5 Ways to Upgrade Your Garage Door

Remote entry

Upgrading your garage door can add value to your home through its utility and appearance. This is usually one of the first things people see when arriving at your home that plays a crucial security role. If your garage door is bringing down the look of your facade, consider upgrading it. It should be the last frontier in home remodeling, offering curb appeal.

The right garage door offers an opportunity to give your home an instant facelift. By upgrading the garage door to capture your design vision, you can instantly transform your home look. However, consider the cost vs value for garage door upgrade since adding an upgrade to your home can get expensive. While replacing a garage door is a big decision, you don’t need to break a bank to transform your home. This article describes five ways you can upgrade your garage door without breaking a bank.

1. Remote entry

Use a smart garage strategy on your remote door by installing remote entry capability. Installing remote entry helps you feel at ease knowing you have control of your garage. Whether you need to let a family member or walk trainer into the garage, the technology makes it easy to open the door from a remote location. It allows family members to get into the garage without passing out keys to your front door.

Install remote entry as a security measure and a convenient way to operate the garage. You can open the garage door from the comfort of your house. For example, you can use your smartphone to open the garage door through remote technology. This way, you can control the garage while sitting in your living room.

However, installing a remote entry will demand strong Wi-Fi in your garage. A smart garage door will not work if the Wi-Fi network doesn’t reach it. If you are operating the door with your smartphone, you need to plug the Wi-Fi extender close to the garage to strengthen its reach and facilitate remote entry.

Remote entry can also entail using a keyless pad to gain access to the garage when you don’t have a remote control handy. Your children can use the access code to enter the garage and pick their bikes when you are away.

2. Battery backup

Battery backup

Your garage door can benefit from battery backup systems for home security. If your only access to the garage is through the garage door, upgrading with a backup battery is needed. It helps whenever the garage door cannot open and close smoothly to keep your family safe.

Some people face an imbalanced garage door and power outage that prevents their access to and from the garage. Climate change affects weather, rain, and wind, which may increase the risk of losing power. The benefits of having a backup include making your life simpler. An electric garage door is designed to replace manual door lifting that is usually heavy. However, the door may not function without electric power. With a battery backup, you ensure the garage is safe even when the power goes out.

If you experience constant power blackout, you need a battery backup to avoid being trapped. A backup battery gives you peace of mind knowing you can get in and out of your garage any time, even without power.

3. Garage door track

Garage door track

Install new garage door rails to improve their operational ability. A door track is found on either side of the garage door and above it, guiding it when opening or closing. They are the unseen workhorse that enables the garage door to function. A rack allows your garage door to operate freely, sliding up and down without obstruction. If the rack is chattering due to lack of lubrication, upgrade with new ones that will work without making noise.

Upgrading your door rack can prevent damage to the garage door and ensure the safety of your loved ones. Ensure you purchase a durable product made of high-strength materials to give your door insurance. When upgrading your door, consider crucial factors such as side room, headroom, and the height of the top section of your door.

4. Spring replacement

Upgrade the springs on your garage door for higher efficiency. Your garage door needs a system that balances and offsets its weight, which is achieved by installing adequate springs. They are essential for the smooth opening and closing of the garage door. However, they are likely to wear down over time and affect the garage door operation.

The springs do the lifting while providing balance to the door. Springs work together with openers to ensure the door opens and closes properly. You shouldn’t use your door opener with no springs as this affects the door balance. Therefore, replace your springs with durable ones to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly without breaking down. For example, a torsion spring-centered above the door helps it go up. These springs create the power to lift a garage door by turning and can last several years.

5.   Add windows

Add windows

Adding windows can transform your garage and heighten the appearance of your home. It creates an attractive curb that makes it more aesthetically pleasing. In most cases, adding windows provides a practical way of enhancing your home’s appearance.

Windows provide natural light that transforms your dark garage into a bright place to enjoy. The lack of natural light can be a problem if you use a garage for a home office. Place them in the top section of panels to maximize the amount of natural light. Consider an insulated garage door that ensures stable temperature levels.

However, before adding windows to your garage door, you must consider several aspects. For example, know which windows to use and whether you need glass or tinted windows. It all depends on your privacy concerns and how they fit into your home.

The Bottom Line

Your garage doesn’t have to be just for storage. You can use it for almost everything, such as a home office, gym or home cinema. However, ensure you upgrade it into a comfortable place to live. Adding decorative hardware to your garage door creates a unique look for your home. Start with a design plan that matches your overall style and upgrade your garage. If your door is outdated, you won’t get the curb appeal. You need a functional garage door that guarantees safety, home security, and overall appearance.


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