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Online Assessment

Summary: Since many organizations use an online assessment for job interview modules, it becomes essential for jobseekers to prepare well for these tests. Many job seekers in the US economy are not familiar with the online assessment test method. But preparing for these tests is not as difficult as it may seem. Read the blog to learn more!


Every business organization uses an online assessment for job interviews to ensure candidates are perfect matches for their open roles. These assessment tests allow recruiters to evaluate the skills, knowledge, and personality of the candidates who apply for jobs. Besides knowing some tips and strategies to prepare and pass these tests, you must have a brief understanding of them. 

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Why is an online assessment for job interviews popular?

Online assessment for job interviews, also known as a candidate assessment tool, helps hiring professionals judge a candidate’s capabilities. In other words, these virtual tests determine whether a candidate is qualified for the role. The goal of companies behind taking online assessments is to determine the working style, knowledge, and skills of potential candidates.

If you are a job seeker in the USA, you must know how to pass online assessment tests. It is because the test results will decide whether you will get hired for the position you applied for. Many US organizations use pre-employment assessment tests during the candidate screening or interview round to make more informed hiring decisions. Moreover, these tests help them save time and money while ensuring good quality hires.

When you apply for a job, the employer might ask you to take an online assessment for job interview:

  • With your job application.
  • After reviewing your application or before taking your interview.
  • During your interview.

Usually, employers ask the candidates to take an assessment before interview so that they can interview only the qualified candidates. And since online assessment tests happen virtually and there is no in-person interaction, employers use candidate assessment tools or assessment software to take the tests.

Why is an online assessment for job interview popular?

Traditionally, employers used to take pen-and-paper assessments to screen candidates. But this method has many drawbacks. On the other hand, online assessment for job interviews is a more convenient option for candidates and employers. Besides easy access to candidates, online assessments also score candidates quickly and that too with complete accuracy. 

This way, hiring professionals can access the assessment results instantly and move to the next hiring step. Here are some more reasons behind the increasing popularity of online assessment for job interviews:

  • Candidates can take online assessments anytime and anywhere, and they do not have to go to the office location. This way, they can save the time and money that they would otherwise spend on traveling.
  • Online assessments automatically evaluate the results in a short period. This automated evaluation saves the employer’s time and money.
  • Assessment tests help employers evaluate a large volume of candidates during the pre-selection process of hiring.

How is an online assessment for job interviews developed?

Usually, an online assessment for job interview consists of several tests or questionnaires you have to complete. You do not need to take all the online assessment tests in one go, as you can take breaks between the online tests. Moreover, you can decide the test order in which you want to do the tests. Some of the online assessment tests include:

  • Performance or aptitude tests to measure abilities.
  • Personality questionnaires to judge personality.
  • Knowledge or skill tests to determine professional knowledge and skills.

Each test will have different questions, but questions will be related to the role you have applied for. However, some tests, such as personality, memory, and concentration tests, have the same questions as these tests are common in every role. It is because a strong memory, great personality, and concentration skills are basic requirements for every job. 

However, the questions in other tests, such as aptitude and knowledge tests, will be different depending on the role. For example, if you have applied for a content writer position in a company, you might be asked to give a written test where the employer will evaluate your writing skills.

How to prepare for an online assessment for job interview?

Online career aptitude tests not only help employers determine your abilities and know your interests, but they also help you judge what you are capable of. In other words, these tests will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you can use these tests to explore different career options and choose the one in which you are genuinely interested. 

However, even if you have all the hard and soft skills required for the job, you still need to prepare for an aptitude test for job interview. Good preparation is the best way to ensure you do not make common mistakes. Moreover, it can increase your chances of performing well in the tests and getting hired for the role. 

Here are the three best tips that can help you prepare well for an online assessment for job interview: 

  • Be honest and confident

Honesty and confidence matter a lot, not just in online job assessment tests but also in every other test. However, if we talk about job assessments, in particular, employers always appreciate candidates who are honest and confident. Thus, try to be as transparent and confident as possible. 

You can do this by not unnecessarily exaggerating your skills to pass the test and being truthful and consistent. Always remember that you will make a negative first impression on the employer by not being truthful. It can also affect your job selection. 

Therefore, if you do not know the answer to a question, you should rather skip the question instead of using any unfair practices. It is the best way to be candid and reveal your true self to the employer!

  • Prepare in advance 

An online assessment for job interview demands you to have professional-level knowledge and skills. Although it is not an academic exam, you should still prepare for it in advance. All employment positions have different questions in their online assessment. However, all roles or careers have some common skill requirements. 

These skills include basic digital literacy, good vocabulary, basic math, logical reasoning, and reading ability. Thus, if you practice sample questions in advance, you will better understand the format of the test and the difficulty level of the questions. It will not only boost your confidence but will also improve your speed and accuracy while giving the online assessment. 

  • Know your goals and test format

You cannot just give the online assessment without having a reason or goal behind it. By this, we mean that the online assessment for job interview you are taking should be related to your career interest, and it should benefit your professional life. Thus, before taking the assessment test, have a long-term goal in mind and ask yourself questions like where will this test lead me? 

Besides this, you should also know the format of the test you are taking and the type of questions that might come in it. An understanding of the test’s instructions, time limit, and scoring system will enable you to perform better.

How is the online assessment test result evaluated?

After completing the online assessment for job interview, all you have to do is wait for the final result. But the question here is, how do employers evaluate the online assessment test result? Every company has its own scoring rules and method to calculate the test score. However, there is one scoring method commonly practiced by many organizations. 

This method is that you will get one point for each correct answer and one point deduced for every wrong answer. And lastly, all the points are calculated to give you the final score. The HR or any other company’s employer where you applied for the job will soon get back to you with the assessment test result. 

If you successfully pass the test, the HR professional will take your application further. But if you did not perform well in the online assessment, you might get rejected in the pre-selection round only.


Preparing for an online assessment for job interview demands hard work and dedication. But if you remember the tips discussed in this blog, you can maximize your chances of passing online assessment tests. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- What is the assessment interview process? 

An online assessment for job interview process is a type of screening process employers take to judge a candidate’s abilities with the utmost ease. Employers can call the candidates in the office for the assessment interview process or conduct the process online. Whatever the method, this process will help the employer decide whether the candidate is suitable for the open position.

2- How much time will I get for an interview assessment?

Companies usually give a week’s time to candidates to complete all the tests. So you can decide which test you want to give on which day. However, you should complete all the assessment tests before the deadline given to you by the employer. But in some cases, you might be asked to complete the assessment in one single day. So, beware of that as well!

3- How do I pass an interview assessment test?

Listed below are some of the tips that can help you pass an interview assessment test:

  • Familiarize yourself with the assessment’s time limit, scoring method, types of questions, and number of questions.
  • Take similar tests and review test material to practice well for the online assessment for job interview.
  • Ensure you have a working laptop or computer with a reliable internet connection before you sign up for the assessment test.


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