IB diploma program (IBDP) helps you in your further University-level studies as this course will dive you into a deep understanding of a particular subject.

So here are the top 5 skills you need to focus on during your IBDP because at last, it’s your skills that going to pay you.

  1. Curiosity and Critical Thinking:

According to the interviews of some of the IB teachers they said that the students of IB diploma program (IBDP) are full of enthusiasm and always have something to ask. So you as an IBDP student need to nurture this skill. Always ask questions, because I think curiosity is the only thing that keeps a mind alive. Try to think out of the box. Critical thinking is something that will help you to stand out in the crowd. Here is a famous quote by Elbert Einstein “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

  1. Motivation:

Motivation works as fuel to reach the station of success. Motivation helps you to face all the challenges and setbacks in your life and keeps you growing.

Firstly, you have to set your goal and then break this goal into small daily practices. Reward yourself that will keep you motivated throughout your IBDP. Sonal Gupta the IBDP teacher tells that the IBDM students are self-motivated and all have a clear goal.

  1. Autonomy and self-regulation:

Whatever you do in your life these two are the essential skills that are required to achieve your ultimate goal.

Autonomy means that you have a clear vision in your mind about your choices and priorities. You are aware of your mistakes and have some courage to improve them, and never repeat them.

Self-regulation is an important characteristic that helps in consistent growth. So you have to be consistent and autonomous in your work. Do not try to negotiate deadlines, complete your assignments regularly, engage in your class activities, and Last but most important is that you should enjoy these focused years.

  1. Collaboration & Team Work

Collaboration and teamwork are important skills. These skills were required to survive in the real world. Now, the question is how you can excel in collaboration and coordination skills.

In order to develop these characteristics, you have to be a part of collaborative work and projects. During practical work in a lab, group studies, discussions, and class activities you can adapt these skills.

Group discussion helps you to present your viewpoint. It’s also helps in accepting and respecting others’ thoughts and personalities. This will expand your knowledge as well as interest. These skills will surely add value to your career.

  1. Time management:

We all know that IBDP contains versatile subjects which means every subject requires time. So time management is an important aspect for excelling in this diploma. You have to prioritize your work and try to maximize your productivity in a particular time period.

Plan and organize your work and time. You should never leave things incomplete until the last minute. You should try to work at the scheduled time. Time management is a skill that helps you throughout your whole life and student life is the best and easy way to learn new skills.

James the topper of IBDP talked about time management, that is how he prioritizes his academics more than ECA (extracurricular activities), and try his best to manage time .so you need to manage time.

Other tips to excel IBDP:

You can use some of the apps like Google Calendar and Google reminder to schedule your time and work, you can use social media platforms to collaborate with the other IBDP students, etc. You can also subscribe to an online IB resources site like tribe topper and YouTube channel to get reading material.

You should focus on practical work as it has the power to fill the gaps created by the conceptual reading of topics. It is easier to master IBDP if you are Consistent from the beginning of the diploma.

You can also Subscribe to Tribe Topper and join their courses to excel in Sciences and Math. These courses consists of Question Banks, Past Paper solutions and quizzes. Very helpful to score high in exams.

These skills are not only required to excel IBDP but are also required to pass any other situation in life. So, it is important for you to focus on these 5 basic skills to master IBDP.