5 Promotional Mistakes to Dodge when Launching a New Small Business

Small Business

Promotions can be a minefield to a new business. Your hopes are elevated, you have those creative juices flowing, and you are feeling inspired. But if this flops, it can leave a new entrepreneur deflated and at a loss with what to do next. We can help you avoid that feeling. Here are our five promotional mistakes to dodge when launching a new small business.

1.Un-Branded Content

So, you have set up your socials and your website, and you are ready to start creating your promotional content. Maybe you make a fantastic video which is shared far and wide across the internet – great. Hundreds of people have seen it, its professional and draws them in. Maybe it even goes viral. If it isn’t branded, those people can’t find you.

Add your logo and your handle or hashtag to every piece of content you create. From videos to blogs. It can be displayed as subtly or obviously as you like, just so long as it is there as a clear backlink to your business.

2. Ignoring Business Cards

Many digital businesses consider a business card as the last thing they need to do. In fact, it is a brilliant marketing tool that will serve you well as you grow. You can create branded business cards by following this link. Ensure you add your logo design, your web address and contact details, and possibly most importantly your social media handle so that your audience can follow your business and share any photos they have from interacting with you.

Use a business card like you are famous. Hand them out to customers and add them in packages you send out. Leave them with other businesses that support you and hand them to people who show interest in what you do.

A great use of business cards is to create a photo opportunity for your business. Hold a business event and offer somewhere that people can take photos to show they have interacted with you. This can be as simple as a large novelty photo frame or wall art. Ensure this is branded with your logo and hand each participant a business card. Ask them to share the photos and add your hashtag to help promote your business.

3. Paying for Content

A big mistake new business owners often make is paying for content they can create themselves. Of course writing blogs and articles is time-consuming so can be worthwhile to get a professional. However, images and poster templates are readily available for free. You can use royalty-free images from sites like UnSplash or Pexels. Plus, you can import these into poster templates on Canva, completely for free. Make a folder full of content that you can easily add to your social media daily to keep your socials active and, therefore, proactive.

4. Not Signing up to Google My Business

Small businesses don’t sign up to Google my Business. Quite simply, they probably do not know about it. It is a free business listing created by Google. It boosts your business and makes it far more visible than if you opt not to be on it. It is a great free tool and is super easy to sign up to. It will help you get to the top of Google search results too, which is brilliant.

5. Poor Customer Interaction

Own your business and be loud on social media. Respond to customers, be it on your posts or in private messages. If they have questions, answer them – well. If they leave a bad review, rectify the situation. This is your business – you are responsible for building a positive, successful aurora around what you do.

Now you have read these mistakes, perhaps there are more you have realised need your attention. Take careful notice of what works for you and what does not when you are setting out with promotions. Change what needs to be altered and build what works to create a business you can be proud of.


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