What is the Biggest Challenge of Studying Abroad?

Studying Abroad

International education can open ways to better opportunities and a bright future. No wonder experts predict a massive growth in the number of international students in the next few years. Reports show that the international student population might reach nearly 8 million in the next two to three years.

Studying abroad is a dream for all students. However, there’s much to consider if you want your dream to come true. If you dream of studying abroad, you must check here first and look for a study abroad counseling website to get the right help with the entire process. It is not good to take a leap of faith without considering all the aspects.

You might look at the perks of studying abroad and dream of being in your preferred country. So, to give you a reality check and make sure you know how to prepare well, let me take you through some of the major challenges of studying abroad. You can always avail the services of websites like AbroAdvice.com for IELTS test preparation and to find ways to overcome the challenges.

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Language barriers

Countries like Japan and Canada are known for offering the best education to students. But when you step into these countries, you will face a problem communicating with people there. Students might feel that they are fluent in the language as they have been studying the same for the past few years, but when they arrive in the country, everything seems different. Studying abroad is not only about choosing the right course and university; you also need to be aware of how the locals speak.

Instead of getting discouraged, take this up as a learning opportunity. You can make friends and be comfortable in a foreign environment once you know the native language. You need to acknowledge the challenge and work on the same if you want to have a smooth run in a foreign land.

Money and finances

Studying in a foreign country is a costly affair. Tuition fees, accommodation, and food expenses are some of the major costs you must consider to study abroad. Students struggle to manage their finances and often fail to find the right solution. While foreign universities and countries offer scholarships and grants, getting one without the right help is difficult. Further, if the finances are not planned well, staying in a foreign country will be difficult.

The best way to tackle such situations is by setting a budget for your stay in the country and picking an affordable place to stay. Adding on, you can also look for a part-time job opportunity and earn some money while you study in the country. Scholarships can be the best way to manage finances, and you need to prepare well to get a scholarship that covers all expenses related to education. Ask a study abroad consultant and prepare well to overcome the hurdles.

Understanding differences in currency

Currencies are different for different countries. Students have a tough time understanding the economy and how the currency they use in their country is invalid in the country they choose to study. They also have difficulty understanding and relating to the value of money when they step into a foreign country. It is one of the biggest challenges of studying abroad, and it will be difficult to cope with the problems if you don’t get the right help.

It is wise to learn about the differences before you make your move. You need to understand how the differences are crucial when it comes to finances. Keep track of the changes and work on your finances accordingly. It will help you in the long run and manage your finances well. It is highly recommended to hire an overseas education consultant to understand the same properly and be at par with the changes.

Managing daily expenses

When students plan their budget for studying abroad, they tend to overlook the daily expenses. It is not only about paying the rent and tuition fees. You need to buy food, travel, and, at times, make some time out for some movies or a treat at a restaurant. Scholarships can take a lot of burden off your shoulders. But if you don’t get a scholarship, you need to look into all the aspects before you plan your finances.

The only way to overcome this hurdle is to take it into consideration. Some students ignore this completely and struggle to cope with the changes. You are the best judge in this case. You need to understand how much you might spend daily and work on the budget accordingly. It is impossible to spend too much daily, and it is highly recommended that you keep things in control when it comes to daily expenses.

Cultural differences

Adapting to a different culture is not an easy task. Students will face problems when they step into a foreign land. It is not only about the language but also about understanding how people behave and celebrate various festivals. Further, you also need to understand how they react to situations and what they expect from you. It is crucial to study the culture of the country you are going to. You will not be able to cope with the changes if you are not familiar with the culture.

There’s no trick to cope with the cultural changes. You need to accept a few things and adapt to the culture slowly to ensure you have a nice stay in the country you chose to study. It is wise to make friends and talk to them to understand the culture and explain your side of the story as well. Cultural diversity is one of the main things international education promotes. So, before you get worried about the changes, be patient and try interacting more with the locals to get the hang of their culture.


Feeling homesick is common among international students. When you are always in between unknown faces and a completely different culture, it will be hard to adapt to the same. There’s no substitute for the comfort of home, and you will feel homesick time and again when you are in a foreign land. Homesickness is a major problem for international students, and there’s no method to overcome the odds. Hence, it is wise to adapt to the changes and be a part of the change that you choose.

You need to look into the same and work on yourself for a better future. It is important to not let homesickness get in your way. You can always talk to your family and friends whenever you feel homesick. It is the only way to cope with homesickness. You need to make sure you have a good stay and get the best out of the country. So, acknowledge the reason you chose to study in a foreign country and work on coping with the various challenges.

Not willing to leave

It might sound weird, but unwillingness to leave is a major challenge of studying abroad. Once you have completed your education, you will have to leave the country you have stayed in for some years. You will miss the culture, the freedom, and your friends when you have to leave the country. You have to take up the opportunity that will come across once you have completed the course.

International students tend to stay abroad. They don’t want to come back to their country for jobs or opportunities. But after you complete the course, you might have to leave for another country, and that can be quite challenging. You have to adapt to another new culture and overcome all the challenges once again to survive in that country. As experience makes one wise, you will be able to fight against all odds and do well in life.


Studying abroad is a dream for all. However, there are a lot of things to take into account before you take a step forward. Making your dream a reality is impossible if you don’t look into the various aspects. Most students look at the brighter side only and often ignore the challenges they might encounter. It is wise to know the challenges and work on them to make your dream a reality. The challenges listed above will help you understand what to expect in a foreign land and prepare yourself well for a better future.

Author Bio: Henry Howkins is associated with AbroAdvice.com as a professional writer. He is also known for his blogs on various aspects of international education.


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