Top 8 Myths That Can Affect Your PTE Scores

PTE Scores

PTE (Pearson Test of English) evaluates the English proficiency of a candidate who wishes to educate from abroad, immigrate, or acquire a job in a foreign country. It is a computer-based 3 hours exam, and its result is usually declared within five days of the final test.  let me warn you in advance, as you are bound to hear and read strange things about it. However, make sure not to get distracted, as most of them are myths.

To help you overcome the tall stories that other candidates create, we have shared the top 10 myths you need to overpower. Let’s delve into them one by one!

1. Use of backspace

One of the candidates claimed that using the “backspace” button in the summarized written test affected his test scores. This is not true! The use of backspace is in no dimension related to the scores. That candidate must have scored less because of wrong spellings or other minute mistakes. So remember!  Pearson does not chastise the use of the backspace button.

2. Accents help you score better

As the speaking test is part of the PTE examination, the examiner will evaluate you based on your English communication skills. The test is conducted in various parts of the world, and the examiner understands that accents can be different. Therefore, you do not need to imitate British or some other accent. Just speak in your natural tone and keep the pace at an average speed. Be accurate and confident.

3. Better to skip few tasks

The myth says that it’s always better to skip a few tasks that carry low marks percentage if you’re running short on time. But hey! Think twice before doing any such thing. PTE academic tasks are designed in such a manner that the score of one task affects the score of the next, in fact, other sections. Do not even think of skipping tasks as it might disturb your listening and writing section scores.

4. Avoid strenuous words in the read-aloud section

A prominent myth says that the candidates should omit the difficult-to-pronounce words in the read-aloud section. As not doing this might affect their score if they make any pronunciation mistake. But the fact is read-aloud tasks are designed to evaluate your oral fluency and type of content. So is you ignore the challenging words, your message might not come across clearly and precisely.

5. Choose multiple answers in the multiple-choice type questions

Some candidates say that if you are unsure about the correct answer in the multiple-choice questions; choose all the options instead of selecting an incorrect answer. But you better not do any such thing! Because a wrong answer will affect your score as it carries negative marking. It is more suitable not to select any answer than to mark all.

6. Quality is critical than speed

Yes, the quality of answers matters but you should not forget that there are other sections, and you need to answer all the questions to get a good score. So speed is more important than quality; instead, we advise you to work on both simultaneously.

7. Apply as many PTE mock tests as possible

We advise you to apply selected strategies instead of writing multiple mock tests to obtain a decent score. Having said, this does not mean that the Pearson mock tests on the website are not fruitful. But this academic exam will measure your English skills and not how well you understand the test.

8. PTE coaching is not necessary

Even though you can prepare for the PTE examination yourself, the results show that the students who have scored high took coaching from the Best PTE institutes. All the PTE coaching institutes understand what the examination demands and what exactly is required to crack it.

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Wrapping up

These myths can be very dangerous for first-time test takers. We suggest you not fall into this trap and take expert guidance from the reputed PTE . Learn the tips and tricks and grab your desired score. Begin your PTE journey by taking the different practice tests, improving your vocabulary, learning time management with useful videos and informative blogs, and improving from others’ mistakes. Become vigilant enough to detect these myths and understand the reason behind them. Good Luck!


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