11 Essential Features to Have for On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

With people’s increased use and reliance on the internet, it’s become a great hub for delivering all kinds of on-demand services. Online grocery delivery apps are one of them in the on-demand business. In times of pandemic, people are opting for online grocery shopping instead of visiting the store. As a result, all grocery shop owners are intending to move their businesses online in order to increase their customer base and overall profitability.

If you are planning for an on-demand grocery delivery app development, now is a perfect time. If you want to make a top-notch grocery delivery app that users will enjoy, you’ll need some outstanding features to impart into your on-demand grocery delivery system.

In today’s post, we have mentioned a list of 11 must-have features for the on-demand grocery delivery application.

1. Easy Sign-up Process

It is the most important feature because it is the initial step a customer goes through. Your consumers will be able to effortlessly create an account on the app with the secure sign-in and sign-up feature. In addition, allow users to join up with social network accounts such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others throughout the signup process. This would increase the number of users using your on-demand grocery delivery app.

2. Advanced Search Bar

Hundreds of products are available on the grocery delivery app. Hence, customers may find it challenging to select from thousands of options. Hence, It is preferable to offer filters to make browsing easier and more straightforward. Providing consumers with a more advanced search option that provides them with a shortlist of things that are frequently sold or sought for home necessities will assist them in forming a shopping list. Users can easily add their selected products to the cart thanks to the numerous sorting options available.

3. Recommendations

The user’s app experience will be greatly enhanced by the recommendation section. Add a feature that allows users to save products to their favorites list. Furthermore, it will enable businesses to have a deeper understanding of their consumers’ activities and provide them with more personalized services.

You should also add a popular section where you may display all of the most popular products. This functionality responds to the same needs like online shopping: customization and convenience.

4. Product Comparison

Customers seek the greatest deal on a specific item, which is why the product comparison function is so important. The majority of shoppers begin their buying experience by examining and comparing various products, including quality, pricing, and customer reviews.

By introducing this function, customers may simply search and compare products without having to exit the app. These are excellent features that enhance client satisfaction and encourage them to use your app more frequently.

5. Add to Cart Option

While building an on-demand grocery delivery solution, one of the most important features that you need is the Add to Cart option that will enable users to create a list of products that they want to buy. Having a large add to cart option will allow the user to purchase that item with just a tap. The total value of the shopping cart will also be presented at the top with this functionality, allowing you to keep track of the total shopping cart invoice.

In addition, allow your users to share their shopping list with family members, who can add or remove things. You must also include a reorder feature that enables users to reorder from their order history with just a few taps, eliminating excessive time. This will set your app apart from competing grocery apps.

6. Multiple Secure Payment Options

Grocery shopping is a routine task, and it is critical for a grocery delivery app to give maximum convenience to its clients by providing a variety of flexible and secure payment choices. Since customers are always looking for safe and secure payment options, the business owner should include multiple options using any accessible payment gateway or mobile wallet software services, such as GPay, Apple Pay, PhonePe, MasterCard, Credit or Debit Card, Internet Banking, and don’t forget Cash on Delivery options.

What’s more, the enterprise could integrate a feature such as Digital Point, which offers users reward points for each transaction to increase customer loyalty.

7. Push Notification

Including a push notification option in your app will ensure that your users receive timely app updates, such as offers, promotions, and discounts on products. This will increase the number of people who use your app. Moreover, push notifications are an excellent functionality that will assist service providers engage with their customers and encourage them to take appropriate actions.

8. Real-time Tracking

This is one of the best features which an on-demand delivery solution can have. This feature of the on-demand grocery delivery app enables customers to track the rider from the time they place an order until it gets to their door. With this feature, customers can track the status of their orders. It will ensure complete transparency from the moment it is delivered, through its projected arrival time, and until they receive it.

9. In-app Communication

Using the in-app communication feature, users can contact the riders and obtain an estimate on how long it will take to deliver. Open communication prevents inconsistencies and enables delivery personnel to contact users if they are having difficulty reaching the location.

10. Multilingual Support

The on-demand delivery solution must be available in several languages, enabling customers to use it in their preferred language. This makes your application more versatile and user-friendly for international customers.

11. Customer Reviews and Feedback

Genuine consumer evaluations and feedback are necessary for any app to achieve better popularity. Respond to consumer complaints as soon as possible, and fine-tune their app with on-demand upgrades. Customer feedback will highlight the app’s strengths and weaknesses.

By adding customer reviews and feedback tabs to your app will entrust your customers into your app and help you to improve the application performance and customer overall experience.

Bottom Line

Here, we have compiled a list of must-have features, as well as some helpful tips, to help you launch a successful on-demand grocery delivery app. The grocery delivery industry has a lot of potential, and you may capitalize on it by introducing a feature-rich app.

With the rise of e-commerce and online shopping, we can be sure that on-demand delivery apps will be here to stay. All you need to do now is hire mobile app developers to help you turn your grocery store into an online, on-demand business.

Author – Bio

Mushahid Khatri is the Chief Executive Officer of Yelowsoft, one of the leading On-demand delivery solution providers. He is a visionary leader who believes in imparting his profound knowledge that leans on business and entrepreneurship.


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