Best Shopify Apps You Must Use In 2021


Running an online business on Shopify isn’t that easy. There is huge competition in the market, and every seller is struggling to become the best and attract more and more customers.

Shopify, like WooCommerce, comes with a slew of useful apps to help you advertise your store. This is why many vendors choose this forum for their online businesses. Here are the top 6 Shopify apps that you must use for your store in 2021.

Top 6 Best Shopify Apps You Must Use in 2021

Let’s check each all top 6 apps one-by-one:

App # 1: Oberlo

Among the best Shopify apps, Oberlo is my personal favorite. It’s a dropshipping service that lets you discover favorite products online and sell them right away.

This app is ideal for those who choose to set up a dropshipping business rather than a traditional inventory business. By incorporating Oberlo, you can easily track your shipments.


  • Find desirable products to dropship from suppliers all over the world.
  • Direct delivery to the customer from suppliers, with no intermediaries.
  • Track your order all the time with just simple clicks


Oberlo is entirely free to use for your new eCommerce store. However, as your business grows, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium plan, which starts at $29.90 per month and includes all essential features.

App # 2: Plugin SEO

Plugin SEO keeps an eye on your online store and ensures that your SEO is in good shape. This app will diagnose all SEO key elements of your store instantly once implemented, including speed, keywords, content, broken links, and other SEO issues, so you won’t have to check each page individually. It’s one of the most effective Shopify SEO apps available.

Social network marketing is a terrific method to get people to visit your website, but search engines can help you get more consistent traffic that converts better. Plug-in SEO is ideal for people who wish to manage SEO without putting in a lot of effort.


  • It generates an alert via email whenever there are any SEO-related issues.
  • Provides free guidance, including code snippets, for optimizing SEO.
  • Examines and enhances SEO to increase organic traffic.


Simple SEO scanning is available for free. You can purchase a premium upgrade from their official site for $20 per month to access extra features.

App # 3: Return Magic

Customers that want to return things will always exist, regardless of what you do. In reality, the typical eCommerce return rate is about 30%, so that might be many people.

Return Magic enables you to streamline the returning process by allowing you to automated cash and gift card refunds, offer exchanges, produce and print return labels effortlessly, and develop automation rules to customize your customers’ returns experience.

You’re going to get returns, so make the most of it. Return Magic can also help you convert more of your refunds to gift cards instead of cash refunds. That implies you’ll collect the money from the customer, even if the returns procedure costs you a little. This app can also be very useful if you are using the B2BWoo platform for selling your products online.


  • Create a return portal for your deliveries
  • Offer customers a refund to the same payment methods
  • Make a workflow on how returns will work with refund payment


Return Magic provides a free 30-day trial. After that, the plans begin at $10 a month and increase according to your amount of return.

App # 4: ReferralCandy

Customers who enjoy your items are more inclined to tell a friend about them. You might be losing out on some good sales if you don’t use a referral program. ReferralCandy is a Shopify app that allows you to create personalized referral programs for your online business.

ReferralCandy is the ideal Shopify app to invest in if you don’t want to miss out on sales by neglecting word-of-mouth referrals.


  • Clean and simple-to-understand dashboards
  • Make automatic award delivery and referral process easier


A free trial for 30 days is available to get you started with this app. Monthly rates begin at $49 per month.

App # 5: PushOwl

Abandoned carts are another area where you’re losing out on sales. There has been a considerable increase in cart abandonment during the previous few years. You may attract such visitors to return to your web store and buy the things they’ve previously evaluated using web push notifications.

PushOwl is an effective app for reminding users of abandoned items, delivering back-in-stock alerts, and increasing total sales.


  • For abandoned carts, it sends out customized messages and reminders.
  • Get alerts as the product is restocked to sell it more.
  • When the product is delivered, it sends out a review notification.


PushOwl offers a free trial period of up to 500 impressions. Paid plans begin at $19 per month after that.

App # 6: Printful

Printful is a printing service that you can use to start an online boutique selling personalized items at a low cost. Printful will produce and dispatch orders on your behalf every time you receive one.

Printful is an excellent solution to offer a wide range of products without interfering with the manufacturing process. Because Printful produces everything on-demand, you can instantly provide new things for sale and avoid dealing with an inventory.


  • Sell custom t-shirts, posters, mugs, and other products
  • No need to set up an inventory


You may download and use this app right now without having to pay anything. Every new order on your Printful account, however, will incur a cost.


Shopify has many features, and you may expand its capability by using the Shopify marketplace’s applications. While we recommend exploring the whole App Store, these are 5 of the most excellent Shopify applications for your online store.

These applications will undoubtedly assist you in increasing sales, retaining customers, and improving your online reputation.

Last but not least, premium Shopify themes developed specifically for eCommerce will help you convert better.


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