Salesforce is a highly competitive platform used by over 150,000 organizations worldwide, including some of the major Fortune 100 companies. With its high-tech expertise and technology, it has been benefitting numerous brands and their business operations; however, to get the most out of this comprehensive platform, you require a professional who understands Salesforce and has studied its deep concepts of it.

For this, a Salesforce Consultant is the right fit for the job because this experienced individual will handle your projects efficiently and enhance your business’s overall profitability by offering greatly valuable solutions to your team and service to your customers. Let’s learn more about a Salesforce Consultant.

What is a Salesforce Consultant?

A Salesforce Consultant is a professional who assists a business in utilizing all the facilities and solutions offered by Salesforce CRM. With their creativity, communication, and business skills, they will help design and maintain the Salesforce ecosystem. Furthermore, by managing the operational flows, configuration, application design, testing, and deployment, a Salesforce consultant helps a business grow exceptionally, eliminating every possible barrier.

Not only this, they have donned multiple hats by using technology to bring growth and development opportunities for the business. A salesforce consultant can be hired within a company or outsourced as an external consultant, depending on the company’s requirements.

Note: Even though a complete Salesforce consulting team is required for your business to show faster and better results if you are in the beginning phase of operating Salesforce, a Salesforce consultant Services or administrator can assist you in passing you through this difficult tunnel.

What does a salesforce consultant do?

A salesforce consultant is not only an expert who understands the core of the Salesforce platform but has accurate knowledge of business operations and several managerial and communication skills that bring the best out of this latest tech-savvy platform. The job of a salesforce consultant consists of several major roles and responsibilities.

Salesforce Consultant

Here are some of the managerial responsibilities that a Salesforce Consultant has:

  • Need Assessment & Designing the Solution: A Salesforce consultant must analyze the company, its scope of improvement and growth, and the organization’s current usage. Based on the complete assessment, they are responsible for designing and proposing a useful solution to eliminate those identified issues.
  • Advising and Implementation: A Salesforce consultant provides guidance and advice to improve the platform. They propose a solution and are responsible for working alongside the team to implement the solution. It can be configuring Salesforce, its customization, and integration to other systems.
  • Managing the Project: A Salesforce consultant manages projects, timelines, deliverables, and budgets. These projects hugely impact the company, its profitability, and customer service.
  • Training & Support: They will also offer training to the team members and teach them how to use the new solution. They also give continuous support to ensure the solution meets the organization’s needs over time.
  • Collaboration: They are also responsible for working with the stakeholders across the company to ensure that the solution is well-aligned with the company’s overall work strategy.

NOTE: If you are worried about the cost of hiring the Salesforce consultant, then here’s a bubble breaker. The cost can differ from various factors, such as the type of engagement you choose and the consultant’s location. The cost is counted on 3 factors: fixed cost, hourly basis, and a monthly retainer.

Is the Demand for Salesforce Consultants High?

If the recent research works, trends, and industry reports are to be believed, Salesforce has become one of the largest and most technologically-advanced CRM platforms. Also, its demand and popularity are expected to grow as organizations and companies shift to this cloud-based platform for all their sales, customer service, and marketing management operations. Due to this, the demand for Salesforce consultants is scalably growing year by year. However, the supply is less. The demand is expected to stay strong and high in 2022 and the upcoming years.

There is a high demand for Salesforce experts. To verify the statement, the organization analyzed over 50,000 vacancies and found that Salesforce Consultants witnessed a 5.5% demand in the companies surpassing the demand for Lightning and CPQ.

Furthermore, we cannot deny that Salesforce has grown exceptionally well in the past few years. Serving the best of its smart technology, it has served more than 150,000 businesses around the globe. Numerous research data represent that the emergence of Salesforce has brought unlimited growth for organizations. The more organizations begin using Salesforce CRM, the more they’ll require an experienced Salesforce consultant.

According to the statistics of Zippie, which analyzed a database of 30 million profiles, it concluded that over 6,400 salesforce consultants are employed in the United States (October 2022 data). It also claimed that Salesforce consulting services are the most ‘in-demand’ service in New York and is slowly taking the world by storm.

Overall, the current statistics and market trends suggest that the demand for the role of a Salesforce consultant is high and will only spike shortly.

Can a salesforce consultant benefit a business or organization?

A Salesforce Consultant plays a pivotal role in assisting organizations in maximizing their investment value in Salesforce. Like Salesforce CRM makes your business operations easy, a salesforce consultant makes sure that all the solutions offered by the platform reach you profitably.

Here’s how a Salesforce consultant can help develop your business by accessing Salesforce CRM:

  • Businesses may have several loopholes that can be filled because a Salesforce consultant analyzes your operations and comes up with a solution to dissolve those issues that might harm your business profit.
  • They assist in enhancing the efficiency of certain business processes.
  • They make necessary arrangements to offer great service to your customers.
  • They customize the business strategies by analyzing your prime needs and implementing useful strategies to tailor service per your specific needs.
  • They can monitor customer relationships with their communication and business skills to develop more sales strategies.

Skills You Must Look Into The Salesforce Consultant

To hire a Salesforce consultant for your team, you must establish the groundwork first, clarifying your business goals and needs. Furthermore, before beginning the hiring process, you must have a proper idea of your candidate’s skills and experience.

Skills & Capabilities to look for while Scrolling Through a Candidate Profile.

  1. Certifications: First and foremost, your candidate must have a certification in consultancy, implementation, etc., along with 3-4 years of experience, depending upon the ambit of your projects.
  2. Technical Skills: Technical skills involve having proficiency in Salesforce APIs, Lightning, Visualforce and Apex many other Salesforce applications. It would help if you looked for a candidate with analytical skills to interpret or analyze data, identify loopholes and patterns, and recommend solutions.
  3. Soft Skills: Along with technical skills, a basic understanding of problem-solving, professionalism, communication, decision-making, and handling pressure are quite essential in any candidate.
  4. Check their Background and Milestones: Your candidate must have basic programming knowledge. Look for their achievements in previous work roles to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and overall performance. Look for qualities that determine whether your candidate can handle a great project.
  5. Look for Recommendations and Verifications: To verify the skills and milestones, you can contact the previous organizations of the candidate and ask them about their performance.


The demand for Salesforce Consultants is scalably spiking with time. However, the current trends suggest that the demand for Salesforce consultants increases daily. Salesforce consultants are professionals who have extensive experience in this well-known CRM. 70% of businesses adopt Salesforce CRM, which is how Salesforce Consultant demand increases. Salesforce consultants will help you to take maximum advantage of Salesforce Capabilities. They will assist you in integration, customization, implementation, managed services, and more. If you want advice to optimize your Salesforce platform? Contact Cyntexa experts for Sureshot and helpful salesforce consulting services.

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