Martingale strategy and its features

Making bets with a certain strategy will be a more rational decision since this will reduce risks and fill the deposit faster. The Linebet bookmaker operates under an active Curacao license, so there is no doubt about the transparency of bets. Players can always withdraw funds in any convenient way.

Studying current strategies, many stop at the Martingale method, which has been known since the 17th century. This strategy was named after John Henry Martingale, who was the owner of gambling establishments that were popular at that time. Initially, the strategy was used for betting in casinos, but then it became popular among bettors, which proves its versatility.

The easiest way to use strategies and compare their performance is with the help of the application. The program allows you to follow the history of bets and find suitable matches at every opportunity. You can download the Line bet app from the link using the current version of the program. The site also provides detailed information about the capabilities of the program and the features of its installation.

Martingale strategy in sports betting

The Martingale technique involves the use of events with a coefficient of 2.0, which makes it similar to catch-up. If the bet has not been played, then the players need to make a second bet. You should repeat the bet until you manage to win. As soon as victory is on the player’s side, the cycle can be ended and a new one can be started by choosing another event. The Linebet app has a modern interface, which makes betting more convenient and efficient.

It is recommended to place bets within the framework of this strategy in the amount of 1 percent of the bankroll. The result is the following sequence: 1; 2; four; eight; 16; 32. If fortune was not on the side of the player, and he lost all 6 first bets, then the total loss of the bankroll will be 63 percent. The probability of such a scenario is quite low, but it is impossible to completely exclude it. When a series of bets ends with a win, you must return to the initial bet size of 1 percent of the bankroll.

Using the Linebet apk, players will be able to track their performance and choose strategies that will ensure maximum profitability while betting.

Advantages Flaws
Bookmaker with a license Complicated installation
24/7 Support  
Reduces traffic consumption  
Large selection of payment instruments  
Lots of promotions and bonuses  

Players can use the convenient app at any time to deposit funds or cash out winnings. In the application, you can still contact support or participate in promotions.

Testing the effectiveness of strategies

For the Linebet bet to bring the required income, it is necessary to resort to the division of the bank. The best solution would be to verify the action of the strategies on your own experience by spreading the bankroll to test several strategies at once. By making bets with different tactics, you can reduce the likelihood of losing the entire deposit. Even if no strategy shows effectiveness, it will be possible to save a minimum of funds. This approach is applicable in the case of the Martingale strategy. For example, a player allocates 50 percent for this strategy and uses the other half for bets in the Labouchere format.

Selection of rates for the Martingale system

Let’s define the criteria that allow us to talk about the conformity of the outcome of the Martingale strategy:

  • the victory of the favorite in one of the segments of the match;
  • positive handicap in basketball;
  • individual over 1.5 in football.

For betting, both football and basketball or tennis are suitable. In reality, the number of possible outcomes is greater than indicated above. The player needs to understand what kind of sport it will be easier for him to bet on, and only then decide on the outcomes that meet the requirements of the strategy. Only the coefficient 2.0 for the desired outcome remains unchanged. Before betting, you can study the line and choose a match where the coefficient of 1.3 is set for the leader. Then you need to go to live, where this parameter will be 2.0 at the moment when the favorite starts to give way to the opponent.