The Benefits of Hiring a Shopify Expert to Design Your Online Store


Designing an eCommerce store nowadays is easy, however, designing a market-ready eCommerce store is comparatively hard. Do you know, that almost 23 percent of the United States population prefer online selling as their first occupation?

Out of 23 percent population, only 10 percent of store owners can attract new customers and retain existing customers. Rest are caught up in the process of frequent website and marketing strategies experimentation.

In which, Shopify store design plays a major role. According to Behaviour and Information Technology, 2011, visitors form opinions about the store from website design in 50 milliseconds.

Thus, ensuring the need to give important emphasis to Shopify website design. However, it is difficult for store owners to specifically devote a part of their important time to designing the website.

That’s when Shopify Experts come to the rescue. There are numerous benefits of hiring Shopify developers which are discussed in this article which are:

Make Unique and Attractive UI & UX Theme:

Complex website structure and poor Shopify theme optimization contribute to 34 percent of the store failures. Thus, Shopify theme development is the most essential part of the Shopify store development.

This ensures the success of the online store to a greater extent. Shopify experts critically focus on every nook and corner of the website to make it User Interface (UI) friendly and User Experience (UX) friendly.

They are proficient in bringing value to the online store by

  • Keeping the store simple, representative, and minimalistic
  • Using high-quality images and videos
  • Making the site responsive
  • Enabling easy navigation, filter, and search
  • Using appropriate base color
  • Enabling social links
  • Enabling customer feedback, and
  • Integrating important branding apps, etc

These activities enable consistent unique and attractive UI and UX themes which increases customer engagement.

Save Time and Invest in Shaping Business:

Time is money; especially when it is invested in more productive and required activities. There are a bunch of activities before commencing the business or if it is already commenced, then maintaining a constant flow of sales and customer engagement.

Processes like inventory management, supply chain management, content creation, catalog creation, suppliers management, workflow creation, etc. require dedicated attention.

It is most hard to invest when you are caught in the website designing process which requires a different set of arrangements and primary attention. Thus, it is not easy to dedicate time to both equally required activities simultaneously.

Therefore, it is beneficial to hire Shopify developers that only give time to the development of the online store.

24/7 Support & Assistance:

Great Shopify developers are proficient in providing 24/7 support and assistance if your website undergoes any issues. Nonetheless, if you hire a Shopify development company, they quickly escalate your queries and issues to fix them so that you can have an uninterrupted sales-making process.

Thus, you won’t have to allow your precious time to solve complex website issues yourself when you can forward it to your developers. Assistance such as minor updates, upgrades, and bug fixes are the core support that professional developers seek to offer for free.

Enhance Online Store Functionality:

An online store is filled with a dozen of functionalities that enhance user interaction and engagement with the store. This includes app integration, site speed optimization, enabling mobile browsing, etc.

Experienced Shopify experts understand the need to integrate world-class functionalities to make your store unique and interactive. They understand all the ins and outs of the website from front-end to back-end which helps in integrating apps, codes, etc to make the store better.

It also includes better account tracking, removing unnecessary or distracting steps, simple on-site search, clear CTAs, etc.

Improve SEO:

According to statistics from Google 2022, 44 percent of the users start their eCommerce journey by entering a Google search query and 23.6 percent of the eCommerce orders are directly linked to organic traffic.

Thus, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is as important as designing a website itself. It includes the inclusion of relevant and well-researched keywords in the meta description, alt texts, title, blogs, etc.

Thus, if you hire an experienced, dedicated, and skilled Shopify development company, they lay important emphasis on enhancing the Search Engine Optimization and consult on practicing great SEO strategies that help you attract prospective customers.

Make Mobile-Friendly Online Store:

Do you know, that 79 percent of online sales are made from smartphones and most sellers do not optimize their website for mobile devices? However, it is strictly suggested to understand the consequences of avoiding this useful insight.

It is necessary to understand the importance of optimizing Shopify website design for mobile devices as well. And experienced Shopify developers understand the value of optimizing the online store for mobile devices.

Thus, hire Shopify developers that have impeccable experience as they are more equipped with the technology and will be able to transform your mobile online store development ideas into reality.

Fast & Reliable Results:

Hiring Shopify developers ensure your Shopify store design is secure and in good hands. When developers follow the latest technologies that align with your store requirements, chances are high that the results will be fast and reliable.

Integrate Multi-Lingual & Multi-Currency Support:

If your store is operating internationally, it is significant that it is integrated with several languages and supports multi-currency transactions. It is important to make customers understand the store is familiar and undertakes their requirements.

Thus, Shopify developers know the worth of integrating the same into the Shopify theme development and critically focus on enhancing the same.


Hiring dedicated Shopify developers helps skyrocket the sales. When experienced developers lay important emphasis on their Shopify store development process, chances are very high that your store can enlist its place in the 10 percent of the online retailers who can attract new customers and retain existing ones. Thus, it is always suggested to consider hiring experienced Shopify developers.