Skyscraper technique: How to build high quality backlinks?

high quality backlinks

Suffering from low search visibility is difficult, but if people aren’t going to find and see your content, then you have to push harder through alternative channels to bring out your content.

This is where we bring in the skyscraper technique – it is designed to build High Quality LinK Building Services in your content, which will increase your organic referrals. Now let’s first understand what is skyscraper technique?

What Is the Skyscraper Technique?

Skyscraper Technique is a way of creating engaging content that will help you to earn quality editorial links. And the technique lay down on foundations of 3 core principles: Find popular content that has been linked to from other sites.

So let’s see how to build high quality backlinks using skyscraper technique.

  1. Check On Demanding Content

You have to always look for demanding content. As it is said the content with any sort of demand is worth all the efforts. And you should have a great audience to read your content as it doesn’t matter how good or bad content is – all matter its audience.

You can use a variety of tools for searching your content. One such available tool is BUZZSUMO which you can find from the group of SEO tools. BUZZSUMO makes it easier for you to find your content. It also helps to find out content with highest social shares also.

Another way of finding content is by seeing and observing what other influencers are sharing on twitter. You will see each influencer has different personalities; their feeds become an inspiration for us.

There are also online communities and forums like Quora , reddit etc. which also helps to share information. They also increase the visibility of your content. And higher no. of upvotes on your content on Quora will make you popular within your community.

Check On Demanding Content

  1. Start Measuring Your Backlinks

Your work gets not completed as soon you start earning good backlinks. You should know from where your backlinks are coming so that you can properly execute your skyscraper technique.

You can use tool named monitor backlinks in order to find your backlink profile – which tells all backlinks of a website. You can also use Google alerts tool to know about someone who links to your content. You can also monitor the metrics of SEO of your backlinks including domain authority, spam score and page authority of each of your link.

  1. Your Competitor

You have identified or decided your topic to write on. Now, search for that topic in Google and find out which result ranks first for it? For e.g.:- You wanted to write a post on creating effective Instagram ads.

So Google will start showing you results. Out of it, you will pick out relevant results. If those results are comparable to your tallest skyscraper in world then they will be best, highest quality and we’ll researched content to your audience.

You will know precisely about your ideal audience. You can also use Ahref tool to research and understand about your competitors. This Keyword will tell you about exact keywords they are matching and also tell about how much organic search traffic your competitors are getting.                                                                       

Your Competitor

  1. Putting Up Your Content before Influencers

Do you remember the influencers whom I had discussed earlier?  You can also ask different influencers to share your content and create a backlink for your content post.

Reaching out to your favorite influencer and asking them to share your content is one of the good strategies. You can also search like this: – “industry + blog “to find a list of blogs related to your influencer and then send them a polite email asking for a backlink.

Now, your content will likely to appeal your audience. It will help the user experience of visitors to the blogs that you are contacting so it’s a win all around for you.

Putting Up Your Content before Influencers

  1. Question Yourself: Can I Write Better?

Once you understood your competition then question yourself: – can I write something better than this? If you think you can, then without time waste, just do it.  Few ideas are here:-

  • Long – Form Content

Writing Long form content becomes easier to become evergreen and popular content. And if your post stays up to for a month then it can drive large traffic, convert your visitors into leads and generate more backlinks.

Long form Content can become comprehensive topic that you are writing about. It establishes authority in your field and help readers to find all information of your site.

Long form Content helps to get the most content shares which will help skyscraper to be seen more by people.

  • Use of Target Keywords

High ranking keywords can boost your site rankings. Use keyword tools like Ubersuggest and KWfinder tool to identity Keywords for your post.

Since Google use latent semantic indexing algorithm, you can rank your site/post with large no. of Keywords than your competitor.

  • Go Beyond

Going in deep makes our content more valuable and informative for our readers. Its goal is to only become ultimate source for readers. You should think in perspective of reader’s mind.

It means taking out time to fully research, address all possible pain points, include images or graphics to back up your text, add current statistics, supplement with case studies to illustrate results, and break it down into an easy-to-read article. This all takes time, money, and patience of the content maker.

  1. Linkable Content With The Help Of SEO Software Tools

You can analyze most of your content through SEO Software Tools like rank tracker , SEO Spyglass , website auditor .

With these tools you will be able to put up a list of pages that are managed to get a lot of organic traffic, backlinks, quality referring domains, and social media shares.

  1. Contact Right People And Ask Them For Links

The final part is to contact for the links from the right people . Firstly compile an email list for all your backlinks. If you have low budget then you can go by or with chrome extension Email Extractor.

Then install this plugin and move to your site . Then start writing emails with backlink request using your daily webmail provider. You can also implement the skyscraper technique with the help of Link Assistant.

Then you can contact your right people and ask them for links.

link building

Summing It Up

It is of no doubt that the skyscraper technique is a useful way to build high-quality backlinks in your content. You should remember backlinks are important to your SEO efforts because that’s how Google will know that your website is reputable, relevant, and contains high-quality content. Hope this article will help you.

Author Name: Vanshika Singh

Author Bio: Vanshika Singh is a Web Development and Digital Marketing Intern at Link Building Services, who is also interested in content writing. She specializes in Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, Link Building, Web Development, and PPC.


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