How graphic designers can monetize their creativity on Instagram


Although Instagram gives endless opportunities to post all kinds of visual content, including videos, it will be wrong to think that whatever you post on Instagram followers will generate the desired attraction.  Photos are the most common type of content posted on Instagram, but these won’t attract people unless it has some special elements that make it stand out from the crowd.

To succeed on Instagram, you must blend your photographic skills with some graphic design skills to create the most fantastic content that garners many likes and comments and gains quick popularity that augurs well for business.  Use the elements of graphic design to tweak photos and make them look unique to grab all attention.  In addition, the knowledge of graphic design comes in handy when uploading images in Instagram Stories.

Monetize your creativity

Illustrators and designers can now monetize their creativity on Instagram by reaching out to more than a billion users, most of who are ready to engage with individuals or brands that satisfy their objectives.   Designers can create attractive posts on Instagram that engage the audience and help establish the designer’s identity that slowly translates into a brand. After all, all brands have some humans behind them. In the case of graphic designers and illustrators, the person himself turns into a brand.

Only when the right people see your Instagram feed you can expect suitable returns from it in terms of engagement.Not only do they appreciate the content, but they express their happiness by commenting on it. Of course, comments breed more comments, and the content attracts more people, but you must have the patience to see the numbers grow over time. Meanwhile, to prevent the competition from getting the better of you as you wait for the comments to flow in organically, you can get real comments on Instagram by buying it from companies that sell it.  But all this will happen when you follow the method described below that forms the marketing template on Instagram.

Create a business account

Even if you have a personal Instagram account, you must create a separate business account on Instagram when you want to do business. The business account features allow you to gain insight into the metrics related to your followers, likes, and comments, which eventually points to the performance of your posts besides launching promotional campaigns. You can even switch your account to a business account by selecting Switch to Business Profile available within the Settings tab. However, you must have a business Facebook page to do the switchover.

Write a clear bio and leave a link

Tell about you in the bio so that viewers know about you and your intention of being on Instagram. Create an impressive bio by sharing all relevant information in a concise form and use a profile picture in which some of your products or creations are visible in the background. Place a link to your website in the bio so that viewers can explore more about you by visiting the website. You can change the link whenever you want to direct viewers to someplace other than your website.

Your feed is your portfolio

Since you want to showcase your creations in your feed, it turns into your portfolio. Express your sense of style through your feed and keep it visually cohesive to maintain the consistency that your followers would like. Being consistent will help to build the right expectations as your followers would know what you can deliver. It needs time to gain recognition, and the best way to leave a mark on the audience is to do the same thing repeatedly so that they can define the traits of your creations and recognize them quickly.  Treating your feed as your portfolio should help to achieve visual cohesion.

Use hashtags and captions

Despite its high visual appeal, images posted on Instagram with a caption draw more attention and generate better engagement. Captions complement the image and bring it in front of the audience. A caption with one or two emojis can work wonders. Research and use hashtags that are trending but do not use more than 10-15 hashtags. Creating the right balance between specific and more generic hashtags can have a significant impact on growing the audience rapidly.

Engage with others

Start interacting with others that generate engagement and create a band of loyal followers who support you whole=heartedly in your Instagram journey. Acknowledge that you have seen the comments and if anyone poses any question, surely get back to the person. To increase engagement, you can repost other users’ content by using the Repost app.

Post regularly and at the correct times when your followers are most active on the platform as it gives more opportunities for engagement. Act like an influencer to generate an additional stream of revenue.


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