools were designed to make communication with distant friends and relatives easy. 

Although many companies use these tools, they were not designed to ease professional communication. On the other hand, video interviewing software has more advanced features and functionalities. That is why it is best to use this specialized software, as it can make interviewing easy for recruiters. 

Below are some of the features of the interviewing software that set it apart from the regular video communication tools: 

  • Record questions in advance

When using the free video interview software, you do not have to ask the same questions from all the candidates repetitively. You can use the software’s recording feature to record the interview questions in advance. This way, you only have to send the pre-recorded questions to the candidates and wait for them to answer at their own pace. 

  • Smooth collaboration

A single recruiting professional alone cannot manage all the candidates in the recruitment funnel. Moreover, one HR manager cannot conduct multiple interviews with candidates. But luckily, the video interview understands the importance of teamwork and collaboration in boosting hiring efficiency. 

That is why the software provides easy access to the candidate recordings to all the recruiting team members. This way, the hiring team members can collaborate and make the best hiring decisions.

  • Integration with ATS

The entire hiring process becomes easy and quick when you use the video interview software with an ATS. Moreover, an ATS combined with the interviewing tool will make a powerful tool that will automate all hiring tasks from start to finish. These tasks include resume screening, sending offer letters, data storage and management, candidate engagement, etc.

List of challenges when choosing an interview software

Many software options are available in the market. All of them have different costs, features, and approaches. In this situation, the power to decide the right video interview software for your business is in your hands. But sometimes, you might face challenges when selecting the right interviewing software from many options. Here are some possible problems that might arise:

  • Problems in scheduling interviews

Sometimes, you and the candidates they want to interview are not from the same country. It usually happens when you are hiring international candidates for your open roles. In this case, scheduling and conducting the video interview across different time zones can become challenging. That is because such situations may also lead to availability issues. 

By this, we mean that there might be situations when you and the candidate fail to decide on a mutual interview timing. Consider choosing a video interviewing software with easy scheduling tools to avoid such cases. Doing so will allow you to send interview invitations to candidates conveniently and reschedule the interview whenever needed.

  • Technical difficulties and connectivity issues

Remember, video interview software is not compatible with every device, and it will only work on devices with which it is compatible. Moreover, the software will only work when you have connected your device to a high-speed internet connection. Therefore, sometimes, you might experience technical glitches when using the software due to a weak internet connection.

These glitches can result in poor video and audio quality during the interview. It will not only disturb your flow but also affect your image in the eyes of the candidate. Therefore, investing in reliable interview software will always benefit you as reliable software can function properly even if the internet speed is slow.

  • Issues in integration with other software

All recruiters use many online tools and other hiring software such as applicant tracking systems (ATS), online job boards, online calendars, social media platforms, and more to perform various hiring tasks. But imagine if you cannot use these tools only because your video interview software does not integrate with them.

Thus, you must look for integration features before investing in interviewing software. This way, you can eliminate all inaccuracies you would otherwise have encountered because of manual input of hiring data. 

  • Difficulty in using complicated features

You will fail to use video interviewing software with complicated features properly. In other words, you and applicants in the hiring pipeline can get frustrated if the video interview software is not easy to use. Not only this, but non-user-friendly software can also result in inaccuracies and misunderstandings.

Final thoughts

Now that you have a brief understanding of the video interview software, you must have realized the importance of adding this new-age software to your hiring tech stack. Doing so will not only boost the speed of your hiring process but also increase the chances of getting the best-quality hires.

You also can experience these positive changes in your recruitment process. Do you know how? By investing in ATS software by Pitch N Hire! Try combining our interview software with our ATS for enhanced hiring outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1- What are the two different types of video interviews?

Ans. Usually, there are two main types of video interviews. First are live or synchronous interviews, and second are the pre-record or asynchronous interviews. In live interviews, employers connect with the candidates face-to-face over the Internet. On the other hand, there is no virtual face-to-face interaction in pre-recorded interviews.

Q2- What is a virtual interview platform? 

Ans. A virtual interview platform, also called an online interview platform, is a virtual space where interviewers interact and engage with candidates through video chat. Business owners who wish to streamline their traditional interviewing process can conveniently utilize the virtual interview platform. By doing so, they can screen a high volume of candidates quickly and effectively. 


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