Must Knowing Facts on Moonstone Jewelry

For many years, moonstone has been soulfully connected to the moon and its energies. The pearly reflection appears like the clouds moving in the night. Moonstone jewelry has been largely impressing the gem freaks from its fathomless meaning and shine. The relation of goddess Diana indeed makes this a perfect choice for modern jewelry wearers.

Count on The Blessings of June Babies

In terms of being fortunate enough with the power of gemstones, then June babies do make the difference. Well, they have a total of three gems on their wish list to be grateful for, i.e., alexandrite, pearl, and of course, moonstone. So June babies have indeed ample options to choose. But the magic and genuineness of this stone have excelled the interests of people from the other two. Also, the point of the trend comes as the additional value to the moonstone admirers. Be it the setups of normal meetings or special occasions, this sone is suitable for almost every event.

Get An Idea On The History Of Moonstone

Our world is diverse in thoughts and interests, and with the diversity of choice comes variety in belief. And this belief does surround by several amounts of speculations across the globe. Like In Asia, it was always believed to get the blue moonstone after every 21 years through the tide. And in countries such as India, this gem comes with the notion of spreading prosperity and fortune.

Some designers like Rene Lalique dig their interest in this gem to create awe-inspiring jewelry to make handicraft silver pieces. From history, the monks, shamans, and devotees had a belief in providing the foresee abilities to the wearer through its serene energies. There are many interesting stories to give you a distinct perspective on the usage of this gemstone.

Know About The Formation Facts of Moonstone

Moonstone actually relates to the feldspar family and comes in ample colors. It’s a lustrous gem that comes in colorless ways like peach, pink, yellow, brown, grey, and blue. The playfulness in this gemstone is highly achievable through the adularescence. Also, you may further note the clarity, which ranges from transparent to opaque.

Moonstone is made of moonbeams and is mainly appreciated in cabochon shape to enhance their shimmering effect. On the contrary, the genuine moonstone is analyzed on the basis of clarity and blue sheen. In fact, this gemstone also showcases a cat’s eye effect or chatoyancy, which makes it a rare option.

Where Is This Gem Found?

The high-quality moonstone is available in the southern region of India and Sri Lanka. Others also have this gem in abundance, like Australia, the USA, Mexico, and brazil. The highest favorable rainbow categories are found in Madagascar and India. Even adularia is a term majorly used for Adularescenct moonstone. This name is often linked with Switzerland, where good-quality moonstones are discovered.

Moonstone – A Blissful Creation

Moonstone has popularly given the identity of being a fortune bringer. Long back in the time of Sumerians, when this gem was known to gather spiritual energies. But in today’s times, the verticals of this stone have accumulated attention. Not only enhancing sacredness, but this stone is also capable of balancing emotional turbulence. The extraordinary powers of this stone look after the health issues and aid physical problems with ease.

For instance, the ailments related to the eyes, lungs, and stomach are handled easily. In fact, some of the ayurvedic medications include the practice of moonstone. The connection of the lunar cycle resolves all the hormonal problems. And to fulfill all these points efficiently, the wearer needs to wear the moonstone jewelry on a continuous basis.

Color Healing of Moonstone

Blue Moonstone –

Blue moonstone imparts strength and gives calm to the mind by providing relaxation to the overall body through its serene vibrations. Well, this is one of the desirable varieties in the summertime. The phenomenal play of shades seems alluring when carried as the blue moonstone ring.

Rainbow Moonstone –

This category of moonstone promotes absolute purity and clarity in the thinking process of an individual. This color purifies the negativity and provides the means to explore the different versions of their personality.

Peach Moonstone –

This light or pastel version of this stone grants intense feminine wellness. A perfect option for sorting fertility and hormonal problems. Wearing a peach moonstone necklace offers a healthy lifestyle, thus inducing immunity to perform tasks.

Where to Buy?

This gemstone is a cherishable investment for wearers due to its glimmery features that looks adorable in earrings, pendants, and Moonstone rings. The stunning powers of this stone derive from the moon’s powers, and that is apparent in the exquisite pieces of wholesale moonstone jewelry at Rananajy exports. Experience memorable online shopping at affordable prices and in the authentic pieces of this stone.

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