12 Best Early Learning Programs for Your Kids


All of us in India are adjusting to the new normal due to the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic that spread across the country in 2020. This is affecting our daily lives socially, financially and also in the field of education. As kindergartens and schools aren’t opening due to fear of the contagion, parents are finding it hard to find best online early learning programs for their preschool kids.

If you’re one such a parent, there’s nothing to worry about. In this article, I will be discussing the 12 best early learning programs for your kids. This list could help you find the best preschool, early learning program so that your kids can learn without the need of leaving the safety of your home.

These early learning programs are all from India. They would definitely help your kid to get ready for the school curriculum, despite learning from home. This list would also prove useful for working parents that wish to give the best for their child. With some of you working from home, you could use these online classes for your kids to gainfully engage them so that you can complete your tasks peacefully.

Advantages of Online Early Learning

Before proceeding to my list of 12 best early learning programs, I’ll highlight some of the advantages of online learning for your kid.

  • Online learning ensures your kids doesn’t lag in education.
  • Early learning programs prepare your kids for school
  • You can avoid any contagion from affecting your kids with online learning at home.
  • Kids remain gainfully engaged at home instead of wasting time on playing games.
  • Your kids can also master technology by using computers and smartphones for early learning.

As you can see from my above list, there’re at least five distinct advantages of online early learning for your kids. Therefore, I would suggest you choose from any of these best early learning programs.

12 Best Early Learning Programs for Your Kids

Surely, as a parent, you would love to give the best preschool or early learning program to your kid. Therefore, this curated list of the 12 best early learning programs could help you find the right one that’s within your budget and meets the needs of your child.

Disney. BYJU

Disney. BYJU is the best early learning program for your kids, if they’re between six and eight years of age. This program comes jointly from US-based global entertainment giant, Disney and India’s largest online education provider, BYJU.

All you need to do is download the Disney. BYJU app on your Android-based smartphone or iPhone, register and pay the necessary fees, which differ according to the early learning program. This is one early learning program that your kids would definitely enjoy. This is also an early learning program that’s popular abroad.


Vedantu offers early learning programs for your kids aged between three and six years as well as little older. Vedantu is also one of the most reputed online learning platforms in India. Their courses are based on the concept of “edutainment”, which means they aptly blend entertainment and learning.

Vedantu provides various modules for early learning. As a matter of fact, their early learning programs prepare your child for attending school from Standard-1 onwards, without the need to attend kindergarten. You can also assist your child in learning since these programs can be taken with flexible hours. Hence, they don’t interfere with your work from home schedules.


Mindseed offers superb early education and socialization program for your kids. Their programs are mainly customized to meet the needs of kids that’re between two years and six years of age. Additionally, they offer a wide selection of programs that are specially made for various age groups and learning patterns.

These early learning programs of Mindseed provide an on-hand curriculum that is geared for teaching children various essential life skills too. Such life skills include troubleshooting, creativity, urge to learn more and use of gainful imagination. Such life skills are taught with various exercises and homework for the preschool kid.

Kids Web India

Also ranking on my list of best an early learning program for your kids is Kids Web India. They offer excellent preschool courses and prepare your kid for schooling from Standard-1. They have an amazing preschool program that starts for kids aged between three and five years, six and eight years and higher, from six years to 11 years.

Additionally, if you’ve older kids, this website offers the Little Princes and Little Princesses categories for pre-teens. And for older children of 12 to 17 years age, they offer the Little Kings and Little Queens programs. All these preschool and primary, secondary school programs are online and can be done with flexible hours, as per convenience of the learner and their parents that could be working from home.

Klay School

One of the topmost providers of online early learning programs, Klay School offers courses that would meet and exceed the curriculum of regular, brick-and-mortar kindergartens. Therefore, they ensure that your kids are school ready. They’re also designed to help parents participate in the online learning alongside kids. This encourages a child to perform better with their programs.

Klay School hires a team of early education specialists to create such programs that help children between the ages of two years and six years to learn easily and get ready for attending school. Each of their program is customized to meet specific needs of your kids as well as every parent because Klay School believes that dads and moms should also participate in learning.

Our Play School

Our Play School calls itself India’s first online playschool. And it’s one of the best early learning websites for your kids. They have courses in four categories: ‘Squirrel’ for age group of two to four years, ‘Rabbit’ for kids between two and five years, ‘Koala’ for children between three and five years of age as well as ‘Kangaroo,’ for three to five years old kids. These programs come at different costs, with prices starting at Rs.1,199 per month.

At Our Play School, your kids will learn all preschool subjects through interactive games, such as learning alphabets, numbers and even general knowledge. They aim at making your kids school ready. And hence, their programs are fun and engaging for every kid and their parents too. Affordably priced, you could select the curriculum and package that best suits the needs of early learning for your kids.

Kindergarten Kids

Kids Learning App, as the name suggest is just for your kids. That’s because it is specially for kids between two years and six years of age. When you download Kids Learning App, you’ll definitely be surprised at the wonderful tutorials they provide. They teach everything from basic alphabets and numbers through interactive games. And poems and stories that’re easy for your kids to learn and memorize.

The Kids Learning App also contains several quiz contests for your kids. And preschoolers can also learn geometric patterns and algebra, that makes them ready for school at a tender age. This is one app you can’t afford to overlook if you’re looking for best early learning programs for your kids in 2021. Lessons on this app teach your kids all the basic skills and some life skills that they’ll find useful at school.

Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroo Kids provides online preschool education for children that’re between two and six years of age. They lay special emphasis on superb communications and pedagogic skills with their online courses. And Kangaroo Kids’ life skills program also includes emotional intelligence, general knowledge and IQ score building.

One of the advantages that you could look for with Kangaroo Kids are their interactive modules that keep help your kids. And Kangaroo Kids preschool programs are interesting enough to tempt parents to participate in them as well. Furthermore, your kid can have interactive sessions with online tutors at Kangaroo Kids. Therefore, I rate them among the best early learning programs in India.


Footprints provide preschool online classes to your kids if they’re between the ages of two and six years. Their online preschool courses not only cover the Indian kindergarten curriculum but also goes beyond to impart life skills that’ll prove vital for the future of your child. Their courses are meant for overall development of a child, by helping them to acquire emotional intelligence and have a high IQ as well as superb general knowledge.

Furthermore, you can discuss the specific needs of your child with their educational counselors and get a customized early learning program. To make things easier for parents, Footprints offers a limited trial of their course. And they offer 100 percent moneyback scheme if you’re unhappy with their course. They also offer 20 live streaming lessons per month. However, you can opt for more if you go for a customized program


Are you one of those millions of parents worldwide that believe learning should be fun and not boring? Do you wish to keep your child engrossed in studies? Then Flinto is just for you. They have preschool and early learning courses for your kids aged between 18 months to six years. They have interactive lessons that combine entertainment, quizzes and education all rolled in one, to give your kid a very positive learning experience.

Additionally, Flinto holds interactive storytelling sessions with tutors and kids. You will have access to some of their online tutors and get feedback about the performance of your kids. And your kids can also learn from recordings made by the top members of the Flinto faculty. Flinto claims that its programs help develop 16 core skills of your kids through their online preschool programs.

Mother’s Pride

Mother’s Pride is an online preschool that offers a lot of activities. They have an entire curriculum of preschool subjects that your child would have had to learn during two years at a Kindergarten. Instead, their preschool programs that combine fun, entertainment and education in a superb manner make your child ready to join any primary school in India. They also have a playschool that would ensure your kids get admissions to some top kindergarten.

Preschool programs at Mother’s Pride are for kids between two and five years of age. They also blend in several extracurricular activities as part of their syllabi. Your kid will learn various skills such as reciting poetry, writing short essays, performing Yoga, music, painting and other activities during their studies with Mother’s Pride. This is one of the top-notch preschool programs in India.

Canvas International School

And finally, Canvas International School also figures on my curated list of 12 best early learning programs for your kids. That’s because Canvas International School provides the right online learning ambience for kids of age between two and six years. Online tutors conduct fun games and extracurricular activities for your kids, with just one thing in mind: to make them excel at higher grades at school.

Canvas International School also conducts live sessions by guest faculty and educators for your kids. They have an online assessment system that allows parents to participate and learn strengths and weaknesses of their kids. Additionally, the school has counselors to guide both students and their parents where necessary. Your kids will have access to a vast library of digital books from their library.

In Conclusion

If you’re among those countless Indian parents that firmly believe your child shouldn’t suffer due to closure of regular kindergartens and preschool facilities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, select any online program from my above list. In fact, online learning is expected to be the order of the day during the foreseeable future since there seems to be no end to the Covid-19 pandemic despite availability of vaccines. As regular, brick-and-mortar schools continue to remain shut, the best option therefore for parents is to enroll their kids at an online one for preschool education. That would also help ensure that your kids are future ready while remaining protected against the deadly contagion.



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