Benefits of having a web app made with JAVA

Java is synchronous, a class-based general-purpose computer programming language that works on the OOPS concept. It is specially created for implementation dependencies as available. Java is one of the first computer programming languages that are not dependent upon hardware or operating systems. Applications that are developed based on Java can run anywhere after it is compiled once without the need of recompiling it.

Java has lifted up as the most networked application in today’s time and it has proved itself to be highly beneficial for enterprise software, web scripting games, mobile applications, web applications, embedded systems. Java is also used to develop many banking and financial apps that are already running in many banks around the world. Java is preferred and used by many huge companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook, and hence because of these reasons, Java is said to be the most suitable and convenient language for business and app development. You can also hire java developer to develop your mobile or web application.

Applications of Java

  • Mobile applications
  • Embedded systems
  • Web applications
  • Desktop GUI applications
  • Enterprise applications
  • Web servers and application servers
  • Scientific applications

Tools used in java web development

  • Java Servlet API
  • JSP
  • Java server page standard tag library
  • Java server face
  • Java message service

Benefits of using web applications based on Java

Compiled and interpreted

Most computer software languages are always compiled or interpreted. Java applies both of these compiled and interpreted approaches thus this can make java a two-stage system.

The java compiler will compile the Java code to Byte code instructions and the Java interpreter generates the machine code that can be directly interpreted by the machine that is running the Java application.

Platform independent and portable

One of the most amazing features of Java is it is platform-independent and portable. You can use Java applications on any platform as it is portable. Java applications can run on every platform once it is compiled, there is no need for recompilation again.

Java applications can be moved easily from one computer system to another, any way of the hardware and software composition of the host system. Changes or modifications made in the operating system, system resources won’t need any changes in java applications.


Java is truly an object-oriented programming language. When it comes to Java almost everything is an object. All the program code and data exist in the objects and classes. Java also comes with an extensive set of classes that are organized in packages and that can be used in applications with the help of inheritance. The object model that is in Java is trouble-free and easy to extend.

Robust and secure

Java is a strong and stable language that can provide us with many security systems in order to ensure a reliable code. Java application is designed with garbage collection that helps developers regarding memory management issues. Java also has the concept of exception handling, which can easily catch the error and can also reduce the threat of crashing the system.

Security is the most precise feature of Java and this is the main reason to develop applications based on Java programming language.


Java is the first language developed from the bottom up with keeping networking in mind. Java makes it easy to cooperate with computers. Java is also known as one of the distributed languages for developing applications on the network that can contribute to both data and application functionality.

Java applications can also open and access the remote objects on the application easily. This simply means that the Java applications can be easily distributed among other systems and multiple programmers at multiple remote locations.

Simple and small

Java is a very small and simple language. It is designed with simplicity in mind. Java doesn’t use pointer and header files, goto statements, etc. Java language also eliminates operator overloading and multiple inheritance.

High performance

By using just-in-time compilers, adaptive optimization, garbage collection, and multi-threading all make java applications high in performance. It is also developed to remove the overheads during runtime.


In this article, I have mentioned all the main benefits of a web app developed using Java applications. You can hire a java developer to develop your web app using Java. Before you hire any java developer go through this article to know the benefits of Java.

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