What is the Importance of Garage Door Maintenance

Most property owners have a never-ending list of maintenance and repair work lined up to ensure that it remains in top condition. However, garage door maintenance is rarely featured in that list. We barely pay attention to it unless it has developed a significant problem.

Why should you maintain your garage door? If you are wondering about it, we give you compelling reasons that highlight its importance. Read on!


The primary reason for installing a garage door is to increase the security of the house. It is the most critical security system of your premise, albeit the most ignored one. While these garage doors are almost impregnable and highly reliable, they are not invincible. Over time, they develop several faults. If not repaired in time, they compromise the security of your premises severely and leave your property at high risk.

Regular maintenance keeps the security features of the garage door in top order. It hence keeps your property impregnable to unwanted security threats like theft and stealing, damage to property, etc.

Cuts Down on Expensive Repairs and Saves Money

The garage doors look heavy and sturdy, but they are easily damaged due to daily use and other factors. Proper maintenance and annual inspection help you spot and rectify a budding problem before it increases in magnitude and asks for a significant repair cost. It enables you to avoid unnecessary hassle and save money. A few of them include:

Gaps Between the Garage Door and Ground 

With the passage of time, water, weather, and other elements cause warping on the garage doors and lead to the development of gaps between the garage door and ground. It facilitates an accessible entrance of rodents, critters, and even intruders. Regular maintenance keeps the gap to zero and saves your property and garage from pests and thieves.


Sensors are the backbone of automated and technologically advanced garage doors. With regular use, they may behave irregularly due to clutter around them or alignment issues. It would cause closing and opening of the garage door to behave erratically, stop midway or develop other similar problems. Regular maintenance keeps the sensors smooth and flawless.


Cables, springs, nuts, bolts, etc., are a vital part of any garage door. Over time, it is natural for them to become rusty, damaged, and finally fail. They might cascade if ignored and might spread to affect other components and eventually die. Regular maintenance helps to fix these minor issues in time for a seamless operation.

Similarly, the garage door develops plenty of other problems like:

  • Loose nuts and bolts
  • Alignment issue of springs.
  • Lubrication issues for cables, pulleys, rollers, and the entire drive mechanism.
  • Need to tighten the chain
  • Need to set the limit switches.
  • Broken or worn hinges and other hardware like cables, springs, rollers, etc.
  • Bent or damaged garage door panels.
  • Garage door making noises or whirring.

These problems are tackled promptly with regular maintenance.

Weather Protection

Despite being sturdy, the garage door is vulnerable to periods of inclement weather like hurricanes, heavy rains, storms, etc. They can either damage or remove your garage door and put the safety and stability of your property at risk. Most maintenance companies pay extra heed to your garage door before and after such weather conditions and keep the property in safe and optimum condition.

Updated Safety Features

For regular maintenance, you often have a contract with a garage door specialist. An advantage of it is that they know the latest technologies to make your garage door more efficient. They update your garage door with these safety features during the maintenance work to make it more robust.

Helps You Take Advantage of Garage Door Warranty

If you sign a maintenance contract with the same company every year, you enjoy many advantages. Experts and technicians of the company are aware of the condition of your garage door. It also helps you procure free replaceable parts since many of them have a lifetime warranty. If required to pay, you are charged the minimum possible cost.

Helps You Avoid Serious Injuries 

Damage or a malfunction of the garage door can be hazardous. A garage door’s weight can vary between 130 to over 400 pounds, depending on its size and the material used for its construction. It works on a system of pulleys and tracks to open and close the door, again and again.

Suppose it develops a problem and starts malfunctioning like suddenly falling, getting stuck, etc. Then it can cause severe damage, injuries, and even death to anyone in its vicinity. It can also cause severe damage to your expensive property like the car. The tragedy is safely averted with regular maintenance.

Enhanced Longevity

Garage doors are nothing but a mechanical system. They are bound to develop minor and major problems with regular use. Regular maintenance helps address all wear and tear issues and keep the door in top condition. It elongates the lifespan of the garage door and saves you sizable money.

Enhanced curb appeal

A well-maintained garage door adds to the curb appeal of your property. It helps keep the aesthetics of your property high and increases its resale value.

Final Words

As evident, proper garage door maintenance is crucial for your home security and overall convenience. It is the most convenient and cost-effective way to maintain the integrity of your garage door and enhance its life.

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