Features & Development Cost of Video Creation and Sharing App

Features & Development

When the Internet was initially made available to the public, there were few options to host things other than text. But things change with time, and today, with the development of technology, the Internet offers you a variety of options from texting or sending emails, watching videos, establishing social connections through various apps, conducting business, and many more. Of all these, video creation is something new and has gained popularity among the young and the elder generation. Well, you will hardly find anyone who doesn’t like the concept of creating and sharing or watching videos. The hype about video creation and sharing apps is high presently, with so many applications surfacing in Play Store and App Store. Mobile application development services help online merchants in numerous ways in shaping the best applications.

Importance of video creation and sharing apps.

Even though video creation and sharing apps have been much in practice since the last few years, the ongoing COVID pandemic has contributed to its popularity even more. Being confined within the house’s four walls, people worldwide have found solace in watching and creating videos. Once again, it proved that people today believe visuals and like content consisting of videos and images over boring texts. So now you know why YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime have gained such an important place in one’s life.

Coming to video creation, the best example that everyone is aware of is YouTube. If you are an entrepreneur willing to successfully dive into video creation, you need to have video sharing apps for it first. This is how Tik-Tok, Twitch, Vimeo, Dubsmash came into existence. Moving ahead in the article, you will get to know about the features that should not be missed in any video creation and sharing application, along with information on how to start a video sharing platform.

Top features to consider in Video creation and Sharing applications

Here are some of the features that must be there in your video creation and Sharing application before it is made available to the public:

●  Application Login

It is the responsibility of the app developer/s you choose to make the login process of the video creating and sharing application easy and smooth. It is advisable to integrate your app with multilayered authentication features to make it trustworthy for the users. This is required because third parties or hackers can utilize the data from the user end for illegal reasons.

●  Friendly User Profile

Make sure to give your users the privilege of managing their application profile the way they desire. For example, merge AI technology into the profile and offer them suggestions based on their watch history.

●  Option for Subscription

If you are thinking of earning your videos, it is important to add a subscription option to your video channel. The app developer needs to create the option in your video app showing subscription details, and hence users can go ahead with it as per their preferences.

●  Uploading, Capturing, Editing, and Sharing Videos.

While video uploading is easy and less time consuming, video capturing using the device’s camera and microphone is an option that you need to include with your application. Since apps like Tiktok have been banned in many countries, you need to study it first, including the feature, to avoid lawsuits later on.

Alongside video capturing and uploading comes video editing. Not even trained and popular actors and actresses can give perfect shots at one go. This means users will always love apps that offer them with ample editing facilities. And not to be missed, a video sharing option is a must to help your users reach out to the world through your video app.

●  Social Media Incorporation

Do not forget to incorporate the social media accounts into the video creation and sharing applications. This helps the users easily share their video content with their followers and loved ones on social media. Remember that videos from YouTube, Facebook, and Video can be directly shared on the user’s video streaming application.

●  Duets

This is a feature that became popular with TikTok. It helps multiple users to pair video clips into one video. Users can also act and lip-sync within the app upon the incorporation of this feature.

●  Links and Shares

Like, Subscribe Comment and Share is a phrase that almost all are familiar with. Users love to use apps to share links to their videos with others and have a feedback option.

● Notifications

Though not a must, having a notification option available with your app will make it more preferable among the users. In this way, they can easily make their new creation available to their followers effortlessly.

Factors Affecting the Development Costs of Video Application and Sharing Apps

The development costs of video applications and sharing apps vary according to the procedure of mobile app development you select. While building your application using a video-sharing app builder would be a budget-friendly affair, creating a custom app can cost you a whole lot of money. This can range anywhere between $70,000-$1 00,000.

An easy way to generate revenue from your video streaming and sharing app will be to incorporate AI. Famous video sharing websites like Vimeo, YouTube already have video creation tools for free. Still, there might be some factors that can impact the expense of video creation and sharing apps. This includes the range of app features, app platform, design, location, and popularity of the app developers you desire to hire. So if your budget is low, you can always opt to buy a video-sharing app and enjoy using it.

Concluding Note

The bottom line is video creation app development can be a very good investment if it is well designed. You need to keep your target audience in mind and put much effort into meeting their requirements. You can finally save money yet have a well-designed app if you consider hiring mobile application development services. Launch the best video creation and sharing apps with the experts today.


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