Top 8 Mobile Apps That Promote Sustainability

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Ever thought about how much CO2 gas emissions you release every day? What’s the density of your carbon footprint? Well! Somehow, we all contribute to the rapidly-increasing carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere by consuming environmental resources. But now with technological inventions and innovative mobile apps, one can lead a sustainable lifestyle. There is a wide range of sustainable apps available that helps in promoting sustainability in various aspects of our lives such as food, transportation, electricity, machinery, costumes, etc. Sustainable living apps enable you to calculate your carbon footprint and help you find alternative solutions that can reduce your carbon footprint to the lowest possible levels.

In this blog, we’ve curated a list of the top 8 sustainable mobile apps that are ideal for maintaining and promoting sustainability.

The top 8 sustainable living mobile apps

  1. Sprocket Green

Sprocket Green is one of the top-leading carbon emission calculation mobile apps that help you track, reduce and remove carbon emissions from your devices. The app consists of a carbon calculator that can help you get authentic, accurate, and consistent carbon footprint calculations. Sprocket Green app inspires users to protect the environment by using their devices responsibly and reducing the damage made to the ozone layer. Sprocket Green has a dedicated literature section within the app that raises awareness about all types of carbon emissions. You can map out your carbon strategy by reading out the literature. Sprocket Green is our top pick for minimizing environmental damage and promoting sustainability by offsetting carbon emissions.

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  1. Olio

Olio is one of the best sustainable living apps with a focus on reducing the massive food wastage in our homes. This app connects you with your neighbors and local business owners to share surplus food. Olio is a very user-friendly app that enables its users to take the picture of their food and other items and share their live location with other users.  Users who are interested in borrowing those items can contact the respective person. Users can browse through a list of different items. The best part is that it helps users in viewing profiles of others to see their ratings before making a decision to buy anything. Users can also email, chat, and FAQ within the app.

  1. HappyCow

HappyCow app is an online vegan food app that encourages people to live a sustainable life by restricting the use of non-veg food. This app helps you discover and browse nearby vegetarian and vegan food options at156, 000+ trucks, cafes, grocery stores, etc. that are purely vegan-based. Moreover, you can also explore vegan-friendly holiday destinations in more than 180 countries for your next trip. Users can download the app and find a list of vegetarian restaurants by including their city name or region. The app will offer recommendations, and enable users to view photos, reviews, opening hours, and contact numbers of the restaurant to quickly connect with the restaurant of their choice. In this way, users can lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. HappyCow symbolizes a true inspiration for living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that can better our health and the earth.

  1. Bikemap

Bikemap is among the significant contributors to an eco-friendly environment by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions produced by vehicles such as bikes, cars, autos, etc. This app is based on discovering, navigating, and tracking new cycle routes. Bikemap promotes cycling that can reduce noise pollution and improves air quality. Bikemap has an active community of passionate cyclists that share their awesome cycling routes with different cycle enthusiasts around the globe. Over 9.1 million unique cycling routes in 100+ countries have been provided by around 6.2 million users. The main purpose of this app is to create an eco-friendly environment by motivating cyclists to easily discover and access the most suitable route for their traveling needs. There is a wide range of features available in this app like customizable routes, turn-by-turn biking directions, offline maps, GPS route optimization, and much more.

  1. Good on You

Brands that create immoral and environmentally harmful items can affect our planet severely. If you want to buy ethical items, Good on You is a great option. Good on You is one of the best apps that helps in discovering ethical and sustainable fashion brands. Users can uncover the impact of unethical brands on the environment and planet. Based on labor, environmental, and animal rights standards, the brand is ranked from one to five (one means ‘Avoid,’ and five means ‘Great.’) If a brand receives a low rating, the app offers suggestions on how to improve it and make it more ethical. Users can even provide a rating to a brand that isn’t on the list. Moreover, users can purchase ethical brands that constantly improve the environment by recycling unwanted and unnecessary fashion apparel.

  1. WhenToPlugIn

WhenToPlugIn is an app that might help you save money on your energy costs. It was created in 2021 to assist UK citizens in consuming electricity while catering to the current situation of environmental conditions. Users of this app will receive an alert when the electricity in their area is at its cleanest. It’s quite handy, especially for individuals who work from home on a regular basis. It will tell users when to use energy-intensive equipment like washers and dryers at the ‘greenest’ times of the day. Furthermore, users can forecast carbon intensity, which aids in determining when their home’s electricity will be the cleanest in the next 48 hours.

  1. Earth Hero

Earth Hero is an intuitive app that provides an eco-friendly and sustainable shopping experience. Users can shop a diverse range of sustainable products under different categories such as clothing, accessories, beauty, food, etc. Travel & sports products, pet supplies, kitchen appliances, kid’s products, and much more can be explored and purchased through earth hero. Users can also shop by brands and shop by values that are based on promoting a sustainable lifestyle. Moreover, there exists a great option of gifts through which users can purchase sustainable gifts for their loved ones. Earth Hero also provides rewards, points, and unique coupons to its users when they purchase and review the Earth Hero products.

  1. My Little Plastic Footprint

My Little Plastic Footprint is an app that let you reduce your plastic consumption. You can cut back your plastic usage by utilizing a proper plastic diet with the help of this app. You can determine the plastic footprint of your area and ways to improve it by using this app. My Little Plastic Footprint aims to find sustainable solutions to plastic usage. The Plastic Mass Index (PMI) calculation is helpful to calculate plastic pollution created by you. The calculation ranges from 0 to 100, the less is your contribution to plastic pollution when you are closer to 0. However, if your calculations are closer to 100, the more your contribution towards plastic pollution.

Final words

Living a sustainable life is much easier ever since the creation of the inventive sustainable mobile apps. We can significantly contribute toward a healthier and greener environment by practicing various sustainable habits with the help of the above-mentioned top 8 sustainable mobile apps!