Custom Business Cards Made of Cardstock Help Companies Meet Their Green Goals

The global population is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices in all aspects of life. Companies must respond to these public demands by setting “green” or eco-friendly examples for their customers. Why should brands promote eco-friendliness? Because it can boost their brand and their sales.

In a recent survey, 88% of customers claimed they respect businesses that adopt eco-friendly practices. But, how can a small-scale business with limited resources start walking on the green path of social responsibility? The easiest way to “go green” is by replacing all non-ecological office stationery products with environment-friendly ones.

That is why custom business cards made of eco-friendly and recyclable Cardstock are so popular. This durable version of the paper is easily biodegradable. It’s super-easy to recycle Cardstock. The business card printing companies that use Cardstock follow energy-efficient and ecological manufacturing practices.

That means company leaders can display their adherence to eco-friendliness by using business cards made of Cardstock. They can give away these eco-friendly business cards to prospective clients and boost their brands. Here’s the guide to using cardstock business cards to help your company and the environment –

What Is Cardstock Paper?

Cardstock paper, also known as “pasteboard” or “cover-stock,” is a thicker version of standard writing paper. But, it’s thinner than paperboards and extremely flexible. This material is used to make business cards, educational certificates, wedding invitations, and other important items because of these qualities.

As a material, Cardstock is very easy for manufacturers to maneuver and experiment with. That’s why business cards made of this material can be found in various textures, sizes, weights, and designs. Most importantly, despite being thicker and more durable than paper, Cardstock is 100% safe for the environment.

Here’s how company professionals can use business cards made of cardstock paper –

  • Create Long-Lasting Memories with Target Clients: Business cards made of cardstock paper are tremendously durable. Unlike most disposable marketing items, these cards don’t wither in quality with age. Water, folding, or repeated use doesn’t bend or damage these cards. The print sticks to the cardstock paper even if the cards are exposed to water. People who receive business cards made of cardstock paper typically keep them for ages.
  • Promotional Tool: Not only are business cards made of cardstock paper highly durable, but they are also quite eye-catching. Manufacturers can alter the surfaces of these cards in various ways and make them appear more interesting. Company executives can get business cards with glossy or matte finishes. These finishes enhance the visual appeal of the custom graphics.
  • Order Large Sets: Business cards made of cardstock paper are very cheap. Since it is easy to recycle cardstock material, it is both ecological and cost-effective. It takes effort to make conventional paper look premium. However, cardstock paper is inherently appealing and classy. Business leaders can easily order large sets of custom-printed business cards made of cardstock paper without spending too much money.

Ready to meet your company’s “green” goals while promoting your business in a classy and professional way? Order your business cards made of cardstock paper now!


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