Why Your YouTube Videos Are Not Getting Views? How to Fix this Issue

YouTube Videos

YouTube creators spend a lot of efforts to make a YouTube Videos. After putting too much effort if your YouTube videos are getting views then it is very disappointing. Here you will be able to know about everything you have been doing wrong. We shall cover all the reasons due to which your videos not getting views and get right solution to fix this problem.

  • Video Thumbnails

One of the first things that potential viewers see when your video appears in their home feed, sidebar, and search results is your video thumbnail. If your thumbnail does not catch their attention with an attractive image or graphic that shows what your video is about, then that user is going to skip. After skipping your video suggestion, then it does not matter what your video is about, or how well you have titled your video.

  • Solution

Try to create attractive, relevant, and interesting thumbnails. If your YouTube views are decreasing then you should use the custom thumbnails.

  • No consistency

If you are not showing any consistency on YouTube then your viewers and subscribers have no idea what you are going to post and what you have already shared. They don’t even know what your videos are going to be about or the purpose of your channel.

  • Solution

You need to be focused and clear about what you are going to post next. Try to make a realistic upload schedule and try to stick to that schedule. You need to stay relatively within your niche and establish what type of videos you want to create. Whether your videos are about cooking, crafting, information, etc.

  • Not targeting audience

When you start your YouTube Channel, you need to stay consistent, but along with that you need to know what your audience wants from you and what they are looking for. In the beginning, when you start uploading videos, at that time you will start to build your audience graph. First, your audience is 5 to 15 only, but when your 5 to 15 audience starts watching your videos consistently, automatically, your channel will be shown to more audiences who have the same interest.

  • Solution

Checkout what your users want to see and which topics are most interesting and watchable by the audience. Find out the most viewed videos and make future videos on a similar topic that interest the audience.

  • YouTube Optimization

There are a number of YouTube video creators who are just uploading videos out there and hoping for millions of hits on their videos. You should choose Video Optimization if you want to get billions and billions of views since it is a useful technique for moving your videos ahead. If you are a student and not getting time for YouTube Optimization because you are burdened with the academic work, then you can take help of assignment help, it can become convenient for you to meet the assignment deadlines on time and you can also work on YouTube optimization.

  • Solution

You need to implement your YouTube video optimization. It means starting the YouTube SEO campaign. Things like placement of the keywords and use of the right tags. With the help of YouTube optimization, you will be able to focus on large number of viewers that your video has reached.

Final Thoughts!

You need to remember that patience is the key when it comes to growth. Communicate with your audience to see what they are interested in and what they want next from you.

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