Coinbase to Recruit Employees to Deal with The Crypto Disaster


The past few months have not been smooth for the crypto world. A lot of mishaps happened, leading to a lot of loss for the investors. However, yet, crypto experts and market persons are hopeful that this disaster will soon end and people will regain their trust in cryptos. If you are currently viewing SuperBowl, you would have noticed a surge of ads and marketing campaigns by the crypto companies. Seems like they have not given up and are planning to rise from the ashes once again!

The Disastrous Last Two Years

Through the crypto market saw a huge rise in the month of November last year, which moved ahead to as much as 3 trillion dollars, it crashed badly in January, this year. The market lost an amount of around one trillion dollars, which is quite a huge amount to lose within a few days. It affected the investors quite badly, especially the ones who had to spend all their money and assets on buying Bitcoins and Ethereum.

Bitcoin Fall; A Huge Shock For The Investors

Two of the biggest cryptos of the market, Bitcoin Association and Ethereum, were the ones that had crashed badly! Bitcoin, being the leader of the market, has the highest share in it. It went down as much as 42%, causing shock waves across the investors. From being valued at around sixty-nine dollars, within days it went down to thirty-nine dollars. Now, this is something that is bound to shake the confidence of crypto investors.

Ethereum And Its Downfall

Apart from bitcoin, it’s Ethereum that had the biggest downfall. It went down by forty-one percent. From being at four thousand of value, it came to two thousand, causing a lot of stress for the Ethereum holders. As a result, the number of people who had planned to invest in it dwindled down, and a lot of current investors sold off their assets to be on the safer side in the future.

The Possible Government Regulations

Another factor that has affected the confidence of the investor is the possible action of the federal government to regulate the crypto assets. All those investors who had invested in crypto are quite worried about the fact the government has its attention and plans of regulating the investors’ activities are underway.

Coinbase; High On Confidence

All these factors have come together and played their part in affecting the motivation of investors. However, Coinbase is still confident enough to change the scenario in the coming days through various strategies and plans. The experts at Coinbase are hopeful that the investors will, yet again, buy numerous bitcoins and will manage them through the Bitcoin Aussie System software!

The Strategy To Hire More People

Coinbase is unfazed by all the recent problems that have affected the market and the investors. Being the only crypto exchange out there that helps the investors in both buying and selling the cryptos, it still has the confidence to change the current image of cryptocurrency. Most recently, the company has come up with the strategy to hire as many as two thousand new employees in the current year.

This will further help the company in coming up with new products, which it will launch to attract more future investors. As the company plans extensive recruitments across its diverse teams, updates on these strategic hires will likely be covered in upcoming crypto news. With new additions spanning design, product, engineering, and management departments, the expansion aims to facilitate the development of innovative products, enhancing the company’s appeal and attracting prospective investors.

The new recruitments are to be done in the various teams working in the company. From the design team to the product team and from the engineering department to the management one, hirings will be done for every part of the company. This will further help the company in coming up with new products, which it will launch to attract more future investors.

One major aim behind doing this is the fact that the company is trying to market the positive image of investing in crypto. According to the experts working in the company, the new generation needs some guidance when it comes to crypto investment. By employing more people and training them in the right manner, they will be able to spread the information in just the right manner!

The company is currently focusing on product innovation. It is trying to come up with all those ways through which it can modify the current thought process of the investors regarding crypto investment and make it appear to be a positive activity yet again.