Does talent matter?

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You must know at least one person who has said that they haven’t taken up an instrument or never pursued a career in music because they’re not talented enough. But is that really a good reason? Does talent matter in the world of music?

Well, yes and no. Sure talent plays a role in all of that, but if you don’t nurture that talent and help it grow, that talent will never reach great heights. In other words, you need to put in work, serious work, if you want to become a successful musician. Talent alone is just not going to cut it.

A good starting point

Talent as an innate predisposition for something – in this case, music – can help you get started and scratch the surface of the profession that interests you. But even if you’re not talented about something but are passionate about it, you can still succeed. You’ll just have to work a tiny bit harder for it.

In fact, in the long run, hard work will always come out on top. Sure, an artist can get their moment in the spotlight if they’re talented, but if they don’t work on their skills, this will remain just that – a moment. 

To become a successful musician, one must invest numerous hours into practice. In fact, we’re talking about thousands of hours to perfect what one wants to perform. If you’re talented, however, this investment may be a little easier for you. And that’s it.

Look around

You may be wondering why is everyone talking about today’s biggest stars as incredibly talented. That’s a slight fallacy because, despite the fact that people like Bruce Dickinson or Beyonce have incredible voices, you can be absolutely certain that they had to put in some serious work in their vocal programs. Think of all the hours bands like The Rolling Stones have spent playing and practising. It’s a staggering amount of time.

No matter how easy their performance may seem to you, there has surely been a part of a song that’s difficult to perform and which needed to be repeated countless times. Go ahead, try to copy a part of a performer’s show and see how well you do. Try to mimic the choreography and sing at the same time. Not easy, is it?

You don’t think about it that much when you’re enjoying a concert, but when the performance seems effortless, it’s actually a sign that the artist is just superb.

Work hard, and you’ll be rewarded

The bottom line is that a person with less talent and more hard work invested will always win out in the end against a talented person who doesn’t want to work. So, don’t think there’s an instrument or a song out there you can’t master. All it takes is a little bit of work.

Yes, talent definitely helps, but it’s not nearly as powerful as passion. If you’re passionate about something, don’t give up. Follow your passion, and the reward will come.


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