Do you wish to learn how to use Youtube downloader online? YouTube Downloader is software that allows the user to enjoy and continue to watch the downloaded video on their mobile devices even without an internet connection.

If you are someone that usually uses surfs the platform YouTube on a regular basis you’d probably have come across a certain video or two, or even more that you might want to download and save to your mobile device. A lot of people don’t know how to use youtube downloaders online, which this article is going to explain thoroughly.

YouTube allows you to download videos and save them which you could watch offline on the platform, however, this article would show you how to use youtube downloader online. There are several apps or platforms that support and allow you to make downloads online.

YouTube makes changes and adds additional features to its URL and location on a regular basis. They also make additional changes to their mp3 URL occasionally to prevent users from easily finding those links and making downloads easily.

However, those links could always be located again but it always changes ( along with the HTML, the links could be found despite the regular changes).

Therefore, even though you scroll down the pages and figure out the URL, doing that downloading using a YouTube downloader is made very easy  (especially if you find the right YouTube downloader and know how to use it.)

YouTube downloading platforms are mostly safe for downloading videos, even though some of these apps or platforms could contain malware that might be harmful to mobile devices.

Therefore, when using any YouTube downloading platform or App you’d need to make sure that you are using a reliable and trusted site for downloading any YouTube video online, so as to protect your mobile device from malicious kinds of stuff.

To be able to have access and watch YouTube videos offline on your phone while playing a game, or just for recreation or for any other reason you might have, you’d need to firstly download those videos online and have them on your mobile device or on a tablet.

The mobile version of YouTube available allows the user access to this opportunity. However, you cannot be able to download any video from YouTube to your laptop or a desktop computer.

How to use YouTube downloader online.

To use a YouTube downloader online, follow these simple steps

  • The first step to download any video on YouTube is to choose any video you’d like to have a copy of on your mobile device.
  • The second step to follow in order to use the YouTube downloader online is to copy the Url of the video you’d like to download.
  • The next step to follow is to click on search and convert it to any format you’d like your video to be.
  • Then, you’d click on download and you’d be presented with a dropdown menu in which you have to change the video you have to choose to either Mp4 or Mp3 format.
  • lastly, tap on the download command button to start downloading your video. Depending on the site you are using, you will receive a message that your downloaded video is being edited.

The Pros of the YouTube downloader are;


The YouTube downloader software is fast and easy to use. Therefore, in order to quickly download a Youtube Video Downloader online and in formats like the MP3 or MP4, all you need to do is to copy the URL. Then input it into the search button and then click on the Convert command option.

Zero limitations and Restrictions

Another feature of the YouTube downloader is that they are without any limitations or restrictions. This means that with a youtube downloader you can download any video you want at different times without any restrictions, you are allowed to download different videos using the platforms an unrestricted number of times without any limitations.

The service also allows the easy conversion of youtube videos into an audio format is also possible and accessible at any time. All types of services provided on the moat of the sites cost nothing or a little amount.

Safety and clean

Another amazing feature of these sites is that most of them are safe and clean, which means that your personal data is been fully protected and saved. These services provided by most of these platforms are mostly free of viruses that affect devices. Some of them provide reliable security to their users.

  • Most YouTube downloader platforms that support online downloads are full file format support.

They usually support the conversion to all formats available. Any Video from any of the YouTube channels could be converted to either  MP3, MP4, 3GP format, etc.

You are allowed to choose among 15 different formats, which include Full HD and 4K. However, you could also set the default YouTube download quality for all the files which means all your downloaded YouTube videos could be saved to your mobile device, pc, or Mac in their original quality, without any changes.

You could also select quality from the drop-down menu provided by the Youtube downloader you are using should in case you want a different quality from the default of the video you are downloading. These qualities include:1440p, 4k, 720p, 108p, 480p, 360p, 240p and lots more.

The numerous features and advantages of most YouTube downloader sites can’t be overemphasized, however, a few are listed above.

In this article, we’d sure you how to use youtube Downloader platforms, and also show you how the platform allows you to save, access, and download any video in your preferred format to any device of your choice for later playback without requiring any access to the Internet.


Note, however, due to the size and duration of the video, the duration that the video might take may differ from each video. You are also allowed to specify a location for the storage of your video either on your computer or your mobile device, you could also download subtitles if you prefer any and then adjust the settings to suit your preferences.


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