What are the Top Programming Languages Used for Web Development?

Are you planning to develop a website? you don’t know which language and technologies to prefer

Worry not! With this article, we hope you will learn to build a fantastic web application.

Who are your customers, and is it Worth it to have a website in 2021?

Total mobile users spent 180 billion hours each month of the quarter, with a whopping 28 billion dollars spent.

Those are some significant deep figures…!

But that is not it! In 2019(Statista reports), 3.97 billion users are present on the WORLD WIDE WEB. Do you know what that means? It means half of the population is there surfing the internet.

Covid has changed many industries, and the web development industry is one of them.

Covid also has introduced us to new technologies and tools for the mobile industry as well as others. As a result, the development for the website developer is more fun and innovative. Many tech giants are fighting to create new tools, update frameworks and give us fast compilers to perform a practical task, which will provide us with a good, fancy, user-friendly web application.

The reason for having a good application platform is to create an excellent website, as we know, because a suitable application (Web or Mobile) will survive in the market and as well as it will make money.

And if you want to stay in the market, your product or service should be good as your application.

So here are the Top 6 Languages that are Trending and Giving us Crazy Applications.

  1. Python
  2. Java
  3. PHP
  4. Ruby
  5. Perl
  6. C

1. Python

Python is one of the top programming languages that worldwide developers have used. The developers are using it because it is smooth and has outstanding features.

It is an open-source, highly orientated language and very easy to understand. It is also portable, which has built-in debuggers and which makes development procedure smooth to deploy.

With the two most prominent frameworks (Django and flask), the python is beating everyone in the development race. Google trends show that python will be the most searched language at the start of 2021, and it will definitely increase.

Why should you have python as a website development?

Besides, python also offers

  • GUI programming support
  • community support
  • frameworks
  • Libraries

IT mainly gives us rich-features to make smooth web type applications.

Top apps example

Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube are top examples.

2.  Java

The language needs no introduction. One of the oldest coding languages and still relevant.

Java is also a very famous and highly oriented language. The language is mainly used in Android platforms and Web apps. Frameworks like JSP, JDBC API, Java Server Faces technology make them highly secured and famous for developing web apps.

Why should you have java as a website development?

Java is an open source with phenomenal libraries, excellent documentation, and having said that, they also have community support to help developers.

Top apps example

Telegram, SeaWeather, and VLC players are some prominent examples for them.

3. PHP

Everyone knows the PHP language if they are a fan of web development. Php is a pure web development language that is created for the website.

If you think PHP is dead, remember that many big companies are using PHP frameworks because they are secure and user-friendly. One example is Facebook… Yes, it is true Facebook was created by using the PHP language.

Why should you have a Php in website development?

Besides, PHP also offers

  • Testing
  • Cache Storage
  • Template Engine
  • Security

Top apps example

Yahoo, Facebook, Wikipedia, Flicker, WordPress are some great examples of them.

4. Ruby

Ruby is a powerful object-oriented scripting language used to develop mobile and web applications. The language is mainly based on functional, vital, and scalable language.

Developing an app is very easy, and the techniques are also suitable for beginners. Therefore, we can say it is user friendly to them.

Why should you have a Ruby in website development?

Besides, Ruby also offers

  • Free Formate
  • Case Sensitive
  • The Keyword End
  • Visual Appearance
  • Dynamic typing

Top apps example

Airbnb, Hulu, Kickstarter, and GitHub are based on Ruby.

5. Perl

Perl is a well-acknowledged language for developing web applications.

Perl has unique qualities, and it is diverse in various languages like C, awk, BASIC, and many others.

Why should you have a Perl in website development?

Besides, Perl also offers

  • Database Support
  • Supports Unicode
  • Extensible
  • Embedded System

Top apps example

Yahoo and Amazon use Perl language as a backend.

6. C

C is one of the eldest languages among these. The language is structural and standardized. Mostly C is used for writing applications. Having C as a backend language can mean the website compiler easy and smooth.

Why should you have a C in website development?

Besides, C also offers

  • System programming language
  • Low-level language
  • Simple keywords
  • Clean style
  • Speed

Top apps example

Google, YouTube, and Yahoo are an example of C.

Final Thought

Using these techniques to create applications from a reliable web development company will give you a damn good application for yourself or your client if you have one. The thing is, you can choose any one framework you want, but you have to know your niche and understand your project.

The article highlights seven trending technologies But which one is best? To find out more about what works in developing an Android or iOS application, give this read through; it could save you valuable (and expensive) research later down the line when picking up new tools with ease as they come out of nowhere every day.

Not every framework, technology, tool, and language are best for everything. However, they are all fabulous with unique features. However, you have to choose one!

So, if you want to have an excellent mobile application for your business or yourself, either you can hire a Hire Website Developers or get web development services from the best website development companies on the internet.


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