A wide variety of laptops are available in the market, ranging from thin and light Ultrabooks to Big, Bulky, Rugged Laptops. Among these, gaming laptops are a very small but very confusing category. The confusing lineups from different brands don’t help the user much. Here’s an Article outlining what is a gaming laptop & what type of laptops can be used for gaming.

What are gaming laptops?

Laptops with a dedicated graphics card and fast processors are generally considered gaming laptops. That is true, but several professional machines are available in the market like ‘Lenovo ThinkPad’, ‘Dell XPS’ or ‘HP ZBook’ with a dedicated graphics card and fast processors. Well, it all comes down to the looks & certain specs like screen refresh rate, thermal performance, keyboard, etc. Gaming Laptops are machines that focus on giving the fastest performance.

What type of laptops can be used for gaming?

The simple answer is that any laptop with a discrete graphics card can be used as a gaming laptop. You can also game on laptops without a dedicated graphics card, but it won’t give you a smooth experience in good games. However, Entry-level Laptops cannot be used for gaming as they will stress out the machine, giving constant errors and might damage your laptop.

If you have not finalized a budget for your machine, check out some laptop guides that will give you an idea of the available products.