Accidents At Theme And Amusement Parks: 5 Things You Need To Do


Each year millions of us visit amusement parks and have a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the scenario is not the same in every case. Every year thousands of people also get hurt and experience some kind of accident while having fun at the amusement park.

Sometimes this also results in injuries, which last a lifetime. If anything happens with our loved ones, then a question will arise in our minds, and that is what we should do? It will be better to get an idea about this.

5 Things You Need To Do For Accidents At Theme And Amusement Parks

Here I will discuss the 5 things that you need to do if your loved ones have an accident at a theme or amusement park. It is really crucial to know the types, causes of injuries so that you can explain it to a New York City injury attorney, who will represent your case.

Types Of Injuries

Accidents at amusement parks can occur in many ways. Most parks have water slides, Roller coasters, and other games for the enjoyment of the people. In case something goes wrong, people can suffer from minor to fatal injuries.

Here are some common types of injuries that one can get from accidents at amusement parks.

  • Closed head injuries.
  • Neck injuries.
  • Back injuries.
  • Whiplash.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Heart attack.
  • Stroke.
  • Fatal injuries due to falling out of rides.
  • Bone fracture.
  • Brain aneurysms.
  • Drowning of water slides and rides.
  • Facial fractures and lacerations.
  • Compound fracture, which needs surgical repair.
  • Torn ligaments.

Causes Of Injuries And Accidents

Within the premises of an amusement park, there are various kinds of rides and activities, the causes of those accidents are really vast. Here are some of the common causes.

  • Due to inadequate or insufficient training, being complacent or overworked, substance abuse, the operators fail to do their job properly. And it results in accidents.
  • Seat belt breakage is one of the most common types of mechanical failure here. The list also goes on with malfunctioning brakes, computer breakdown.

Filing A Personal Injury Claim

Under the premises liability laws, amusement park accidents are filed in the states, particularly where the accident took place. To get the compensation, you have to prove that the injuries are the result of the negligence of a ride manufacturer or the amusement park.

For all these reasons hiring a personal injury attorney is always a preferred idea. You need to know the rules, regulations, and also laws of the states. An attorney will be able to represent your case in a way that will help you to get your claims.

Types Of Damages Awarded

In case you experience an amusement park accident, there are a number of reasons for which you may get compensation. They are.

  • Cost of emergency care.
  • Hospital bills.
  • Doctor’s fee.
  • Physical, occupational, or speech therapy.
  • Physical pain and suffering.
  • Emotional distress.

In case any person is killed on the premises of an amusement park due to the incidents, the family members can file a case as per the laws. These kinds of lawsuits are named wrongful death. And it can be filed by

  • If under 18, parents of the deceased.
  • Legitimate or step-children of the deceased one.
  • Domestic partner or spouse of the deceased.

How Can An Attorney Help

It is important that you have an idea of what kind of lawyer you need. As I have mentioned earlier, an attorney will be able to handle your case properly and also can get you the claims. A professional who has strong experience in handling premises liability claims can really help you in proving your claims by the following means.

  • Hiring accident investigators.
  • Obtaining accident reports.
  • Filing your lawsuit in court.
  • Speaking to medical experts in order to strengthen and establish your case.
  • Negotiating with the insurance company of the amusement park.


So, these are all the things that you need to do if your loved ones meet any kind of accident in the amusement park. Instead of handling the thing on your own, it will be much better if you hire an attorney for the best results.


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