Lots Of Variables To Consider
League of Legends is epic, and has been popular since Riot Games put it together back in 2009. If you remember, World of Warcraft was big then, and it’s still a phenomenon in 2021. If you take a step back and think about that for a minute, it’s historically significant.

WoW is one of the longest-running MMORPGs out there, and LoL retains popularity in parallel as a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game.

Very few other games have managed to pull that off. We’re talking gameplay stats that transfer between generations; and things are only becoming more in-depth. For those who love LoL, it can be daunting to face perfectly balanced teams with champions that have ideal stats. However, there are ways you can optimize your team building. We’ll cover a few here.


Associated Statistics Of Team Champions
Some champions have statistics that seem better than others, but that’s because such champions may have been designed to fulfill a specific role within the team overall. For example, champions with healing properties will generally have different stats than those with strong physical attacks; rarely are there combinations of such extremes.

Building The Perfect Champion
There’s a reason you don’t have champions with excessively strong attacks being designed with healing solutions as well. A big part of that reason is that other teams will target those on yours who have strong attacks. If that champion gets killed, no longer do they have the ability to heal others in your group.

How Varying Champions Work Together
Attacks, protection, healing, and other aspects of the battle arena will be most efficient from specific champions among your team. The more a given champion has one statistic, the less they will be able to divide associated energies for other statistics.

Often when you try to combine attributes, you end up with multiple abilities that are rather “middle of the road”, as it were. A homogenous team will be easier for more harmoniously designed teams to beat.

The Incorporation Of Machine Learning Into Team Builds
The reason historical significance was mentioned at the start of this writing has to do with long-term data available to players seeking maximal strength for the teams they run. To that end, here are some League of Legends win predictions for given champions. Their predictions can draw from over a decade of associated data.

As Artificial Intelligence incorporates machine learning, you can use sites like that in the link to immediately determine what your best moves will be in designing your team. Not only do you save time, but you also start off your LoL journey on the right foot. Think of it as the difference between building a house on a variable foundation, and one that is firm.

If you have never built a structure before, and just do all the hard work yourself, you may well come away with a strong foundation. More likely, you’re going to make work for yourself that requires you to improvise solutions that are “sketchy” at best. Meanwhile, if you hire a team to build your firm foundation, then the house constructed atop it will be more secure.

Choosing The Best Champions For Your Team
LoL and WoW are historical pastimes of the modern age, and they dominate a league of their own. People make money grinding in Asian countries with games like this. They’re fun, but they can be serious business. So if you’re going to do the job right, why not inform your engagements?

Strong teams built from machine learning that keep champion statistics, build best practices, and complementary abilities of team members firmly in mind will come out victorious in many contests.


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