Why Progressive Web Apps are Important for eCommerce businesses?

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Mobile traffic is already surpassing desktop traffic, which accounts for 60% of the traffic. To ensure the best shopping experience and to engage their customers, a number of sellers create PWAs for their eCommerce business.

Although PWAs remain relatively new, most new businesses concentrate their efforts on the development of their product. Let’s take a look at the reasons eCommerce companies require PWA.

  1. PWAs can improve SEO

PWA is easy to find by search engines due to the fact that it’s SEO-based. PWA content is easily published and rated by search engines like Google as well as Bing. In turn, the web will increase visitors to your online store.

  1. Conversion rate increases

An improved user experience leads to greater conversion rates. As we’ve said before, the latest web applications for eCommerce give users a better experience, leading to an increase in conversion rates for businesses.

  1. Installing the home screen increases the user’s adoption

PWAs offer the same user experience similar to native applications. The installation of progressive web applications to the desktop can enhance the user experience overall. PWAs are also easily accessed via the main screen.

  1. Enhancing user engagement

Push notifications sent to mobile devices via PWAs exactly the same way as native applications. Businesses are able to reach their customers via their mobile devices. This can result in a captivating user experience again.

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Features: PWA for eCommerce

PWA utilises a responsive design that allows the pages to be adapted on any gadget. The pages of this PWA utilise interactive layouts and visually appealing designs to enhance the user experience across all platforms in a non-intrusive way. PWAs were responsive due to their many options. Here are a few of PWA’s key features that make it an ideal solution

  1. Search-friendly PWA

The arrangement of content on the website is very well-structured. PWA technology is especially SEO compatible because of this.

  1. Light and data-friendly PWA

Optimise your website to ensure it can run swiftly and smoothly on mobile devices. The time it takes to load the site is cut down to a minimal amount. Cache data can save particular page functions that do not need to be loaded each when you go to the website.

  1. Include an icon on the home screen

It lets a website create launch icons and place them on the phone’s home screen. Plus, SMEs do not have to make users download any app. SME apps will have the same popularity that native apps do.

  1. Interactive web interface

With its interactive user interface and user-friendly layout With its user interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate, the PWA improves the user experience. It makes it appear as if users use native mobile apps.

  1. Content personalization

Cache memory lets you save content from a web page and be able to access it even if you aren’t connected to the internet. The time it takes to load a page can be reduced to a small amount because of this.

Advantages of Progressive Web Apps for eCommerce stores

For businesses that sell products online The benefits of PWAs are many. Apart from simplifying online shopping PWAs will be the dominant and change the mobile eCommerce landscape due to reasons mentioned below.

  1. Effective marketing opportunities

Search engines are altering the voice search features in subtle manners. So, sellers need to improve their abilities. Although they are not available in the app store, PWAs are an excellent SEO tool that the typical app can’t compete with. PWA is instantly searchable because PWA can be viewed as a local web site.

  1. Data and storage space is saved.

The users always reduce internet and data costs, regardless of whether they are essential to an eCommerce business or not. PWAs are the best eCommerce companies in this respect. The PWA will only take up just a few megabytes of storage space on the memory of your phone, while applications could take up 50MB.

  1. The user’s adoption rate has increased

Users have to install a program prior to making use of it. This is an additional step when shopping online. In the end, the conversion rate is reduced. If PWAs are utilised, users do not need to download any applications. All they need to do is click the web link and follow the directions on the screen of the device.

  1. Easy to keep

Let’s suppose you have to build distinct apps for the Apple or Google Play stores. In this case you would have to shell out a substantial amount to engage an expert developer for a long duration because the app requires continuous monitoring, frequent errors, corrections, and upgrading. PWAs however, on the contrary on the other hand, are cost-effective and can be upgraded through determining their needs for various browsers.