Employee Gifting: Why and How to Implement It?

Employee Gifting
Employee Gifting

Workplace dynamics and relationships are changing, and they don’t look the same as they did a few years ago. Giving gifts is one way to bring a little intimacy and kindness to the workplace. Even after the Christmas season has passed, you can still impart some festive cheer to your staff.

Giving meaningful presents to your employees is a simple, high-impact way to express gratitude. Keep reading to learn more about employee gifting and why it’s good for your business.

Why you should consider employee gifting

Employees, like clients, play a critical part in the success of your company. Giving employee gifts is a terrific way to show your appreciation for all of your team’s hard work.

However, you need to be careful when choosing what you will gift to your employees. Definitely check out Hoppier’s team gifts ideas for work since they have a list that will fit any business type and budget range. If you want to impress them, take a good look at the list and then make a decision.

How to implement employee gifting

Let’s take a look at a few tips for employee gifting so that you can do this the right way from day one.

No gifts for superiors

Gifts should go down the supervisory reporting line, not upward, according to a reliable rule of thumb in the workplace. As a result, a boss or manager can offer gifts to direct reports, and employees can swap gifts laterally. Employees, on the other hand, generally shouldn’t present gifts to their bosses.

This restriction prevents employees from feeling obligated to buy gifts for those who sign their paychecks. Following this strategy helps to avoid the perception of a pay-for-service arrangement or the expectation of preferential treatment.

However, if there’s a particular occasion to commemorate, the entire staff may pool funds to buy a group gift for a manager or business owner.

Avoid gifting during performance review periods

When it comes to distributing gifts at work, it’s all about the timing. Giving your supervisor a gift right before your annual evaluation sends the wrong impression. While your intentions may be sincere, your actions may be construed as bribery.

Also, if you expect an internal position to become available for which you intend to apply, now is not the right time to shower recruiters and human resources officials with gifts.

Be professional even with employee gifting

Always think about how your gift choices in the workplace express your intentions. You should consider how the giver – as well as observers – could interpret your gift.

Avoid gifting personal stuff or items that normally aren’t permitted in the office like alcohol for example. Instead, invest in delicious gifts, appropriate books, or other gender-neutral items that professionally reflect your considerate intentions.

Be inclusive

No person wants to be forgotten during the holiday festivities as the year draws to a close. Consider hosting an end-of-year celebration with a gift exchange that is accessible to everyone who wants to join. 

A little mirth can be just the thing to lift your spirits this holiday season. A gift exchange, on the other hand, isn’t an excuse to give a cheap, poor present. When purchasing a gift for an office exchange, take your time to find something thoughtful and acceptable. This prevents the feelings of deception in the recipient.

How can your business benefit from employee gifting?

Giving gifts is good both for your co-workers and for you. However, did you know that your business as an organization can enjoy various benefits from gifting?

Positive impact

Small gestures, such as a gift card to a favorite music records shop, a bottle of BBQ sauce for that foodie employee, or a ticket to someone’s dream destination, all of these show that you care about who they are outside of work.

Improving someone’s morale in this way can help them have a better job experience and perhaps give their life more significance.

Productivity booster

You and your coworkers will inevitably be more successful if your workplace team is built on solid relationships between the employees and a network of support.

Efficiency and productivity are typically determined by how a group of employees collaborates. Taking time to express gratitude for people with whom you work will undoubtedly boost group collaboration.


You show that you care about the work you’re doing by expressing your gratitude to your coworkers or employees. Giving gifts communicates the importance of effort and the importance of working relationships.

Final words

It is clear that gifting can be great for everyone. You just have to figure out the right approach to employee gifting where both you and the employees will be satisfied with the end result.