8 Questions To Gauge Your Doubts About Telemarketing Software


A new study from Comscore Networks suggested that 63% of online visitors completed their purchase offline. According to the study, we can confirm that visitors who surf online or click advertisements make calls to buy the product. Thus, it’s a fact that publishing a contact number online can increase your sales.

Various tools are available which can help you to monitor visitor’s behaviour online. But to track inbound calls, you need Telemarketing Software. Call Tracking Software helps you to monitor all your calling activities and keep close track of your marketing campaigns.

As every business is running a marketing campaign, call tracking systems are a must-have. Unfortunately, considerable doubts run through business owners’ minds. In this blog, I have tried to answer 8 commonly faced doubts. Let’s begin:

1. Can we get accurate data on the Telecalling activities of team members?

The most critical operation of a call tracking system is to provide marketing data and let the managers know how the campaign is responding. With telemarketing software, we can get valuable insights into any run-time marketing campaign.

Telecalling software provides a hundred percent accurate data of the telecalling team as their each calling activities are monitored round the clock. The call tracking application is installed on the telecaller’s mobile device. Their calling activities are scanned from the central cloud-based dashboard. The system provides you detailed analysis and summary of each telecaller’s activities.

2. Do we only require telecalling software for a larger team?

Telecalling software largely contributes to providing helpful information about any marketing campaign. You cannot closely monitor each calling activity of your team member on your own, whether you have a larger team size or a team of one member.

Call Tracking software provides detailed team reports, which consist of the total number of incoming, outgoing, missed and rejected calls. The software also allows you to analyze all communication activities with summarized and detailed analysis and statistics. All these valuable insights are difficult to accumulate, irrespective of any team size

3. How does telecalling software help in managing a team’s performance?

After the pandemic hit, many companies shifted their working model to hybrid. It combines both the teams – remote as well as an on-site team. Many business owners have faced overwhelming challenges in managing the hybrid model.

No matter where your employees work, you can now monitor their work progress from a central dashboard. You can get daily, weekly and monthly reports of the telecaller’s progress. The software allows you to access organization-wide call history to monitor everyone’s activities. You can rely on telecalling software to boost your team’s productivity. The team’s performance is also elevated by features like lead management and call recording synchronization.

4. How can I increase sales with telemarketing software?

With an innovative call tracking system, you can efficiently manage leads and never miss to contact any prospective client. You can never miss any call from potential clients with detailed analysis and statistics of inbound calls.

You can bulk import leads and assign them to specific employees. Employees can easily view and communicate with their assigned leads using the software. Employees can update the status of leads with a note against a call log. Also, with different reports, you can easily track the performance of your employees. Also, you can view the list of leads not contacted and the status history of leads.

With such efficient lead management, telemarketing sales are indeed touching their peak.

5. Can I get a customized solution that fits my company’s needs?

With different industry sectors, the software needs also differ. Many companies offer a customizable solution that complements your industry needs. Companies like Callyzer
help you to get a fully customized solution.

6. Is technical knowledge required to use Telecalling software?

Of course, you do not need technical proficiency to manage or work with telecalling software. Any non-technical person can efficiently work with call tracking software.

7. Does telecalling software provide a call recording feature?

Call management software allows you to synchronize each call recording of an employee’s device to a central cloud-based dashboard. Team Managers can easily view, listen and closely monitor each call recordings from each connected device. This feature helps you to monitor telecallers’ performance and train them to work better.

8. Telecalling software is too expensive.

Telecalling software is not at all pricey. One can always opt for the subscription model. On average, call tracking software charges 200 INR annually. For all the advantages, the price that you pay is very minimal.


Telecalling software enables you to maintain a stable customer communication medium that brings excellent customer satisfaction with unique features. So if you are looking for fantastic call management software, we are a click away! Book your demo now.