6 “Something Blue” Wedding Ideas

bride wearing blue shoes

Amidst the wedding chaos, checking off superstitions like “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” may not necessarily be at the top of your To-Do list. However, as the Old English tradition goes, “something blue” brings you good luck on your big day — and let’s be honest, a little luck wouldn’t hurt after all the blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into making this momentous day happen.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your “something blue” till the last minute, especially if you’re not sure how you want to incorporate the hue on your big day. Fortunately, there are some fun, modern twists you can take to put a new spin on this old custom.

Here are 6 unique ways to tie in “something blue” as you get ready to make your way down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams:

1.  Your Shoes

Using your shoes to add a touch of blue on your wedding day is a fun, playful take on this old tradition. Whether you like the idea of opting for entirely blue shoes or adding a small blue detail instead, there are a few ways you can incorporate the color on your wedding day footwear. You can treat the color as neutral and wear shoes that sport a dainty, French blue shade. Not only does this tie blue into your wedding day, but it gives you a playful pop of color. If blue shoes aren’t your vibe, use paint to add subtle, blue detail to the soles. You can paint the soles entirely blue or commemorate your special day by painting your wedding date on them in blue paint.

2.  Jewelry

You have our permission to use this as an excuse to add even more bling on your special day. When it comes to adding a touch of blue to your jewelry, there are plenty of options that cater to each bride’s individual style. From deep, blue sapphires to light, blue diamonds, you can go as loud or as subtle as you like. For brides that like to make a bold statement, sapphire drop earrings would make a strikingly pretty contrast against the white silhouette of a wedding dress. For brides that prefer something a bit more toned down, a blue diamond tennis bracelet offers a lighter shade of the lucky hue that would accompany your wedding ring beautifully. Whichever way you choose to go, the added pieces will also add some extra gleam to your wedding photos. Who doesn’t love some extra sparkle?

3.  Lingerie

Save your “something blue” for your betrothed’s eyes only and incorporate it into some sultry, wedding night lingerie. This is a great way to make every detail of your wedding outfit count, including what’s underneath. You can opt for a blue lace bra and panty set or more traditional, white lingerie pieces with playful, blue accents. If you’re planning on playing into the wedding garter tradition on your big day, consider slipping a band of blue around your leg. Not only is it an easy way to tie in some blue, but the soft shade of blue paired with the traditionally feminine beading makes for a chic garter you may not want to toss.

4.  Your Wedding Dress

Another fun way that today’s brides have been tying something blue into their wedding day is by showcasing touches of blue in their wedding dress. Accessorize your white gown with a blue sash or blue veil. Better yet, make a statement with an allover, dusty blue wedding dress instead of white for an unexpected bridal look. For a more subtle way to add your “something blue” without going too over the top, use blue stitching on one of the bottom layers to add your monogram, anniversary date, or something meaningful to you and your hubby-to-be.

5.  The Bridal Bouquet

When it comes to using your bridal bouquet to incorporate something blue, you have an assortment of options. From using all blue arrangements to adding a single blue flower for a playful touch of blue in your wedding bouquet. If blue flowers don’t necessarily work with your floral arrangements, add a blue ribbon or sash around your bouquet in your favorite shade of the lucky hue. Another beautiful way to tie in something blue in your bridal bouquet is by pinning on it a jeweled brooch with a blue gem and some small photos of loved ones who have passed. Not only does this incorporate something blue, but it is a beautiful way to include loved ones that are no longer here. You can make it yourself or buy it pre-made from bridal shops or online marketplaces like Etsy.

6.  Nails

Another fun, modern way to tie in a little blue into your wedding day is by integrating it into your wedding manicure. Before you exit off the screen like we’re crazy for suggesting blue nails on your wedding day, hear us out. We’re not suggesting you paint your nails neon blue (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Rather, opt for a light, pastel blue mani instead of nude or pink. Still not convinced that blue nails could work on your walk down the aisle? Stick to the neutral shade you had your heart set on. Instead, add a subtle touch of blue with an accent nail or nail art design like a tiny, blue heart on your ring finger.

There are so many ways to include this fun, English custom into your wedding festivities. As you can see, it doesn’t require as much strategy as you might have initially thought. Whether you prefer tying in your “something blue” in a small way, like laying down a light coat of your favorite pastel blue shade on your nails; or whether you prefer following in Carrie Bradshaw’s lead and dawning a bold, blue headpiece — we have no doubt that you’ll find a tradition worthy way to tie in this lucky hue and have the best day ever.


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