What xResolver and the Alternatives Available for xResolver Xbox


xResolver is a web-based database that stores the IP addresses of players of online gaming applications. It grabs the IP addresses of online gamers from their username. The x in the xResolver stands for Xbox Console, but it can also work with other gaming consoles. Thus, it is generally referred to as Xbox Resolver or PlayStation Resolver.

What is xResolver?

xResolver is an online database service that accounts for the Gamertags and IP addresses of the players gaming online on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. It takes the help of the username of the online gamer to get its IP address. Its main focus is to convert gamer tags and usernames of gamers into IP addresses. The information regarding online gamers’ IP addresses is publicly available and, thus, is legal. Video games were made essentially for entertainment, but gradually, has become a competitive arena which arises some problems.

The people who are interested and try to obtain publicly available information regarding your IP address generally have poor intentions. Hackers can easily gain private information that connects your online identity to your physical internet connection. This can allow them to slow down your internet speed to take revenge or bully you. This can also lead to DDOS (distributed denials of service) attacks.

What does the xResolver do?

As discussed above, xResolver is a library of information or storage systems that records the IP addresses associated with the Gamertags and usernames of the players of online games on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. The information is publicly available on this platform, so technically, it can be said to be legal to share this information on a website.

However, xResolver does not obtain any of this data but works as a database to store the information. But, because the information stored by it is available publically, it is prone to hacking. Hackers like competitors in online games or bullies can gain your IP address that helps to get your private information that ties your identity on the web to your physical internet connection. Hackers use this information to target players in many ways, like slowing down their data connection or DDOS attacks.

Features of xResolver:

xResolver contains several exciting features that make it fascinating to users.

  • It allows you to obtain the geographical location of your opponent or any player on an online gaming console. Its IP lookup service does this.
  • It helps you generate customized links that can help you acquire their IP address. These links further provide information regarding the location and browser of the person.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and functionality, which makes its working process pretty simple. You can access the IP address or Gamertags easily and in minutes.
  • You can buy its blackmailing feature, which is significant as it allows a user to blacklist one’s information; that is, they can hide their personal information and the IP address from opponents and anyone with bad intentions about their profile.

xResolver provides you with ample features and functionalities irrespective of whether you are an Xbox or PlayStation user. It makes accessing information like IP addresses, Gamertags, and usernames easier for a user. You will not be required to look for bots online, as the artificial intelligence employed by xResolver makes it a convenient task.

How to protect yourself or change your IP address if you’re listed on resolver:

Anyone can type in a Gamertag or PSN ID to see if the website already contains information on that account’s IP address. Being on the website does not incorporate any danger, but it makes you probe for hackers. Hackers might scrape your data and publish it.

Online database services like resolver provide a feature of blacklisting that allows you to hide your personal information from the users. Still, it can not guarantee a safeguard as the information is publicly available and might already exist or have been published on competitor websites. To avoid this, the best option is to change your IP address. It is as simple a task as turning your router off or on. This depends on your setup and hardware.

Changing your public IP address may not be a much easier task. One way to change your IP address is to unplug your router for some time and then plug it in again. You need to check out if your IP address has changed or not. This can be a solution, but it is a temporary one.

A rather permanent solution would be to invest in a VPN service. Unlike changing your IP address by unplugging your router, this keeps your personal information private from hackers and scammers. VPN services are affordable and prevent hackers from putting your information again on the resolver or any other site.

Alternatives to the resolver:

Various other sites on the internet can be taken as an alternative to the resolver. Some of these are mentioned below.

  • OctoSniff is an IP sniffer that allows you to make the best and most effective use of your gaming connection. It provides several great features, such as 24/7 user support, easy installation, and plenty of tutorials. It is free from malware, and its user-friendly interface provides easy access and allows you to learn to use it smoothly. It lets you identify if a packet is an IP from a game server or is coming from an Xbox chat. With this feature, you can identify a packet with its respective owner.
  • Xbox Booter – It provides an IP grabber, IP booter, and IP gamer for online gamers who use the Xbox console. The IP booter of Xbox Booter lets you attack boot gamers even offline, as it consists of layers four and layer 7. Its IP puller allows the user to sniff the IPs of any online gamer from the Xbox console. The IP grabber allows one to extract IP addresses through a network monitoring or logger app.
  • Lanc Remastered PCPS is a free PSN/Xbox resolver along with an IP and Gamertag puller. It can sniff and pull IP addresses from PSN and Xbox in a live gaming session. It is a free resolver and easy and convenient to set up. Lanc Remastered PCPS is suitable with Xbox PlayStation, PC, and any other video game and can easily convert the Gamertag of your opponent gamer to an IP Address. It is one of the best alternatives available to the resolver, and its database can be accessed online. It can be downloaded as an application on your PC.
  • Console Sniffer – This works as a network researcher and a monitor tool and can be used by users of all the consoles. It can work over a wireless connection or Wi-Fi. It allows you to access your competing gamers’ IP addresses and usernames. It has a simple setup and can be installed and used immediately after purchase. It is compatible with VPNs. Setting it up does not require cables, and along with gaming consoles, it can also work with windows based computers.

Other alternatives include Psycho Coding, Cakes, and so on. You have various options to choose from, and you can resolve to weigh the problems or disadvantages with the features provided by the services.


It would help if you did in-depth research on a resolver before using it. Themselves are several resolvers available, but you should check how they provide security. It would help if you were precautionary to avoid discrepancies with your IP address. And it would help if you found a resolver with the least possibility of hackers harming you.